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Review #1, by Harley Potter Going Back

13th April 2008:
I absolutely love it. Can't wait til you update.

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Review #2, by jmcinnj Going Back

10th April 2008:
wonderful what a great idea. Thank you for such a experience

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Review #3, by jmcinnj It's all about the blood

9th April 2008:
Job well done thankyou

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Review #4, by Tonks21094 Going Back

31st January 2008:
*sigh* and that's the end... *SOB* such a great fanfic!!!

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Review #5, by Tonks21094 Not in Kansas anymore

31st January 2008:
wow. i cant say!

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Review #6, by Kestral Going Back

13th August 2007:
*Sigh* Really, really good

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Review #7, by Infinite101 Going Back

12th August 2007:
wow, this story's amazing,
it really flows with the deathly hallows,
the ending was a bit sad on Harry's part, but i guess on this topic could never really end totally happilly,
i'm reading 'When the wolf bites...the world may be saved', at the moment and i thought i'd check out your other fics,
I love your writing style and i'm lookin' forward to reading more of them

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked this story and I hope you like "Wolf Bites" as well. "Some chicks finger" was posted unedited by my mistake, but since validation takes so long, i won't fix it until my other is completely written. Both "Saving Harry" and "Wolf Bites" were completed before DH, so any coincidence is only that, and a cause for me to pat myself on the back (as you'll see a big one towards the end of "Wolf Bites"). Review my other and let me know what you think!!

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Review #8, by chillychick95 Going Back

11th August 2007:
please keep writing! it's such a good story!

Author's Response: I'm sorry, but that's the end :( I have other stories, you should check them out!

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Review #9, by Bookworm622 Going Back

4th August 2007:
LOVE IT! I just wish he could have had more time with them- you know parent boding moments that we all love! I love the story and its on my favorites!

Author's Response: TYTY I'm so happy you liked it!!

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Review #10, by Sair_bears Going Back

3rd August 2007:
no that cant be the end :( thats sad ... i thought it was going to be longer. well it was good while it lasted, wish there was more

Author's Response: Sorry, I'm working on several other stories (on a different site) and there just seemed nowhere to go with this one that would have been believable.

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Review #11, by Wolfkin Going Back

2nd August 2007:
Enjoyed it all, but I kinda wish you'd included James' reaction to hearing Harry was the youngest Seeker in a century and a very successful one as well. Aside from that, a very nice job. Well done!

Author's Response: Sorry bout that--his reaction would of course, have been a happy one!! I'm glad you liked the story!

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Review #12, by Shinohime Going Back

31st July 2007:
*Sniffles* So sad... @ least Harry was able to know them a little! Very good...

Author's Response: That's all the poor kid ever wanted.

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Review #13, by rosai_gryffindor Going Back

31st July 2007:
great chapter!! i loved how ron and hermione got together, you wrote that really well! and it was good how you tied in stuff from DH into the plot! made it fit nicely in with the series! is this the end? if it is, great job! and an interesting end! if not, well i look forward to more!
rose :)

Author's Response: Yes, it is the end----and this was written before DH, so there was no "tie in" it was just a lucky guess!

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Review #14, by hprwhggw_hogwarts His parents

28th July 2007:
love the story cant wait to read the other chapters.

Author's Response: Last chapter is in validation.

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Review #15, by rosai_gryffindor His parents

16th July 2007:
great chapter! update soon!!! :)

Author's Response: TY---As soon as I can, but it may be awhile!

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Review #16, by Shinohime His parents

15th July 2007:
Well done! Next chapter please!

Author's Response: It will be awhile actually--they're letting the validators have a week off (can you believe it? Like someone needs a day off--geesh! haha). But it will be up ASAP!!

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Review #17, by Maxie1514 His parents

14th July 2007:
Very good story! Update soon. 10/10

Author's Response: TYTY--I'm REALLY glad everyone is liking this story!

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Review #18, by Harrysgirl35 His parents

14th July 2007:
Good chapter.I hope you update soon!10/10

Author's Response: TY---should be about two weeks, give or take a few days.

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Review #19, by sair_bears His parents

14th July 2007:
loved the chapter, ive been checking daily for an update :P cant wait to read the next. I would have thought it was snape that liked liily rather then voldy. I liked the prongs and moony interaction , but its sad. Awsome comments from snape, “better that the world hates you, so you can wallow in your self-pity a bit longer.” its so true, Harry is an angsty git.

Author's Response: "Git" is a bit strong, but, yes, he's very angsty. Voldemort doesn't like her in the sense of wanting her to be his, just in the sense of wanting her to be a Death Eater. She's very gifted and very intelligent. Two weeks, next chapter should be up. (Have to do another chapter in my other story first, sorry)

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Review #20, by onestop_hpfan18 His parents

14th July 2007:
great chappie. harry's first reaction was a shocker...but that's what made it seem real and so much better than if he had just accepted that they were really his parents. can't wait for the next chappie.

Author's Response: I tried to think about what Jo's Harry would do, and I believe he first thinks about the negative, then reacts (usually over-reacts), and then gets the details and goes from there. I think this was a valid reaction from Harry and I'm glad you like it!

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Review #21, by HelloKitty His parents

13th July 2007:
oh my god!!! i really love your story!!! lily and james are so cool in your story and james and remus are the only friends left and they are acting like it is the good old days! it is so exciting!! i just hope james and lily don't die so soon! i really like james and lily even thought in the actual book they really are dead. Well i can't wait until you post because i want to read it real soon! i can't wait!! definately rate it a 10 out of 10!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it and I really like your review (I like knowing thoughts)! James and Remus, don't you just love them?!

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Review #22, by Zokara It's all about the blood

10th July 2007:
I really liked this though I found the idea that Snape and James would get along even for one second a bit unlikely... but maybe Snape's changed. anyway, well done

Author's Response: Like Lily and Remus were thinking---it would take the 'almost death' of Harry for that to happen. It's brought up again in the next chapter--Someone makes a comment much like that one.

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Review #23, by baby_gin It's all about the blood

2nd July 2007:
Please please please hurry up with chapter three i need to know what happens.l don't know how the rating goes so i'm go as 10 is the best.

Author's Response: TY and that's the way the rating goes. My other story is in validation, then the next chapter of this one will go. I'd say probably about another week.

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Review #24, by BassplayerBlack It's all about the blood

30th June 2007:
Nice cliffie...really (note the sarcasm). This was a good chapter. It was quite sad, though not enough to get me in tears, it was still very well-written. you display the raw emotions in this chapter phenomonally. Harry's words to Ginny before he passed out again were a bit cliched but they were still sweet all the same. Update soon with Chapter 3.


Author's Response: It was a bit cliche wasn't it? But now their secret is out. And yes, I noted the sarcasm! no tears? I'll try harder next time! Ty for your reviews--and your insight!!

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Review #25, by BassplayerBlack Not in Kansas anymore

30th June 2007:
Haha, gotta love Ron and his whole "Ripped him to shreds" bit, that is definitly something that I would say. This is a pretty original story idea, dont think i've ever seen it before, so i really hope you continue it.


Author's Response: I'm glad you like it--Ron (and apparently you as well) has no tact. Poor Lily. In his defense though, he didn't know Harry's dead mother would be there listening. he was too concerned about Harry to notice much.

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