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Review #1, by Mayhem101 Christmas Is When All The Fun Happens

12th February 2008:
It was good but i think it was rushed a bit. good cliffies!

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Review #2, by GoingRoundTheBend Christmas Is When All The Fun Happens

30th July 2007:
i like.
update soon.

Author's Response: i'll try. thank you for reviewing.

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Review #3, by Flying_High Some Things Never Change-Others Do

17th June 2007:
YO! love the fic, it's awesome!! :)
anyway, i saw you needed a banner, if you want me to make u one, just email me at with everything/everyone you want on it if you want one. 9/10 :)

Author's Response: thank you so much. and i will so be getting in touch with you for that banner.

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Review #4, by fredthefrog252 Some Things Never Change-Others Do

13th June 2007:
hey i'll make you a banner, just as long as you don't mind me using a couple of different peeps for Pax. i'll make a few banners and email them to you then you can pick the right one. i'll use either keira knightly, or possibly avril lavigne for pax.

so i can email you the banners either put your email address in the response or send me an email at

good story, update soonish.

Author's Response: that would be awesome. thank you. my email is

i love keria knightly. so i like that idea. thank you so much. its so hard to find people to actually do it.

again thank you.

and the next chapter is awaiting to be okayed.

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Review #5, by shaken_not_stirred Some Things Never Change-Others Do

11th June 2007:
this story is starting out amazingly! you are a great writer. well, in my humble opinion- and that's the only one that matters to me. i can totally identify with pax and i'm getting sick of how all girl o.c.'s are the same. i'm totally bookmarking (or whatever) your story.
p.s. yay! i'm the 1st reviewer! (at least i think so.)

Author's Response: thank you so much. i'm glad you really enjoyed it and i am very flattered that you think i'm a great writer.

and you are the first person to review. and the old. so thank you for that too.

i'll try and update as soon as i can. i already have 'Lost to Time' completely written and and i am working on the sequel.

so thank you again and i am really happy that you like it.


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