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Review #1, by luvinpadfoot The Breakup (Prologue)

29th December 2007:
More action definately. And don't give, although I do think you have started too many stories at the same time. 10/10

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Review #2, by Tearlit The Breakup (Prologue)

20th November 2007:
This was nice. You should update it soon!

Author's Response: Thanks I will! Soon! :)

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Review #3, by fawkes_feathers The Breakup (Prologue)

11th October 2007:
great prologue! Short but really well done! Please update! Cant leave me hanging like this!


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Review #4, by anotherpadfootlover The Breakup (Prologue)

25th August 2007:
AWWW... you really need to update...i am begging you to update...i want to read on, so, therefore, I am asking you to UPDATE! I like how you began this story, I rarely read stories of James and lily 'taking a break' but I love all ur other stories I felt like 'why not?' and now I am not regretting my decision. I rlly like the beginning, so please continue!!!
dont think me blonde, but who said:
"I...I think we need a break."?
I couldnt tell, though I have a hunch, but anyway
please continue this story, I want to read more
till whenever
*dont have a name*

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Review #5, by glacialangel The Breakup (Prologue)

15th August 2007:
I like it! I think it's fine the way it is but my opinion may change later on. Please update soon! X)

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Review #6, by maurader fan The Breakup (Prologue)

10th August 2007:
Oh, I like. This has potential. I love how James hates Lily talking to her guy friends, yet he shamelessy flirts with other girls and doesn't think that it upsets Lily. Is James really her first boyfriend? Will you do flashbacks of how they got together, cause that would be interesting.

I like the bit about irony, pure, merciless irony. It sets the scene well.

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Review #7, by onestop_hpfan18 The Breakup (Prologue)

16th June 2007:
it's a great start. i could use a little more drama in it. can't wait for the next chapter. keep it up.

Author's Response: Drama?? Okie dokie. More drama on the way =D

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Review #8, by Bianca_Potter The Breakup (Prologue)

16th June 2007:
This story caught my attention when I saw you wrote because I love your stories :) I think its great so far even if its just a prologue.. its interesting. I like it. I have an idea too: James and Lily take that break and end up having another girl/boy friend but then they realise that they miss each other and they really do love each other... Just a thought...

Author's Response: I already know whats going to happen but thanks for the review anyway


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Review #9, by Mia The Breakup (Prologue)

15th June 2007:
i loved this! keep it going

Author's Response: =D

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Review #10, by padfootprongslover The Breakup (Prologue)

15th June 2007:
that was great! i can't wait for more.

Author's Response: thanks!

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