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Review #1, by bemyescape Detention

18th July 2007:
Go Freya, it's your birthday! I love it!!! 10/10

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Review #2, by bemyescape Taunts, Teachers, and a Change

18th July 2007:
Oh wow. I really like it. Anyway, I hope you continue. Love it love it! 10/10

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Review #3, by bemyescape Prologues

18th July 2007:
Oh my gosh, wow. It kind of sounds like me. I really love it. I'm sitting here, going "Wow, what kind of a life is that?" and then I realize it. I mean, duh. It's just like your summary. Sorry, but I'm just a LITTLE slow. Ha ha. Just kidding. But I do love it. I'm really going to have to add this to my favorites and keep a watch on it. Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow. Oh... and thanks for the review you left me. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love reviews!!! I was hoping you might read me after I reviewed, but I wasn't sure if you would...anyways, thank you so much for the encouragement, I admit I've been a bit slack with this story lately, I need to write some more soon, but I'm running out of ideas and it's kind of just going in circles. If you (or for that matter anyone... hint, hint...) have any suggestions please let me know, just leave a review and I'll get back to you... *smiles hopefully* Thank you so much again
Oh, and rock on Relient K, btw...

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Review #4, by devonnie Prologues

8th July 2007:
very nicely written, I dont really know why this story doesnt have more reviews...

Author's Response: Thanks for the review!!! I've been hoping and hoping someone would review soon...yeah, the writing style for the first chapter I was really happy with, not so much for the rest of it so far though, and I really don't know what to do to improve it...any ideas?

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Review #5, by ggaabby Taunts, Teachers, and a Change

11th June 2007:
Great story! Keep up the outstanding work!!

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Review #6, by LizzleFoShizzle Prologues

10th June 2007:
Hi. I REALLY like this story. I'm gonna make you a banner. E-mail me if you want one or just to talk:

Author's Response: WOW! Thanks! I've been eagerly checking to see if anyone had reviewed, and I nearly had a heart attck when I saw you had. Thanks for the response though. I've wanted to have someone review my writing for ages and actually tell me if it was any good... yay! happy now!

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