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Review #1, by lily flower Lies they were told

10th May 2008:
This is really touching...

Well done

Keep on writting


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Review #2, by harrylilyjames Lies they were told

30th June 2007:
that was a nice story but just to point out.

The walls are not soundproof, for Harry.- if hes getting headaches wouldnt the walls be soundproof? so to reduce the headaches.

i dont know its too clque as at the beginning Fleur's baby was dead and then all of a sudden it didnt die along with Remus?
it would be better if you wrote more to it, and explain things more... but it was a nice read.

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #3, by JustSuper Lies they were told

12th June 2007:

Random but cool... I don't know what to think about it... but cool and random are two good adjectives...

Well written write more soon!

Author's Response: yay!

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Review #4, by KristenBlack Lies they were told

11th June 2007:
Wow. Simply wow.
That was such a powerful story. The emotions were amazing, I could feel everything she felt. The ending was phenomenal, amazing even. I do have one bit of advice though, don't doubt your story, and especially don't put your doubts in your summary. That made me doubt it, and I almost didn't read it. I also went into the story, expecting it to be horrible. Well, obviously, I was astoundingly proven wrong, but you definetly don't want ADD type people going into this because they'll read the first word, make a judgement because they expect it to be bad. I can't wait to read any other stories you might have! Definetly a 10/10!

Author's Response: thank you

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Review #5, by Novatrix Lies they were told

11th June 2007:
Fuego, your one shot is brilliant! You've done a very nice job of capturing a complex character and bringing that character into a realistic, vivid world. Your story is indeed quite good. However, I would recommend taking the note that says as much out of your story's summary. I was hesitant to begin a story that claimed it sounded stupid but really wasn't, but you've inspired me to give these stories another chance! There are resources available at the forum for improving summaries. Let me know if I can help you!

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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