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Review #1, by Casey Anderson Soul Bonded

22nd January 2018:
Nice but(I'm laughing right now, okay now I'm done laughing), It's nice, but it would have been better well, if the soul bond ceremony happened during the chamber of secrets and don't give me the baloney about them being two young and what not, it would have been better, if you ask me, Why? A couple of reasons, 1. They could have fought Voldemort off a lot better, 2. No need for dating and all that crapola about getting to know one another because of sharing memories. 3. because with the wars going on I'm pretty sure the children matured up mentally fasters rather than physically faster.

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Review #2, by sbmcneil Soul Bonded

13th November 2011:
Very cute story! I love listening to his thoughts :)

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Review #3, by Nightrunner Soul Bonded

13th January 2009:
Nice story. I liked it a lot.

But I'm still gonna rag you about 'that other, unfinished story'. :-)
What can I say? It's good!


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Review #4, by Lyubov Soul Bonded

7th March 2008:
Oh my gosh that was so great.
I love the ending. I was laughing so hard at the last comment.

Author's Response: Thanks for leaving a review, I'm pleased you enjoyed the story, and I thought that last line funny too.

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Review #5, by Redmudder Soul Bonded

26th August 2007:
Another wonderful story from you. This would be a good story to continue.

Author's Response: I concur with you on this one, I think a sequel is just what this needs. thanks for the input

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Review #6, by sir kels alot Soul Bonded

2nd August 2007:
Loved it! Really good! It could have even been a multi-chaptered story. As in, expand it. but w/e, it was great. Good plot and everything. I wouldn't object to a sequel, lol!!

Author's Response: Hi, I have been giving some thought to your request, though I have not yet done anything about a sequel I do have a couple of ideas. thanks for the review

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Review #7, by LunerEclpz Soul Bonded

14th June 2007:
I loved it! Verry original! Really inspiring! I LOVED IT WHOLE HEARTEDLY!

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind review, it always gives me a buz when my work is liked.

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Review #8, by kyrandia Soul Bonded

10th June 2007:
oh my god this is so good and so funny cant wait for more

Author's Response: Thanks again for a good review.

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Review #9, by red head Soul Bonded

4th June 2007:
0.0 very nice con grats!

Author's Response: Thank you for your nice comments, so pleased you liked it. once again thanks for the review

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