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Review #1, by italian_american You Don't Have to Go Alone

17th August 2007:
This was good very sweet! Someone told me you were a beta and if it isn'tany trouble could you beta my stories?

Author's Response: Thanks! And it isn't a problem!

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Review #2, by Nymphie Lupin You Don't Have to Go Alone

19th June 2007:
Damn, girl!!!

This would've won too!!!

This is probably one of if not your best fan fic ever.

It has so much detail and...

This is absolutely brilliant!

I'm nearly speechless... (nearly)

These are just a few words that can describe this great fic...

Creative, Ingenious, Heart-Warming, Terrific, Outstanding, Marvelous, Wonderful, Beautiful, Spell-Binding, Enchanting, Extraordinary, Breath-Taking, Thrilling, Awesome, Perfect...

Oh, darling... THE LIST GOES ON AND ON!

I love the plot, it's just... wow!

And... wow!


I love love love the ending!

Truly excellently brilliantly wonderful!


You may have just out-done yourself dearie!

There is no accurate way to rate this...

A ten out of ten doesn't cut it.

Neither does a million or a billion or a trillion out of ten.

This is just too marvelous of a story to be limited just to a number.


I dare you to write another fic that matches the shear greatness of this one.



Author's Response: This is one of my favorites too! I've got a bajillion one-shots coming out! Plus I have to continue V.o.D.

I've got good ol' Remmy/Tonks (like 4 one-shots for just them), a Harry/Gin song fic and a Ron/'Mione songfic! I have an OC/OC one-shot and just a totally random one.

Oh, you really are too nice! I'm almost crying (with happiness).

Thnks so much (see everyone, THIS is how to write a review J/K)!

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Review #3, by Hell_Hath_No_Fury You Don't Have to Go Alone

18th June 2007:
good.nice plot for oneshot.congrats

Author's Response: Thanks! I love reviews!

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