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Review #1, by hpffisawesome Chapter Nine: The Little Things

22nd November 2010:
!!! Man, it's been awhile since I've reviewed a story, and I think I've gotten faster at reading. Excellent writing, keep it up, and good luck w/ that computer.
(p.s. do u remember me at all? maybe not :) )

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Review #2, by SnowyHedwig Chapter 8: The Change

27th February 2008:
I just found this story today - it has a very interesting storyline! I never would have thought of a Harry/Hermione/Draco love triangle...

It can be a bit hard to read - not so much that there are spelling errors, but some sentences are difficult to understand. I'd recommend getting a beta to help you proof your chapters. Your ideas are good, and I like your style, but the typos and errors in sentences can detract from the good stuff.

Update soon, I want to see where this is going to go!

Author's Response: This compleatly makes my night, I know that there are errors in spelling and what not but sorta...copeing with something so I'm writing as much as possible and getting my chapters in asap for people to read. I cant believe that you would have never thought of a Harry/Hermione/Draco love triangle! Its one of my fav. ideas...I have funny ways of wording things too, strange...but it makes sense to me when i have to think about the sentance, give it its own meaning and just make people think when they read (because no one really does) Thanks for reading! I'm working on chapter nine. :D

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Review #3, by sopper Chapter 8: The Change

26th February 2008:
Amazing story. I love it. I never thought of a Harry Hermione Draco love triangle. Not as much drama as a love hexagon, but still good.

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for reading! I'm glad that you like my story, I mean...I don't get alot of review but I know (this is going to sound cocky) that I am a good writer...thanks for reading!!!

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Review #4, by sopper Chapter Four: Nightmares

25th February 2008:
How could he be that stupid? I would watch out because you keep on switching from 1st person to 3rd person. this is a good story. keep it up.

Author's Response: I'll be sure to watch out for that thanks! chapter nine coming soon!

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Review #5, by Dru Dreams Chapter 8: The Change

25th February 2008:
I think this story is rather wonderful. The plot is very original and I feel like there is only more greatness to come. Please post again soon! I can't wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and the read. There is more greatness and things to come in the story. Keep on reading and chapter nine is coming soon. :D

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Review #6, by hpffisawesome Chapter Three: Feelings and Potions Masters

24th February 2008:
This was one of the only chapters i could find which i HADN'T reviewed for...i'm almost sure chapter 8 was updated or something, cause i think it's longer! I liked it!

Author's Response: is a bit longer...i think.. lol, thanks for the review and the read!

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Review #7, by hpffisawesome Chapter Two: Inner Peace

18th February 2008:
I just wanted to read this chapter again...AWESOME! Lol, i just or two one-shot fics cause i was bored. Please read them when you get the chance!

Author's Response: thanks.
this isnt really the chapter. this chaper is gonna be up again and its longer...well, its the rest of it... really worried about you. please e-mail me or get on verit or something...please. :(

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Review #8, by hpffisawesome Chapter 8: The Change

30th January 2008:
I really LOVE being the first to review! Anyway, this one was a bit short, around the shortness of my ways of writing a chapter :) It didn't have much of a plot...did it? Anyway, hurry with the next chapter, and tell me so i can review to it!
Oh yea, read some of the chaps in my fic if u get the chance!

Author's Response: this chap. isnt finished but i thought that i'll give ya'll something to read while i finish it. it'll be done soon. thehehehee
kk. i will. when i get the time.

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Review #9, by jb73 Chapter 7: The Kiss

20th January 2008:
this is good but i think harry would feel like malfoy had put a spell on her and he would try to kill him.

Author's Response: good idea. thanks for reading...not done it yet. but i might add that in. keep on readin!!

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Review #10, by secret admirer ekim Chapter 7: The Kiss

9th December 2007:
gay just kiddin not really the sort of thing i go for but intresting read

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Review #11, by hpffisawesome Chapter 7: The Kiss

5th December 2007:
Aww, that's so sweet! I really liked this chapter and i forgive u for taking so long! That's nice that u thanked chris, as well!

Author's Response: yea chris is a great guy
i should have the next chappy in soon, i promise!! well thats with the exception of no more near death almot got hit by a car today...

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Review #12, by jessirose85 Chapter 6: Hogsmeade

25th October 2007:
Keep it up please

Author's Response: Im in the process of writing the 4th page...i have MAJOR writers block becuase i can not get what i want to write on paper in the correct words...but hopfully i will have it in validation by the end of the weekend, and i should be up by next weekend. :) keen on waiting, its coming.

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Review #13, by chris Chapter 6: Hogsmeade

24th October 2007:

Author's Response: hey...i kno that you hate me and all...but just lettin u kno...chapter 7 is up. :| :) :|

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Review #14, by chris Chapter One: The Beginning

24th October 2007:
that was really good. im bout to see the next chapter.

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Review #15, by hgelman Chapter Five: An Explanation

23rd August 2007:
You should laugh evilly - because you are evil! Of course, this just means that you have to update quickly!!! Good chapter!

Author's Response: Oh my LORD! I thank you so much for reviewing. While it was in the validation process I thought that I was going to die becuase it is such a great chapter. I am laughing evilly.

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Review #16, by twin2 Chapter Four: Nightmares

10th August 2007:
that was great

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing, you are one of the few and I really love it. Keep reading.

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Review #17, by hgelman Chapter Four: Nightmares

10th August 2007:
Great chapter! I am enjoying the story so far. Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing I really love it. I am working on chapter 5 but slowly. I was recently in a bike accident and I am pretty bangged up. Don't worrie, I have a dead line for myself. It should be up soon.

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Review #18, by siriuslyblairrr Chapter Four: Nightmares

9th August 2007:
i really wanna know what happens.
i love it. =]

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing I really love it. I am working on the 5th chapter but it is going to be put on hold, or atleast I am going to have to type slowly because I was just in a bike accident and I am pretty bangged up. Don't worrie.

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Review #19, by singingintherain Chapter Three: Feelings and Potions Masters

31st July 2007:
Oh please please please continue updating! I really like it!

Author's Response: Thank you for readind and responding. If you keep reading and reviewing I will keep updating.

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Review #20, by DangerDog Chapter One: The Beginning

15th June 2007:
Great chapter! Just make sure with your story summary that you change "black and white" to something like "dark and light": it comes off as a bit racist... but the writing is solid!!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for reviewing. I never really thought that that was racist but I will change it. Writing is slow but I am getting in what I can for now....busy busy

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Review #21, by Mrs SiriusBlack Chapter One: The Beginning

14th June 2007:
good so far! update fast!!

P.S.- i am the first reviewer!!!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for reviewing.

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