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Review #1, by Bracken Saxon Teardrops on my Guitar

30th December 2008:
I'm kind of sad about this fanfict. It had all of the potential to be good but... eh. It came out strong, but as it continued it progressively became more and more false sounding.
I would have stopped telling the story after when Draco and Hermione got together. The following script made it boring and also sounded as if a child was writing it.
The idea was good, yet the execution was flawed.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review

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Review #2, by Annie95 Teardrops on my Guitar

13th April 2008:
hey what's up?
I really love this story! I hope you write more song fics!


Author's Response: Thanks alot for you're review Annie

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Review #3, by xXharry and draco_luvrXx Teardrops on my Guitar

14th March 2008:
omigosh!thats so sweet! sorta sad though you know.
i loved it


Author's Response: thanks alot I thought i would make it sad but then again happy at the end..

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Review #4, by chocolatefrog123 Teardrops on my Guitar

16th February 2008:
beautiful!! loved it. i LOVE that song.

ps: ever need a laugh? go on youtube and listen to this song, CHIPMUNK style. HILARIOUS!! :D

Author's Response: I have heard that those songs are funny thats for the reivew and suggestion

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Review #5, by Kute_krazy_Kaylz Teardrops on my Guitar

8th February 2008:
i love love love that but it's a sad song it always makes me cry :) love love love the fic cause the other one i read like this was really sad

Author's Response: Thanks alot. I got the idea at my vacation and it sprung out.

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Review #6, by RawRxLove Teardrops on my Guitar

6th January 2008:
i cried this is beautiful :] i love it

Author's Response: Thanks alot!

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Review #7, by tinkerbellfairy13 Teardrops on my Guitar

29th November 2007:
I LIKE IT! Is there gonna be a sequel?

Author's Response: No sequal at the moment but maybe next summer.

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Review #8, by chaoticlyinlove1823 Teardrops on my Guitar

3rd November 2007:
i loved it and it kinda brought tears to my eyes it was really sweet

Author's Response: Awwww! Sorry about the tear thing. Thanks for reviewing though.

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Review #9, by jameslily1313 Teardrops on my Guitar

10th September 2007:
hey thasts really good i hope ron frogives her in teh unritn prologe andsrry about the spellin my comp sux thx!

Author's Response: :) don't feel bad about the spelling i'm not exactly the spelling queen. Thanks for the reveiw

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Review #10, by darkangel13 Teardrops on my Guitar

26th August 2007:
Somehow I think it' depessing...but I love it!

Author's Response: Tahnsk for the review

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Review #11, by Vampeare Teardrops on my Guitar

19th August 2007:
dude...twas good

Author's Response: Thanks for the reveiw

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Review #12, by dracoluverx10 Teardrops on my Guitar

15th August 2007:
loved the beginning part with the lyrics and stuff but not so much the stuff after, but i know that there is a word minimum and i fully understand lol. neway it was good

Author's Response: thanks for the reveiw

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Review #13, by ilovseshy Teardrops on my Guitar

2nd August 2007:
I've read other tear drops on my gutiar song fics,but they all turned out sad and ended when the song ended,I haven't liked most of them but yours caught my eye and made me the happiest girl ever,cause this is my favorite song,so it's the best song-fic I've ever read,forget about the 10/10's what happened to the 100's =]

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review. I have also read some teardrops on my guitar fic and yes they are sad. I am not fond of sad fics so that's why mine wasn't Thanks again

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Review #14, by mmcgonagall06 Teardrops on my Guitar

26th July 2007:
I like the idea for this story. Dramione fics are cute, but this one's a bit too AU for me. Also, you might want to have a beta go over this for you. There are quite a lot of grammar and punctuation mishaps.

Author's Response: ya i know. thanks for the review

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Review #15, by unforgiven_slytherin667 Teardrops on my Guitar

17th July 2007:
i loved the story it fit really well with the song, and i was glad you decided to do dramione =) i love dramione and also because i dont think ron fits the drew character XD i think ron would be the one singing the song :X if it was r/hr x] hehe just my opinion :) loved it, i hope to read more from you ^-^v

Author's Response: Thanks alot

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Review #16, by Timechild Teardrops on my Guitar

16th July 2007:
I thought Ron's reaction was a bit harsh myself, but I can see the point. I enjoyed the fic tremendously though.

Well Written...

Author's Response: Thanks i thought it was but we know ron loses his temper often

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Review #17, by chiQs09 Teardrops on my Guitar

13th July 2007:
^_^ cute...

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #18, by mysticalshadows Teardrops on my Guitar

9th July 2007:
aw... that's soo cute! loved it. wonderful. continue a bit more but good =)

Author's Response: thanks for the review

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Review #19, by Slytherinsxprincess Teardrops on my Guitar

9th July 2007:
o ok thanks, didn't know that

Author's Response: your very welcome

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Review #20, by ccr Teardrops on my Guitar

9th July 2007:
love the stoy, but the lyrics dont have the word da*n in them

Author's Response: there are two versions to the song. I have heard both versions and i chose this one.

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Review #21, by Action Evans Teardrops on my Guitar

7th July 2007:
Oo, I really liked it! A great song choice (though I do love Tim McGraw, too...). I think Malfoy was a little out of character, but other than that, it was FANTABULOUS! Keep up the great writing!

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #22, by anonymous Teardrops on my Guitar

6th July 2007:
aww, that was nice, i liked it =]

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #23, by Oracle_Dreamer_Luna Teardrops on my Guitar

6th July 2007:
I loved it, chica. You did a really good job. Once again, though, I found several grammar mistakes. *sigh* But I suppose I can't help that, can I?
lol, anyway, loved it.

Author's Response: Thanks girl. Love you thanks for the reveiw!!

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Review #24, by liandhate Teardrops on my Guitar

6th July 2007:
awww i love it! stupid ron, hes such an idiot. great story, you should make a sequel or continue it.

Author's Response: thanks for the reveiw

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Review #25, by ilovemalfoy1235 Teardrops on my Guitar

6th July 2007:
very good it would be cooler with more chapters but oh well...

Author's Response: it probally would but i don't think i'm going to put any more on

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