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Review #1, by padfoot, i believe Blind Dates

9th December 2008:
ah i love oliver...and really love how absolutely oblivious he seemed at that one point "Why" He genuinely looked confused. Ah the male gender =)
Like I said...a Cedric one wouldn't be too horrible...

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Review #2, by SexyDoorFrames Blind Dates

14th October 2008:
I loved it. It was really good. So sweet. It made me smile. Sometimes, fluff is good for the soul. 10/10

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Review #3, by prongsie91 Blind Dates

28th June 2007:
an Oliver fic- keep up the good work!
(preferably more Oliver stories) =]

Author's Response: I love Oliver stories too- perhaps one about after he leaves Hogwarts? Hmm, something to mull over...

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Review #4, by toona Blind Dates

8th June 2007:
LOLOLOLOL this is so cute. & i love how u decided to mix elle and lexy. lol. funniness. cuteness! i love it.

Author's Response: Well their names are both fantastic, so... thanks!

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Review #5, by ter Blind Dates

3rd June 2007:
Nice job!
it was real cute:)
Think you'll make another one??
have a good one.

Author's Response: im primarily focused on Memoirs, but hopefully, If I have time, I'll make another!

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Review #6, by lupinlove Blind Dates

3rd June 2007:
aah, that was too cute!! it was the perfect length and had the right mix of humour and fluff, and it was just a great read. im glad i found it! :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
And I love oliver fics, dont you?

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Review #7, by mrsCweasley Blind Dates

2nd June 2007:
lolz love ya too.still mad u did that tho
*sigh* i hate u ;-)
neways very nice one shot very cutee and nicely written

Author's Response: LOVE YOU!!

and thanks

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Review #8, by Alana_Draco Blind Dates

2nd June 2007:

Author's Response: thanks!

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