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Review #1, by glacialangel So it begins...Pt.1

15th August 2007:
OH! *jaw drops* That would not be a good position to be caught in! I like it so far! Can't wait for an update!

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Review #2, by ellaxoxo So it begins...Pt.1

18th July 2007:
lmaoo. the dirty, dirty visions of dumbledore and mcgonagall are going through my head. it's a little sickening but hilarious. nice piece of work you guys got here. =] i'll be sure to keep a lookout for future chapters!! looking forward to more . ciao.

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Review #3, by Lucarichi So it begins...Pt.1

5th July 2007:
oh! me luvs marauder stories with dumbledore!!! my 5 fav characters!!! ^^... wat year is this???
note: the highest i EVAH give is 9.

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Review #4, by BlackestKnight45 So it begins...Pt.1

4th July 2007:
HAHAHA poor Lily! Nice job. i like it already!

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Review #5, by Minervas_soul So it begins...Pt.1

3rd July 2007:
Lol...guess that isn't the way you want your headmaster to see you. I love the way you give them a teenage...er...I've lost the word but the way its written I can tell they are teenagers...i really like the "style" (or whatever you would call it)

I really cannot wait for more!

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Review #6, by Lily Opal Evans So it begins...Pt.1

2nd July 2007:
lol, i liked it. especially the way that Lily doesnt think of it as `screaming- more like raisning my voice beyond it's normal tone` or something like that.
very original and i want to read more

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Review #7, by dew So it begins...Pt.1

2nd July 2007:
interesting story. Chapter one is a tad short but so it goes. I really like how Sirius just jumps to the conclusion that James and Lily are together, when in actuality it's Lily being pissed off at James!

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