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Review #1, by lifter57 Oh yeah...

29th October 2008:
Is this done? It really needs an appropriate ending

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Review #2, by chinery13 Oh yeah...

29th December 2007:
Brilliant! Can't wait for more. Hurry up and update if you have it written! lol! just kidding. In your own time. 10/10

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Review #3, by chinery13 Dammit...

29th December 2007:
Despite the couple of adjustments i absolutely loved it. And just make sure you keep on writing.

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Review #4, by Horcruxhuntersdotcom It couldn't be me....could it..

15th October 2007:
wut the hell was that??
Just kidding, it was really good. and btw my kissing scenes are worse. don't believe me, check out my fic. i just can't write em.

Thanks for givin me something to read.

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Review #5, by Arcus Livius Oh yeah...

6th October 2007:
wheres the next chapter at??

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Review #6, by HarryandHermionelover Oh yeah...

11th September 2007:
What??? that's all??? where's the next chapter?

Author's Response: hahaha im sorry!!!!
really really soon..I PROMISE!!! ;)
love the name btw!! ;)

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Review #7, by iloveharry1234 Oh yeah...

10th September 2007:
that was so sweet LOL! i love it

Author's Response: lolThank You very much!!!! :)

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Review #8, by harry_wannabee Oh yeah...

8th September 2007:
wow i didnt think i would like h/hr when i found this site...but this story proved me wrong! really it's great! i am now accepting h/hr stories because of this one!!!

Author's Response: lol realy?? thats cool!!
welcome to the harmony family! lol j/k

i am that this story got you into the h/hr.!!
but i think you should really read other h/hr stories.!!!
really they're ten times better than mine and they would prbly knock r/hr & h/g out your butt!!
lol j/k they are really good tho and you will enjoy them!!!
lol Thank you SOO much tho!

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Review #9, by mioneluvsharry Oh yeah...

30th August 2007:

Author's Response: oh thank you!!! :)

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Review #10, by DangerDog Oh yeah...

27th August 2007:
Goodie goodie!! This chapter made me feel great! You did a good job and I love the Harry/Hermione!

Author's Response: "made you feel great"....? ;)

hahaha j/k


i love them too!!

too bad it didnt really happen tho!!!

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Review #11, by Cassandra25 Oh yeah...

26th August 2007:
Fun fun fun!!

Author's Response: lol thanks! i wanted to have a little fun with this!! :)


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Review #12, by IamTheONE It couldn't be me....could it..

29th July 2007:
i love LONG updates so it was great. The kiss was beautiful.

Author's Response: oh THANK YOU.! im experiencing writers block tho.!!! =[[
thanks again.!!! =]]

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Review #13, by Sarah accepting....that's the hard part

20th July 2007:
Okay! I've mad the Harmony Rebellion site! Here it is:

Author's Response: thanky.!! =]]

its like 9 where i am right now and ima go to the midnight party at borders.!! =]]
excited.!! =]]

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Review #14, by hp4eva It couldn't be me....could it..

17th July 2007:
aww, this is such a good story. you have a knack for romantic writing. im a big hp/hg shipper. great writing

Author's Response: holy shnap....really.!!?? =]] i never really thought of myself as a "romantic writer." THANK YOU SO MUCH.! =]]

that was like...such a confidence booster.!! =]] lol..

thanks again.!! =]]

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Review #15, by LySsA918 It couldn't be me....could it..

16th July 2007:
loved it!

Author's Response: aww.! thank you.!! =]]

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Review #16, by Witch living as muggle It couldn't be me....could it..

13th July 2007:
Well you done a great job i even think the chapter could have been longer, carnt wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: hmmm....really?? =]]

well...wutev!! j/k

THANK YOU.!!! =]]

...but im afraid you're gna have to wait.!!

im experiencing writers block for chap4.!! =[[

but fear not.! i will get it done ASAP.!!!!!!!

haha lol j/k i'll try to get it submitted as soon as i can.!! =]]

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Review #17, by TriniBabyGirl accepting....that's the hard part

12th July 2007:
brilliant especially when expressing emotions

Author's Response: oh wow....really?? =]]] Thank you so frikken much!!! =]]]

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Review #18, by Sarah accepting....that's the hard part

12th July 2007:
They are so perfect for eachother.
You could just write with us for fun and not sign the pitition if u want. And as soon as I get things working, I'll tell u all about the site so u can check it out :).

Author's Response: =]] WHOO!!

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Review #19, by Sarah It couldn't be me....could it..

11th July 2007:
I loved this!!! You must keep writing! This is an awesome story!!! Oh, and here’s a message non review related, but it is very important to Harry/Hermione shippers.

We all want harry and Hermione to get together in the seventh book, right? Let's face it, JKR is not going to allow this in her book. Not to disrespect her authority, but I find that this is a huge mistake. There is no way Harry Potter can live on without Harmony.

Since this month is the release of movie five, it is as they said in the commercials "The rebellion against the ministry". Well, that's not the only rebellion going on. There's also the "Harmony Rebellion". It is time for us to protect and protest our ship!

What We Are going to do:
1. We will be co-authoring our version of Deathly Hallows with a bunch of h/hr obsessed fanfic writers. This group will be known as the "Harmony Rebellion".
2. We will need a place to talk about our fanfic, and discuss and agree with our fellow co-authors, what will be written. We will also need a place to post our fanfic. My plan is to create our own web-site. I'm not sure how to do this or even if it is possible. Maybe someone could make like a blog where we can all meet on and write?
3. Once we have created our story, we're gonna post it on all the HP fanfic sites we can. Then, in an author's note, we will tell everyone to go to our "website".
4. On our website, we will have them sign a pitition, saying that our fanfiction was better than the real book seven.
5. When we get enough people, we'll mail it to, well, maybe the movie makers of the HP films? Or a news crew? Anything to let people know about our protest.

I know what you're thinking. It's impossible. I disagree. I truly believe that we can do this. Our fanfiction has to be so good that we will be able to convince non harmony shippers that this is better than the real DH. And if it doesn't work, at least we'll have fun writing the fanfic.

So what do you think? Want to join? Would others want to? Please let me know what you think ASAP. :)

Author's Response: OF COURSE!!!!!

i agree!!

im trying to get used to r/hr but a true Harmony!! =]]

but i have NOTHING against jkr!!! love her and respect her!!!

but who says i cant just check it out!!

if harmony doesnt get together in the end...GO EMMA/DAN!!!!!!!!! =]]

lol j/k..THANKS!!!

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Review #20, by Cassandra25 It couldn't be me....could it..

11th July 2007:
*claps* Very nice! I like it!!! Youre doing good!

Author's Response: *bows* THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! pictures!!

hahahaha j/k!! THANKS!!! =]]]]]]

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Review #21, by the_real_mrs_potter It couldn't be me....could it..

11th July 2007:
i think this falls in the catigory of: pure harmony fluff ;) i cant believe you made them kiss already...but, not complaning! i think this story is very well thought-out...not the way you described as: "putting all of my thoughts into it". you actually have a plot and you are sticking to it! i think you deserve a cookie :) but, unfortunatlly...all i can give you is a digital cookie, which happens to be invisible...but a cookie all the same.

oh, and the spaceing is kinda hard to read with all of the indents and stuff. im just used to short paragraphs that are seperated by to "enter butten-thingy's".


p.s: this was a perfectlyy well-proportioned chapter...not to big, not to small...but JUST the right length of pure harmony fluffyness!

p.p.s: if you want, i could be a beta reader, if you are still having trouble with your spelling and grammer...mind you, this would be my first beta'd story...but i've always wanted to try!

Author's Response: THANKS!! ooo..chocolate microchip!!! my fave!! =]]

haha j/k THANKS AGAIN!!!!! oh wow you reviewed like all the chaps in a row.!!

oh yeah...i barely realized that it's hard to read too!!!!!!

i'll have to fix that along with other things!!!

hmm...maybe i should add "fluff" to the genres!!!..hmm...

i think i will!!!!!!!!! =]]]

thanks again!!'re really helping me a lot....

wait have i said that already...?

sorry! im responding one at a time!!

thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =]]]]

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Review #22, by the_real_mrs_potter Dammit...

11th July 2007:
i see you put some guilty humor in this chapter. *does borat impresstion" very nice. you still need improvement in your grammer and spelling...but oh well. i think it is great of you to try and finish this novel before DH comes out. it might be very difficult, considering the long validations periods. after DH comes might be a gloomy day for us HMS Harmony shippers...but lets look on the bright side: harry and hermione are still the best couple EVER and NO ONE can change our opinions and strong stances on that fact!


Author's Response: HELL YEAH!!!! FIGHT THE POWER!! =]]]

hahahaha lmao!!

=[[ i dont think ima be able to finish it.....

but hell yeah ima try!!! =]]]]

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you're really helping me a lot!!!


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Review #23, by the_real_mrs_potter accepting....that's the hard part

11th July 2007:
i think it is a good start for your first novel! but...there are some tiny little grammical errors that u need to work on. but don't worry...i'm being a total a hippocrite! i make spelling errors, too...but i learned how to improve on it. and look at me: 400 reviews and counting *squee*!


Author's Response: hehehehe thanks!! =]]]

i know...i get too excited and i go too fast..=[[

...and im in the frikken Honors Class..wut the heck is that man!!!


btw...I LOVE UR STORIES!!! =]]]

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Review #24, by Moon_Stone It couldn't be me....could it..

11th July 2007:
aw I love it! Finally they get eachother!!! yay!! ::jumps around:: have i mentioned i absolutly love this story?? Well I do!

Author's Response: awww....ur awesome!!! =]]


i wont let you down.!!!! =]]

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Review #25, by BlackDemonAngel It couldn't be me....could it..

11th July 2007:
UPdate finally they said something. Oh and Harry's in trouble. his dead Ron isn't going to be happy! Not at all! Lmao Update!

Author's Response: hahaha lmao...THANKS!! =]]...

hmm....he might not be the only weasley whose gna pissed....

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