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Review #1, by LizMalfoy Entry Nine

21st May 2014:
Amazing. Can't wait to read part 2

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Review #2, by Christiana Entry Nine

5th September 2012:
cant wait to start part two!!

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Review #3, by Christiana Entry Eight

5th September 2012:
i hope ginny is okay!
so glad malfoy has turned over a new leaf, i always knew he was good deep down.

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Review #4, by Christiana Entry Seven

5th September 2012:
oh no ):
excellent story though (:

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Review #5, by Christiana Entry Five

5th September 2012:
oh i hope draco turns over to the good side, i can see him changing, and i'm so glad. i do just love draco. (:

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Review #6, by Christiana Entry Four

5th September 2012:
madam rosmerta is from the three broomsticks.

i really love this story!

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Review #7, by Christiana Entry Two

5th September 2012:
oh i always hated draco, but this is really making me love him. even if he is a prick, hes pretty hilarious. great job!!

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Review #8, by Christiana Entry One

5th September 2012:
oh my, i LOVE this! the tone is exceptional, i can picture everything so clearly! great job! SO glad someone recommended this story in the forums!

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Review #9, by Megan Entry Two

23rd December 2011:
Great story so far! By chance have you seen a very potter musical? Some of the lines remind me of it

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Review #10, by BrandiLion Entry Two

25th July 2011:
Feedback feedback feedback feedack feedback feedback :P

Author's Response: -_- You smarty. Haha thanks for the review! :P

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Review #11, by jolycassy Entry Two

25th December 2010:
I personally love the format of this story. It is very different from all the other's I've read. All in all, it is very good, I do have a "constructive critism": I know it may sound futile but the phrase could care less should actually be couldn't care less because if you could care less, than you somewhat care about the situation. I don't know if it was a typo of some sort, but I felt like I needed to mention it. Yet it is not really disturbing and the story is really interesting.

Author's Response: Thanks so much!
Oops...some people couldn't care less about nuances like this, BUT every writer who is a writerwriter should pay close to attention to these. Thanks for pointing it out!
Thanks for reviewing :D

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Review #12, by HP_girl96 Entry Nine

15th March 2010:
i totally forgot why i looked for this story in the first place! i saw there was a part two and looked for a part one, (even though i didn't read part two,) and discovered an amazing story. as my character in my story, (it's not a fan fiction and I'm still working on it,) would say, "If this story was a cupcake Diamond would have ate it in three seconds!" (diamond's a picky stubborn cat...long story,) but anyway, I LOVE the story and can't wait to get onto the second! 5 million out of ten!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! Glad you could make an amazing discovery :). Haha--silly cat. Thanks a million (or 5 million, rather)!

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Review #13, by HP_girl96 Entry Seven

15th March 2010:
my only words are "oh-emm-gee..." the story is bloody fantastic! for some reason i feel like Ginny won't die. but who knows? i mean i could always skip to the end of the story and find out but happens, but it's more fun to read Draco arguing with himself. ^_^ 5,000-out-of-10!

Author's Response: Thanks! Lol Eek, don't skip to the end--it'd be awfully confusing. Ah, Draco the arguer...glad you liked it!

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Review #14, by HP_girl96 Entry Six

15th March 2010:
my choice would be, stop being a death eater and accept help from the order and let them protect you! *scowl* he probly wont realize that IZ an option. (yes i choose to miss-spell my wordz) 500/10

Author's Response: Your choice just may come true...hope you had the chance to read on! THanks for the review :). [500/10--woot!]

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Review #15, by HP_girl96 Entry Five

15th March 2010:
Love this story. it makes total sense, in Fan Fiction form that is. sry i don't really know what I'm talking about. But your story caused me to say a great "that's what she said". I was looking over the chapter to see how long it was and said, "OK, it's kinda long but not that long," and my friends burst out laughing. but anywayz, LOVE the story! so glad Draco and Hermione are "friends" now, and i can't wait to see what happens about Ginny and everyone else! 500/10!

Author's Response: Haha thanks! Sorry for the length...though it seems you're okay with that. Thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by chickywickybabe Entry One

10th October 2009:
I love chapter one! yay lol xD great start =)

Author's Response: Thank you! I say "yay" to this review :).

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Review #17, by J E P Andela Entry Seven

28th July 2009:
It was bloody amazing!! I will continue to read this story till dawn.. WOW!!

and by the way.. I LOVE your disclaimers, they're extremely funny ;)



Author's Response: Thanks! Till dawn? Flattering, but do get some sleep haha! I really appreciate your review :).

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Review #18, by just_a_reader Entry Nine

25th June 2009:
i loved this story! and i'm going to read the next one also. i like how you, unlike others, slowed them into a friendship instead of being too cliche and making them all of a sudden fall madly in love with eachother. great story keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Precisely the effect I was going for, so this is very encouraging.

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Review #19, by posers_sux Entry Nine

27th March 2009:
Wooo :D. Nice ending! I would actually give a nice review, but I'm much too anxious to read the second part! Hopefully a lil' more romance will be involved ;).

And I hope Hermione finds out about Lucius killing his mother soon! That's gonna be an interesting scene.

Oh! And I love your Draco, heh. He's cute, and very in-character. He's still whiney and a /little/ immature, but I think that's much more IC compared to the "dark and brooding" Draco that inhibits most of the Dramione stories throughout fanfiction.

10/10! (And I don't do that very often)

Author's Response: WOW! Thanks for the wonderful review (yes, it is!). Ooh, more romance to come, fo sho. I'm so happy you like this Draco! I'm afraid I've turned him into a hopeless romantic...but hopefully, he'll stay IC, anyhow. Thanks for the 10/10! It means so much :).

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Review #20, by posers_sux Entry Four

26th March 2009:
"No. I don't feel like killing you today."
Lol, great line ^_^.
I'm enjoying your story so far! It's interesting. Usually I don't like diary-entry formats, but you turn it into a first person story format throughout it so I'm dealing with it :). Draco's an ass - nice going! Most people soften him up too much. -keeps reading-

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like it so far...though he does soften up eventually--I hope you'll think it's believable. Heck yes--he's KA. LOVE Draco. Thanks again!

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Review #21, by Fleur_Weasly  Entry Four

7th March 2009:
hehehehe its the longest greatest journal entery lol

Author's Response: his hand hurt after writing it.

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Review #22, by gitgit Entry Nine

28th January 2009:
well that was an interesting last entry was a little confused at the end that was still good though im gona go to the second part now :D

Author's Response: hmm...*reads over the chapter*...yep. The ending's a bit confusing, sorry!

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Review #23, by gitgit Entry Eight

28th January 2009:
ohhh nice chapter well that was definitely an interesting chapter

Author's Response: thanks! :)

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Review #24, by gitgit Entry Seven

28th January 2009:
oh my
that was an interesting chapter very interesting
oh man i wish harry hadnt hit draco but instead followed ZABINI god Harry is a idiot

Author's Response: Well, if you look at it from Harry's perspective, he had perfectly good reason to believe Draco was Ginny's threat...but he sure regrets not chacing after Blaise later.

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Review #25, by gitgit Entry Six

28th January 2009:
woaa shoot that was an intense nice chapter i cant belive he got crucio-d so many times wow

Author's Response: Yep, Voldy's cruel. thanks for all these reviews!

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