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Review #1, by crazybibliophile Hogwarts Express

6th April 2008:
This chapter's so good, it's an AWESOME beginning to what looks like a really well written story.

Author's Response: aw... thanks! sorry to say i doubt i'll be finishing it... i can't seem to get back into it now i know what happens... i'm very bad at that.. but thanks for reading. and reviewing

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Review #2, by allisyn_weasley The Confession

5th September 2007:
i love it.

Author's Response: thanx, next chapter is posted, just waiting for validation, unfortunately, i had a little mishap, it seems they didn't sleep after the gringotts disaster, but i'm gonna pretend like they did. thanx for the review, keep reading

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Review #3, by ginnyweasley_potter The Confession

18th August 2007:
please write more

Author's Response: wtf, who is this?

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Review #4, by letters The Confession

5th August 2007:
Good, I think it is a little funny.

Author's Response: thanx, i guess, ya, its nothing like deathly hallows, and from now on it is gonna be really bad, like, i have no imagination for what might have been, just what might be, u know? i get an idea in my head and i can't get it out, but thanx, and keep reviewin, it DOES help

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Review #5, by letters Hogwarts Express

5th August 2007:
A good start to the first story. Even though I don't like snoggy love stories I think it is a good first chapter.

Author's Response: o! thanx, ya, sometimes i don't like the ones that move to fast either, or the really fluffy ones, but i felt i had 2, i just wanted 2 get it done with fast, cuz i figured none of them would hold out, so haha! i was sooo wrong, anyway, thanx

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Review #6, by Someone Hogwarts Express

18th June 2007:
Nice Beginning! Could be good if you keep it up. I'm picky about this stuff, but watch out for little mistakes like spelling, or punctuation.

Author's Response: well, thanx for the encouragement! if u want to help me with those little mistakes, then be my guest, but it would help if u made an account, so u could help, btw, that was not the kind of review i told u to leave, u person!jk

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Review #7, by Pinion King Hogwarts Express

10th June 2007:
Hmmm. Interesting start, deffiently one that I will keep an eye on.

Keep it going.

Author's Response: thanx, i am trying to figure out what to do for the next chapter, i am trying to figure out what i even want, but, i hope it will be good, i know this one went kind of fast

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