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Review #1, by izzy Hit Me. Please Do.

9th April 2012:
holy cow please write more this is amazing i love alex we are very alike my brother is constantly trying to "protect me". but yea this is really good and i hope to see more :D

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Review #2, by coat_rack Hit Me. Please Do.

14th August 2009:
Oh. My. God. I haven't been on in forever. Which means I haven't read this in forever. Which means, I've forgotten how absolutely amazing it is. You so need to update. :) And... I've got a new story on the horizon. Possible a banner-worthy one? I'll email you, but still, THIS IS A FREAKIN' AWESOME FIC. :D

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Review #3, by twinklinghazeleyes Hit Me. Please Do.

10th July 2009:
I love this story, and Remus is so mean for ignoring her and then butting into her life when she doesn't want him to!!! Please update really, really soon!!! 10/10!

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Review #4, by sammieoxox Hit Me. Please Do.

27th November 2008:
what? PLEEESE update.. its been a long .. LONG time since you have. and this is my favorite chapter out of them all, if you ask me (btw. this IS my account.. im just not logged on at the moment)

Author's Response: sorry, sorry, i'm just a little out of it at the moment and i'm trying to rewrite dirty red bandana because it's not what i want it to be and i also want to rewrite faith because well it sucks. sorry.

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Review #5, by emma Hit Me. Please Do.

30th October 2008:
please update soon

Author's Response: i'm working on it, it's just not flowing.

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Review #6, by lala25525 Hit Me. Please Do.

11th October 2008:
omg, i LUV this story!!! i luv the plot and characters! so great!! :)

Author's Response: thanks. it's one of my favourite's to write.

thankyou for the love.

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Review #7, by Gryf_Queen Hit Me. Please Do.

10th May 2008:
Love the story!! You are a really brilliant author if you could come up with 3 stories that I like!! I swear, you are like my favorite author on this site!! You know what I'm going to do?? I'm going to give you a cookie and then favorite this story and you!! Because your that awesome!!! So please update again soon...

Author's Response: i've gone bright red!

it is peeps like you that make my day.

thankyou so much!

i love you! cookies all around!

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Review #8, by jennie853 Hit Me. Please Do.

25th March 2008:
well i have to say that was wonderful..
continue on because I can't wait!

Author's Response: thankyou. i'm really glad you liked it.

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Review #9, by Lillylover22 Hit Me. Please Do.

25th February 2008:
That was good!! 8/10 =]

Author's Response: thankyou i'm glad you liked it.

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Review #10, by Rettopyrrah Hit Me. Please Do.

15th February 2008:

I'm so sorry that I haven't read this sooner. I've been busy.


Woah. I keep saying that. Woah.

That chappie was awesome

R.I.P. Heath

Author's Response: Woah!

i mean woah!

sorry i i shouldn't make fun of you. i do that too when i review peeps, except i say wow. i mean... wow.


don't worry about it, i haven't updated in forever.

thanks for the belated love.



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Review #11, by GryffindorGirl29 Hit Me. Please Do.

8th February 2008:
I LOVE this story. It is amazing, fantastic, beautifull, angsty and all around great. You inspire me and I want you to know that. Your style in writing is so different and brave, it is like nothing I have ever read before! I give it a 10/10! Oh, and I agree, Heath Ledger was one of the most amazing actors I have ever seen, and everyone will miss his work. Peace in mind, Heath. Good Luck.

Author's Response: w.o.w. that was ... wow.

thankyou. thanks a lot! that's so nice!


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Review #12, by ronfanforever Hit Me. Please Do.

1st February 2008:
Well it's short but at least it's something :D and a very good something it is! I can't wait for the next one 'cause this was great!

Author's Response: well thankyou. i'm glad that you like the something.

everyone keeps saying it's short but every chapter i submit is over one thousand words.

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Review #13, by marieluz Hit Me. Please Do.

29th January 2008:
if i was in the common room at that time, id imagine it to be really loud!

Author's Response: well... an intersting thing to say in a review, but highly welcomed.

i guess it would be loud. she starts quiet sort of growl, then the YELLING begins, then finite with a soft sort of whisper.

thanks for the love.

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Review #14, by ShellBell Hit Me. Please Do.

28th January 2008:
Ah! So short! Why? I love it! And when you finally update, it's short. You hate me. *sigh* oh well. Please update soon!

Author's Response: i don't hate you.

i make sure that every single one of my chapters are at least 1000 word long, they are usually longer.

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Review #15, by BabyG Hit Me. Please Do.

28th January 2008:
i do enjoy this story. this chapter in particular. I liked to see Remus getting angry. it's sexy.

nah it's just normally in lots of stories he is portrayed as being hte quiet achiever, not really one to blow about like a mini tornado, do you know what i mean?

so good work
oh charlie got beaten up.


10/10, sweets

Author's Response: hehehe. it is rather sexy. yum.

lols, we're sad and need help.

is there something you have against charlie? hmmm? do you? huh? huh? i rather like him. i see him as easy going and just a generally happy person. he's sort of chilled out and doesn't let things bother him. so reacting like that was really random and out of character it's just he feels strongly about this (which just shows how much he cares about her)

thankd for the lurve dear.


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Review #16, by sammieoxox Hit Me. Please Do.

27th January 2008:
that was so good !! that was awsome !
i could literally SEE the look and anger of the two

amazing ;)
'nother chapter pleease ♥

Author's Response: thanks i'm glad you liked it and thought it was good.

patience my young padawan, (sorry but lame starwars quotes are cool)

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Review #17, by SilverFish Hit Me. Please Do.

27th January 2008:
Oh, wow. So much drama lol :]

Poor Charlie stuck in the middle of it all :P I hope Alex gets closer to the Marauders soon, especially Remus. I also hope she realises that Remus never intentionally meant to hurt her... does she know he was completely oblivious to the fact that she was miserable before now?

Ooh I shall be waiting for next chapter :]

Author's Response: she is aware of his obliviousness just she thinks that he was oblivious to her completely not just that she was miserable, she thinks that he was ignorant of herself.

glad you liked it, next chapter will be up soonish.

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Review #18, by jkgiggle Hit Me. Please Do.

27th January 2008:
aww. why can't they just get along, i mean, i would think it was cute if my brother decked someone cause they slept with me... though he probobly wouldn't. dang, i need a better family

Author's Response: hehehe. my lil brother is too short to deck someone my age. my big brother would probably do it, he just would get in HUGE trouble by me (kind of like remus) i would kill him. angry grizzly bears would look like kittens in comparison.


thanks for the review.

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Review #19, by jkgiggle The "S" Word

27th January 2008:
love the banner, you don't need help, as long as you keep writing like this your fine, good chapter and i offically love remus.

Author's Response: hehe thanks. i thought it suited the story and alex a bit better.

i do need help. a lot of it, but i will keep writing so all is good i hope.

thanks for the review.

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Review #20, by jkgiggle Of Species and Schmucks

27th January 2008:
hee hee hee. that was a bit random but i liked how it ended. good job

Author's Response: hehe thanks. i do love randomness -tis what make my world go round.


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Review #21, by jkgiggle Of All The Places

27th January 2008:
ooh. ouch. burn. sucka. go alex

Author's Response: hahahahahaha.

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Review #22, by jkgiggle Sundaes For Sunday

27th January 2008:
aww. everyone is making way to big a deal out of this really, i mean, really.

Author's Response: hehehe.


sorry i couldn't help myself.

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Review #23, by jkgiggle Freedom

27th January 2008:
sweet. can't wait for next chapter. this is a cute story

Author's Response: thanks, i'm glad that you find it to your liking.

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Review #24, by jkgiggle Back In Black

27th January 2008:
short. but good. i love how sirius mater of factually tells remus his sisters excaping... end i quote " Remus. Your incredibly hot sister is escaping"

Author's Response: hehehe./ that is one of my favourite lines. i hope it shows that sirius LIKES alex but doesn't LOVE her. he just thinks she's hott. it's not like james/lily or anything though.

thanks for the love.

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Review #25, by x_mad4sirius_x Hit Me. Please Do.

27th January 2008:
wow. intense!
lol i just found this wonderful story! I am eagerly waiting for an update :)

Author's Response: aww glad that you like it. i shall try to update asap but i can't make any romises. i suck i know.

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