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Review #1, by john Chapter Eleven: Dreams-Part 1

26th September 2014:
you really need to finish this now its a waste of time and effort to leave it like this i love the story but for not completing it you get half the score

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Review #2, by kkeepes5 Chapter Seven: The Phantoms of Azkaban

14th July 2013:
AWESOME! That was a great twist

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Review #3, by john Chapter Eleven: Dreams-Part 1

1st June 2013:
you really need to finish this story

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Review #4, by Sweet Ginny Chapter Eleven: Dreams-Part 1

26th March 2013:
Are you gonna write anymore on this story

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Review #5, by gutennacht Chapter Eleven: Dreams-Part 1

14th March 2013:
OK i love this story. Thanks Know ore please...

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Review #6, by gwen Chapter Eleven: Dreams-Part 1

8th December 2012:
This story is really great Plz Plz write the next chapter.

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Review #7, by tashbee Chapter Eleven: Dreams-Part 1

13th November 2012:
Please update soon. Am really enjoying it.

Author's Response: Already working on the next chapter. Thank you for your feedback

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Review #8, by babby potter Chapter Ten: Cho's Deception

7th November 2012:
wow, some cliffhanger you left here :D
come on already,cant wait for the next chapter, story is veery veery good.

Author's Response: thank you :)

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Review #9, by john Chapter Eight: Conspiracies

13th September 2012:
where is the rest of it i dislike writers whom let a story hang once you finish it then i will raise my rating

Author's Response: it has been a long time since we were able to write our fiction. alot of family tragedy and events took place in our lives that has kept us from finishing. but now we are returning, and are writing the next chapter which will be up as soon as possible

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Review #10, by someone person lol Chapter Eight: Conspiracies

17th April 2012:
awsome plese submit more!

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Review #11, by Cherry Phoenix Chapter Eight: Conspiracies

14th December 2011:
The story is brilliant. I can't wait till the next chapter.

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Review #12, by Angry Cupcakes Chapter Eight: Conspiracies

17th November 2011:
This story is brilliant, but are you going to write more?

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Review #13, by starlight Chapter Eight: Conspiracies

2nd December 2010:
great a cliff hanger keep writing plz this is a brillant story

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Review #14, by Miro Chapter Eight: Conspiracies

18th November 2010:
Well done. Keep up the great work.

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Review #15, by mioneP45342 Chapter Eight: Conspiracies

22nd August 2010:
oooh. no. Cliff hanger !

Cannot wait for the next chapter :)

:hopes it comes soon:

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Review #16, by k Chapter Eight: Conspiracies

13th June 2010:
its kinda brilliant

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Review #17, by tom Chapter Eight: Conspiracies

25th February 2010:
plz could you write some more chapters to this because its become reely intriging

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Review #18, by Accio_potter27 Chapter Eight: Conspiracies

28th August 2009:
Cho is such a bitch! Great story!! Keep writing!

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Review #19, by stevo jenjen Chapter Eight: Conspiracies

15th August 2009:
howsit bro

im not a writer myself but i am very interested in really good storys and novels and u have definatelly sparked my interest in these fics. love the way you keep the story interesting and your own by incourperating characters form other storys aswell as yourself (jasper the time wolf) keep it up and im really lookin forward to what u have in mind for the next chapter

my only note of constructive criticism it watch your grammer and if your struggling to upload and check your chapters at the same time maybe consider some beta readers to check it and correct (if u dont have already) then u can focus entirely on your chapters and upload them quicker

keep it up. one of the best ive read on this site


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Review #20, by Leila Chapter Eight: Conspiracies

29th July 2009:
When I read part 1 of this series, I thought this was kind of silly. Then I found myself reading part 2 of The League of the Phoenix and am quite interested in it. You should definitely finish this.

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Review #21, by titlemaster Chapter Eight: Conspiracies

18th June 2009:
wow a gr8 series and a gr8 chapter!
i hope you update soon!
u have not updated since a long time almost a year!
hope you havent abandoned it

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Review #22, by Wolf26 Chapter Eight: Conspiracies

11th March 2009:
I really hope that this story has not been dropped its getting to the good parts now I cant wait until you update so please continue the story!!! 10/10

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Review #23, by thegeneralofmusic Chapter Eight: Conspiracies

12th February 2009:
This is just not what is needed now. How are they going to sort all of this out? I don't like it. I hope you have this all sorted out.

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Review #24, by thegeneralofmusic Chapter Seven: The Phantoms of Azkaban

12th February 2009:
Now that turned out good. That is the way it should be.

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Review #25, by thegeneralofmusic Chapter Six: The Grandfathers of Potter and Weasely

12th February 2009:
What a predicament, but Harry always figures it out.

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