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Review #1, by Daanana Chapter 2: Dimly Lit Streets

2nd September 2007:
Great story, and I love Scarlett. She's definitely not Mary-Sue-ish, not even a little bit. I can't wait for the next chapter; this is golden stuff, seriously.

Author's Response: Thanks! I like Scarlet quite a bit myself! I'm working on the next chapter, but it's not coming to good so far, having a great deal of writer's block at the time. But I'll have it out as soon as I can, only problem is I have no idea when that can be... But anyway, thank you for read and reviewing, hearing what readers think is the best part!

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Review #2, by devonnie Chapter 1: Interrogation

1st August 2007:
Very interesting. I like it

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #3, by Quick Wit Chapter 2: Dimly Lit Streets

25th July 2007:
So sorry it took me so long to read and review, been busy.

Like with the last chapter, I've got very few complaints. Again, there are a few grammer and spelling slip-ups, some mistakes in tense, but it all flows so well together that I barely even noticed them. The story is so intriguing that things like that seem to fly by.

Scarlet is definitely one of the most interesting OC's I've ever read. She's both smart and funny (I really, really, really enjoy her sense of humour; so black and sarcastic), but she's got just enough faults that she seems like a real person, I get a great sense of being from her while I'm reading. I love how dark and twisted she is, yet how she's also very human. That's probably my favourite thing about this fic.

I really enjoy the flashbacks, it gives me a little more to go on each chapter, telling us more of Scarlets story, and you do them so well. The plot is also moving along well, you've explained what you had to so that the story is understandable, but left enough mystery in there to keep me hooked.

Now that she's out, I can't wait for the next chapter. I can't wait to see where this goes and find out more about what she was supposed to do to get away from Azkaban. I'm also looking forward to seeing more little touches of her past, but it's by far the look inside of the mind of such a unique character that has me eagerly awaiting.

Great job.

Author's Response: As I said, grammar/spelling has never been my thing. But a friend and I did beta both chapters, I'm sure they could use more, but they should both be better now.

I'm glad you like Scarlet, I never really had to think about how I wanted her to be, she -- well I don't know, it's like Scarlet made herself sort of. I didn't really come up with her, she just walked into my plot and "Hey, you need me here.". Wow, that's sounds crazy, but that how it feels.
I wanted this to be dark, but not too dark, and a bit humour seemed like what was needed. The thing about Scarlet is she's just so hard to write. She so complex and just -- I feel like if I don't write her perfect, then the rest of story falls apart.

I decided that flashback would work best for telling about Scarlet's past, because she's not really the kind of person who would sit down and have a nice talk about her life with someone. And now that she's out of Azkaban, thing are triggering memories more.

Not that this is an answer to you review, but oh well. As I read DH (which I'm not done with yet, had a delay in starting it, but my friend is upset that I'm ahead of her cause she can't read as much) I see more and more of Bellatrix and have to go on (I have many new ideas to slip in here and there with this fic now), but I'm not sure it's this new info on Bella is going to make thing easier or harder to write.

Wow, okay that was too long a response, but I guess it's okay.
Thank you so much for you wonderful review, if it wasn't so late now and I didn't have to get up early, I would go write now. But sadly it is late and I do have to get up, so I'll save my inspiration for later!


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Review #4, by Quick Wit Chapter 1: Interrogation

3rd July 2007:
Well, I can't say I have much CC. There are a few spelling and grammatical mistakes, but nothing that's easy to spot, as your sentences flow very well, drawing a reader in so that the mistakes are barely even visible. It's quite well written.

I really did enjoy this. I love dark fics and this story so far is very unique (and believe me, that's big coming from someone who works in the validation queue and sees pretty much everything). It's a very interesting idea, taking a look at things from the other side of the war in such a way, seeing how the bad guys think.

The character ... I quite like her already. Many times, when people write fics about the bad guys, they never seem human. You've managed to give the character the depth that an OC needs, and it's only the first chapter. Using first person was a very good idea, it fits the story well and adds what I think is the most appealing aspect of this story: the characters dark humour. It's quite funny, the beginning actually made me giggle. Bellatrix's influence on Scarlet is obvious, with the taunting manner, and it's interesting to see that there was a bond between them, in a way. That's something you never really think about when you read a story based on a character from the side of light.

So yeah, all in all, not much CC to pick up on, because this is well written and a very interesting read. Like I said, I love dark fics and I especially love the dark humour you've used in this chapter. This is totally going onto my favourites, I really want to see where you take it.

I am actually going to thank you for pointing me in the direction of this fic. It's so hard to come across ones that interest me anymore, so it's always great to find one. Good job!


Author's Response: I don't know how to answer this review. I have left review of this sort, but never received them. I'm blown away. That you... like my fic, is utterly amazing for me.

Didn't need CC? That by itself would be enough to make me very happy. Spelling and grammar have been my weak points all my life, so truthfully I'm not too surprised. But I'm very glad you don't think they're that obvious. Yes, coming from you, a validater, unique is great, that's really one of the main things I'm going for. But one things for sure, telling a story from the dark side is hard! For me anyway, when I'm thinking about the story, I keep thinking Death Eaters instead of Aurors, I'm so used to the Death Eaters being the bad guys, and now they're not! My own plot is confusing me! Scarlet... she's quite difficult to write really. I've never written a character like her, so I hope I can do her justice.

If every one picks up on what you've pick up on, I have nothing to worry about. Everything you said is exactly what I am going for. The next chapter is written, I have to go over again and get in the queue and just wait, but hopefully it won't be long.

Thank you so much for your review, it was very helpful and I know any others will be as well! Again, thank you!


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