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Review #1, by Jacinta ALT. Ending

13th March 2013:
Hello there!
I read both of your endings and I loved them both! I nearly cried about the first one. Thank you for such an amazing story. Maybe a series is in order, hm?

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Review #2, by Madison ALT. Ending

15th August 2010:
This is the greatest story I have read on this entire website. I have never cried while reading one of these stories. I am so glad you wrote the alternate ending. I couldn't go to bed with so much sadness!
Very well done!

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Review #3, by Serpentinia Malfoy ALT. Ending

21st December 2009:
CONGRATS! you have the honor of writing the 2nd ever book to make me cry. The 1st place spot goes to the first book I ever read on this site(Arabesque). Anyways, I LOVED this book. I immedietly added it to my favorites as soon as I finished it. Keep writing Draco/Hermione stories. You have a real knack for them.
xx-Serpentinia Malfoy

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Review #4, by jessicaaa A Little Experiment...

11th April 2009:
The start of this story sounds very good. Interesting idea...I'll read the rest immediatly!

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Review #5, by Charlies_Gal ALT. Ending

7th April 2009:
I like the alt ending best coz the original one made me cry. Anyone who could put that much emotion into a story has the makings to be a great writer. I should know, i learned to read at age 3 and i havent stopped yet. (I could probably give Hermione a run.) lol. 10/10.

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Review #6, by heidi_gurrl ALT. Ending

2nd March 2009:
Hey, I love both endings very much.
I actually had to stop reading for a minute when I finished the original one because it made me cry.But this one is just as good because although I doubt that you intended to do so, this alternate ending seems to add a moral to the story.
i.e. That:if just once, you decide to open your heart to someone (a rival/enemy) that one simple choice could change your life for the benefit of yourself and many others.
(WHAT DRACO DID WHEN HE ACCEPTED HERMIONE FOR WHO SHE WAS AND LEARNED TO LOVE HER) Or, if when given the chance to do so, you push those people away further; you could end up endangering not only yourself, your life and your sanity; but also the life and love and sanity of others.(WHAT HARRY AND RON DID TO HERMIONE BY NOT ACCEPTING THE UNDYING LOVE THAT SHE AND DRACO SHARED).

So, enough of my stupid rambling! That was overall a brilliant story, keep up the good work. You have a very creative mind, so please continue to use it!
xo heidi xo

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Review #7, by Hearts Then Tears Epilogue

13th November 2008:
See I Reviewed Before But Then It Got Deleted Because Of The Crashed Im Guessing.. Then My Account Got Deleted.. So Like It All Made Me Super Sad.. And Then I Read The Whole Story Within Like What.. 3 Days? Yeah .. I Was Just Happy To Have My HP Back! Anyway So When I Got To This Chapter I Was Freaking Crying Hysterically.. Again {Same As First Time}.

So Basically I Read This Story Twice And The Reaction Didn't Change..

Anyway.. Love This Story.. See.. I Really Liked The Normal Ending More Because One: It Was The Orignal One And I Just Like Original Stuff More. And I Mean Yeah The Alternate Ending Was Not Sad At All It Was All Happy :] But I Mean Happy Endings Aren't The Only Thing Out There.

So I Liked This Sad Ending..

And WTF! Why Can't Ron And Harry Accept Love? I Mean Common Now Guys.. Ugh .. Fools.

But Yea.. So I Rather Perferr This Ending.. Alright..

A Zillion Out Of Ten.

~Hearts Then Tears.

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Review #8, by pure_muggle "We Could Runaway"

19th May 2008:
This story is breaking my heart! It is so good though! Your writing is amazing.

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Review #9, by vampirelover Homecoming

11th February 2008:
Ouch no more Mr. Malfoy lol what a surprising x-mas!

Author's Response: I use the elements to my advantage ^-^

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Review #10, by vampirelover Found Out

11th February 2008:
Wow great chapter! I completely loved it!

Author's Response: Wicked! thanks

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Review #11, by vampirelover The Missing Piece

11th February 2008:
OMG! that was beutiful! wow I'm wordless!

Author's Response: yay! thank you very much!

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Review #12, by vampirelover "Blood is Blood"

11th February 2008:
Aww how cute he wants to kiss her...well I know how that feels lol!

Great story love it!

Author's Response: lol don't we all! thank you, I'm glad you enjoy it!

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Review #13, by vampirelover Getting Closer

11th February 2008:
Hm interesting story!

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #14, by vampirelover A Little Experiment...

11th February 2008:
lol wow poor Malfoy paired with the "Mudblood".

Author's Response: bum bum bum! lol thanks for the R&R

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Review #15, by Louise ALT. Ending

30th December 2007:
Beautiful! Your writing, the way you put together the words into sentences is beautiful! But why you had to kill her in the ending AND in the alt. Ending, i can't understand. I wanted them to live happily ever after! :)
Anyway. It was Really Really interesting to read and probably one of the best novells i've read for a very long time! You should think about becoming a writer!

// Louise

Author's Response: but they did live happily ever after!
They lived to ripe old ages and got to spend there lives together!
THank you VERY VERY much for the kind reviews.

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Review #16, by DragonLady ALT. Ending

22nd December 2007:
omg, I so close to crying!! Why did she have to die, curse you Harry and Ron, its your fault lol! I loved it, the greatest story ever written.

Author's Response: lol thanks, you're too kind ^_^

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Review #17, by Shre_Eve ALT. Ending

19th December 2007:
Fantabulous story!I kinda liked the sad ending more because the emotions were so...real...
Some parts of the story,were so beautifully written...i am so glad i read this

Author's Response: thank you so much!
Yeah..I like the sad ending better too

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Review #18, by dsfgdsfsdf ALT. Ending

30th November 2007:
gfrfds fasdghasdgahd sadasdasda

Author's Response: umm... thank you... maybe...

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Review #19, by tarn Epilogue

24th November 2007:
ohhh made me cry ...i love things that do that thanks xoxo ♥tarn

Author's Response: I'm really glad you liked you it! thanks a ton for the R&R!

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Review #20, by xtwinxfanx Thank You For Loving Me

17th November 2007:
oh my god..
thats so unbelievably sad.
the story is beautiful..but its heartbreaking. about to cry.
i guess i'll go read the alternate ending.
*sobs uncontrollably*

Author's Response: wow, I'm really glad you liked it! thanks for the kind review!

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Review #21, by crazyHPfan.xx ALT. Ending

8th September 2007:
wow fantasic story!! both endings brilliant!

Author's Response: wicked thanks!

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Review #22, by vampirelover Epilogue

7th September 2007:
Again im crying are u happy now? your killing me i'm here crying you are sooo cruel *sobs* but your story is awesome i like the way draco does in her memory your awesome! =)

Author's Response: :) yes I am lol. thanks for reading I'm really glad you liked it.

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Review #23, by vampirelover Throwing It All Away

7th September 2007:
aww how cute lol! this story is great!

Author's Response: ^-^ thanks a ton!!!

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Review #24, by AussieAnatomy627 ALT. Ending

6th September 2007:
For this story, I think that the first ending was the best one. It really added to the story and it was very meaningful. The second ending was good too but it didn't feel right. Do you know what I mean?

By the way, when the young man said that it was his uncle's death wish, did he mean that Ron had died?

Anyway, I don't know whether to be happy or sad that you are done with this story. It was really good and i enjoyed reading it a lot!

My iPhone doesn't have a little arrow thing for me to make a heart sign here, so pretend that there is a little heart here.



i would love you forever if you read my stories!

Author's Response: Yeah I feel you on the second one not feeling right. My heart and sould went into the original story but too many people wanted a "happy" ending. -_-
The death wish thing meant that this was YEARS later and Ron knew he was dying and wanted revenge because he still thought that he had kinapped Hermione, but had only just found Draco's where-abouts... so yeah lol
THank a TON for the R&R and I will deff. check out your stories. ^_-

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Review #25, by xxxkatiexxx Epilogue

5th September 2007:
that was excellent and so sad!! 10/10

Author's Response: ^-^ thanks!

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