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Review #1, by AllisonFayeLovesHarryPotter So Late

9th May 2013:
So... who does she pick?
*killin me!

Author's Response: Hmmm. When I wrote this, I assumed she picked Dean (the song made me feel sad so it was easy to do). But maybe I should write a sequel where she doesn't...?

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Review #2, by Lene So Late

16th May 2008:
Great story!! I really love this song!!
I did got curious 'bout what happened! Did Ginny marry Dean? Really loved it!!
Maybe you can write a squel(don't know how to write it)!!
You know I'm a big H/G shipper so if you do write it, I hope they end up together.
Sorry for the bad language...

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Review #3, by acheron02 So Late

26th July 2007:
wow, that was just wow!!!

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks!

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Review #4, by PotterLover9494 So Late

3rd July 2007:
Ooh that was a close one Harry.
;) This is really good, it really matched the song well.

Author's Response: I'm very happy to hear you liked it considering it's my first song fic. Thanks for the review! -Deedee

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Review #5, by #1kneazle So Late

29th June 2007:
That was really good, very well written. I could really feel both Harry's and Ginny's internal struggles.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading it and leaving a review. It's my first song fic and attempt at a one-shot.

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Review #6, by BatSEnecal So Late

25th June 2007:
That is so depressing. It's too bad for everyone, including Dean and Luna. Eventually, I think that they would all become very depressed with Ginny and Harry wanting to be together. This was a very good song fic. I'm glad that you wrote it, despite the fact that the song has been used before.

Author's Response: It's my forst song fic and I agree it is sad, but that's the feeling I get out of the song- sadness & regret. Thank you very much for reading and for leaving a review.

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Review #7, by The Pirate Girl So Late

20th June 2007:
That was brilliant! I was suprised at how good it was, (not that I was suprised your writing was good since I have read your other story and loved it) but that not a lot of Song fics can pull it off, but this one was brilliant.
By the way I make banners for people's storys and if you would like me to make you a banner, email me at the address below and tell me. If not never mind :)

Author's Response: I am very happy you liked the song fic, especially given it is my first. I will be contacting you about the banner- and thanks!!!

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Review #8, by White_Dragon So Late

3rd June 2007:
Can't say that I am familiar with the song or the music artist. I do think the story is very good with genuine emotion between Harry and Ginny. Not sure that the Luna characterization reflects her uniqueness.

Please keep writing, as I do enjoy your work!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and for the review. I see what you mean about Luna- it probably would have been better had I sketched her out some more- if I get a chance, I'll try to rework it.

Thank you very much for the feedback!


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