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Reading Reviews for Who kissed Lily Evans?
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Review #1, by girly1393 Who kissed Lily Evans?

6th June 2011:
That was hilariously adorable!

Bravo to you.

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Review #2, by Isannah Lyte Who kissed Lily Evans?

28th July 2010:
Hilarious! I love it! Nice one-shot...Prongs is way too paranoid about his girlfriend.

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Review #3, by KRenee Who kissed Lily Evans?

20th September 2009:
The story was nice, but the part about the lipstick on Lily's cheek being proof that she kissed a guy doesn't really make sense because guy's don't wear lipstick, at least none of the guys that I know.

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Review #4, by Shelby Weasley Who kissed Lily Evans?

24th August 2009:
LUPIN?! Ooooh that little weasle!/werewolf! Haha :) I was thinking it might be Sirius :)

This was great!

Shelby Weasley

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Review #5, by I<3Potter[= Who kissed Lily Evans?

16th August 2009:
Didn't see that coming!
Totally Funny!


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Review #6, by Jellyman Who kissed Lily Evans?

15th April 2009:
Haha, I loved it! I figured it out when Sirius was naming off characters who did astronomy :D Excellent work, though it would be interesting to see what James would do... I can't imagine anything good :3

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Review #7, by PuellaSuave Who kissed Lily Evans?

4th April 2009:
OMG. I loved it so much. Haha, I figured out who it was as soon as Sirius tried to mention Moony's name, but James was already off in his own little world. lol Very well written, I ADORED it.

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Review #8, by StepUpx_Gryffindor Who kissed Lily Evans?

27th February 2009:
um. what-the-heck. HOW COULD YOU HAVE ENDED IT THERE?!

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Review #9, by Padsy Who kissed Lily Evans?

27th February 2009:
gosh, he is such a bad boy, i dont know what posessed him to do such a thing!

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Review #10, by Fragile Words Who kissed Lily Evans?

20th February 2009:
hahaha, i ADORED it.

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Review #11, by tashmash Who kissed Lily Evans?

16th January 2009:

ok, i was wrong! i thought it would be sirius!! no remus!!

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Review #12, by EmotionlessSnake Who kissed Lily Evans?

29th December 2008:
What the...?
Is it me or is it just me ?

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Review #13, by Krystle Lynne Who kissed Lily Evans?

21st November 2008:
I don't know whether to feel sorry for James or to think he's completely mental. Awesome job though.

~Krystle Lynne~

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Review #14, by IS bookworm Who kissed Lily Evans?

6th April 2008:
Poor James! Remus acted kind of dumb about all that. I liked it! Keep writing! :7)

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Review #15, by moon_black11 Who kissed Lily Evans?

2nd April 2008:
remus, why?
this was just a silly little story, i liked it.
p.s. why was remus wearing lipstick if it was on lilys cheek

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Review #16, by Erratic Amethyst Who kissed Lily Evans?

21st March 2008:
that's all?!! Aww.. Great theory.

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Review #17, by loveli_lily101 Who kissed Lily Evans?

21st January 2008:
That was kinda good
Surprise ending

Keep up the good work

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Review #18, by lalaine Who kissed Lily Evans?

7th January 2008:
OMG! remus!!! Oh Cheers!! Yay For REMUS ACTION!! but wait! what about james? what about, sirus telling james? or will jame figure it out on his own? Oh SO MANY questions!! i loved this story!!

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Review #19, by silver phoenix Who kissed Lily Evans?

29th December 2007:

Oh. My. GOD.

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Review #20, by HPsmartone32 Who kissed Lily Evans?

11th November 2007:
thats mean.
great story, though!

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Review #21, by AuburnFair Who kissed Lily Evans?

7th November 2007:
Ha! Omg, that has to be the cutest thing I've ever read. You should submit it for the HPFF podcast!

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Review #22, by sirius_and_lily_supporter Who kissed Lily Evans?

30th October 2007:
I think you should continue this story because it is super good!

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Review #23, by netballpro13 Who kissed Lily Evans?

22nd October 2007:
well done that was brilliant!

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Review #24, by AussieAnatomy627 Who kissed Lily Evans?

8th October 2007:
I loved it! I liked the mystery-ness. lol

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Review #25, by Hermionesclass101 Who kissed Lily Evans?

27th September 2007:
Oh burn!! Heh heh, that was great ^_^ =)


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