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Review #1, by CambAngst Longest Day

23rd July 2014:
Hi, Rose!

So the good news is that I didn't think this dragged too badly. But I could definitely tell the difference between places where you were retelling the story from the books and places where you were writing "your own story". The characters didn't have quite the same sparkle in the sections from the books. Part of what I love about this story is how you bring the different personalities to life.

In her brief appearance, Ginny was definitely one of those personalities. You could see a bit of her concern for Harry, and Tonks reacts to it in subtle but neat ways.

When they arrive at Privet Drive, i liked the way that you made Tonks the adult that Harry was most able to relate to. He seems closest to Remus, but Tonks is the one who puts him in a comfort zone.

After the last chapter, I felt like Tonks moved a bit fast when she kissed Remus. Here, she's backing up a bit and being friends instead. I think that makes sense, even though her dreams indicate that her actual feelings are a lot more conflicted.

A few small typos:

I walked into the kitchen where a small coterie there already. -- was there already

I couldn’t resist asking who Moody he knew that lost a buttocks. -- either "Moody" or "he". I love this line, though!

Moody made it sound like we were going to be attacked mid-flight. Alastor sounded somewhat excited. -- This one wasn't a typo so much as it just read oddly. It sounds almost like Moody and Alastor are two different people.

All in all, I thought you did a good job even though you weren't completely comfortable with retelling parts of the books. Looking forward to more!

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Review #2, by CambAngst Good Luck Charm

23rd July 2014:
Ooh, Dora gets a bit saucy at the end of this one!

I liked the thoroughness of the way you wrote the chapter. You took your time with the descriptions and the narrative and made sure to hit on all of the major events that take place. From Moody's obsessive -- borderline paranoid -- detailed planning exercise to the questions that Tonks fields from Vernon Dursley when he calls to confirm his "prize", you really put a lot of effort into make the chapter fleshed out and complete.

I did get a bit confused at the start of the chapter. In the first paragraph, you made it sound like Molly didn't want help preparing dinner. Then in the next paragraph, she asks Tonks for help. This sentence also gave me issues:

Molly wanted help with supper; she said dinner wouldn’t happen if one person had to bear to the brunt of the work. -- You use "supper" in one part and "dinner" in the other. Having lived in both the South and the Northeast, I know that they're sort of interchangeable, but I think that might throw some people.

You slipped in the little bit about the atom pattern, which I really liked. A lot of people lose sight of the fact that Ted Tonks is muggle-born.

The conversation between Remus and Tonks at the end was appropriately awkward and wandering for two people who are sort of attracted to one another but not at all ready to deal with the feelings. I wasn't quite sure about Tonks laying a big smooch on Remus here. It felt a bit soon. I'm really interested to see what the aftermath of that moment looks like.

I saw something that might be a typo as I read:

After coming reaching our decision, Moody delved into his explanation of our departure. -- "After reaching our decision"?

Nice job. Moving along...

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Review #3, by CambAngst Clumsy Meeting

23rd July 2014:
Hi, Rose!

I'm really intrigued with what you're doing here. The story reads like a pretty straightforward "fill in the missing moments" novel so far, but the title promises so much more! It leaves me feeling kind of eager.

I really like the way you've set up Tonks. A lot of authors write her as a rather clownish character, full of goofy, irrelevant thoughts and constantly tripping over everything. You did have a few little stumbles to keep her in character, but you didn't overplay it. She also comes off as being eager, intelligent and more than a little insightful. She was still age-appropriate, however, which was a nice touch.

The way that you passed on the "love at first sight" cliche and gave Tonks a relatively small, platonic interest in Remus was also a great idea. I think it's going to greatly improve the pacing of the story, giving both characters a chance to get a feel for one another and explore their own reactions and feelings. Also, cliches are, well, cliche.

Your other characters were nicely done, especially Sirius. He had the fairly reserved nature of an older, more mature version, but with the occasional flashes of temper and excitement.

Great first chapter! I didn't see any typos or grammatical problems and it all flowed really nicely. Good job!

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Review #4, by Haronione Batting for the Other Team

17th July 2014:
Well, that's certainly a different side to Remus! I know it was an act, but still who would have thought he had that side to him. Bet Tonks was shocked by her loving, reserved Remus being like that. It's sad to think of Remus living in an environment where he has to act like that :( it's just not Remus! (That is not a criticism of your characterisation by the way just an observation of the situation :)

I loved this line 'Things happen to me every day, Remus. The only difference is now you’re not around to help me through them.' I hope Remus takes note of it!!! I think I may have to give him a slap if he says too old, too poor and too dangerous again!! Silly Remus, I thought he was intelligent!

So, Savage wasn't at all bothered by Tonks's name mistake a few chapters ago, obviously!!

Urgh! Dawlish makes my skin crawl!! Just urgh! That was really mean of him to mention about the fenrir attacks in that way, Tonks handled it well though! I liked that you have this as the reason for her being at Hogwarts. - again you've integrated canon in wonderfully!

Ha, I loved that Tonks gave Snape a taste of his own medicine :) I just loved this line 'Surely you weren’t expecting a second go after such an abysmal performance?' Haha! I love Snape's character ad he was essentially a good man (deep down) but he was also very cruel, so I loved that Tonks treated him that way :) (I'm so horrible, 2 wrongs don't make a right, but still!) and he was equally cruel back.

Aw, poor Tonks worrying about Remus (I'm not, purely because I know this is canon and that Remus is ok ;)) but at least Savage's plea for her matchmaking takes her mind off it for a bit ;)

Haronione ♥

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Review #5, by Haronione I tried.

17th July 2014:
Tonks is a very feisty character and I loved how she reacted to this man. I also loved how, even though this was a semi-serious situation and she was using her auror skills she still saw the humour at his name :) I was a bit disappointed that Remus hadn't sent him, but pleased that he was evidently missing her - and obviously been talking about her (which was also a bit silly of him considering his situation, he was putting her at risk a bit there, but I will overlook that and forgive him ;) haha) It made me smile when she told John to tell Remus he has no reason to lose hope :)

I liked the relationship between Charlie and Tonks :) It seems like one of those really easy, fun relationships that just carry on where they left off despite not seeing each other for years.

I've said it before but I'll say it again - I like Savage :) I think that's the start of a lovely friendship!

Ha, I liked Tonks's disguise - I thought maybe that's how she killed her lover - giving him a heart attack which her provocative clothing ;) I loved their interaction here, and especially Tonks's little speech. I don't think this will lead to the instant reconciliation I'd hope would happen though - I think they still have a little way to go.

Great chapter as always :) see you at the next one!

Haronione ♥

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Review #6, by Haronione Full Moon Talking

13th July 2014:
Ooh, a lot happened in this chapter! As much as I am rooting for Tonks and Remus to get back together, I am so glad she did not go home with him on new years eve! That would have been wrong for both of them! Tonks would end up hurt again and Remus would go into his self loathing mode for hurting her. Tonks doesn't need Remus for meaningless relations (as has been evidenced in the past few chapters ;)) she needs love from him! So I'm proud of her for not going with him!! I really hope Remus sees the light soon! I was quite cross with him in this chapter!! He needs to redeem himself ;)

I actually quite like Savage, he seems like a nice fella :) I just hope Tonks doesn't end up hurting him! But I think she may have already during their little tryst! He was so sweet with Tonks after her little slip of the tongue, so understanding and kind to her. Not a lot of men would have reacted the same way.

I can not believe Dawlish!! Well I can, I mean it's vile Dawlish, but still what a loathsome creep!! I'm so glad Savage was there to save the day! I hope they are going to report him, he needs his comeuppance!

Ooh, Remus is sending people to check up on Tonks! I hope this means he is changing his mind about the suitability of his relationship with Tonks :)

Haronione ♥

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Review #7, by Haronione Familiar Head of Hair

13th July 2014:
O.o So, I know I said Tonks needed something or someone to help her get over Remus, but I was not expecting this!!! Snape?! Snape, as in the man who likes to make life hell for all the marauders, including Remus? Snape!? Silly silly Tonks!! I fear Snape would not hesitate to wind Remus up about this - an i fear even more that there would be no coming back from this if Remus does find out! I know Remus was a naughty, silly boy with Farah but this is on another level!! In case you hadn't realised, I am shocked by this behaviour from Tonks! I am making her a referral to a head healer specialist! *calms self somewhat*

Sorry about that ^ I don't know what came over me! *has another sip of tea and settles back to the review* So, George really has a thing for Tonks? He's quite sweet actually :) but I'm glad Tonks didn't take it any further than a little kiss with him, that wouldn't have been fair on him, and he was so sweet to Tonks here :)

Ok, so despite my earlier outburst (seriously, first moody and then Snape?! *sips tea again to calm self*) I can kind of understand Tonks behaviour. I think most people do silly things when they are grieving, and as she is doubly grieving here and her life seems to have changed dramatically in a short space of time her level of silliness is much higher! I just hope this does not come back to bite her on the bottom!

I'm sorry for this review, I think I'm in a state of shock! I shall come back to review the next chapter once I've seen my therapist ;)

Haronione ♥

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Review #8, by Haronione Nice and Angular

12th July 2014:
Ooh, we'll, Tonks certainly has a variety of admirers! Who'd have thought George would take a fancy to his brothers old flame ;) Personally, I think that would be a better pairing than her and moody - but of course I am routing for her and Remus to get back together! And I'm glad she's learnt her lesson from the moody episode ;)

Ha! I really hope she does use one of the snack boxes on Dawlish :) that would be very fun to read - as long as she discards the antidote part of the sweet!! How on earth is she going to deal with actually living in the same flat as Dawlish?! Surely that will be hell!! Poor Tonks!

Good old Dumbledore and his wise words :) I hope Remus does start listening to his heart again too! And oh dear, Tonks is in a bad way if she wondering whether to kiss Snape or flee from him! And then lusting after a chin? She certainly does need something or someone to help her get over Remus. Or Remus needs to sort himself out and help her out!! This would obviously be the preferable option! ;)

I'm glad I have got back to reading this :) I've been on a reading/reviewing dry spell, but thanks to the house cup review task I'm getting back in to it and of course I had to review this story :D yay for the house cup!!

Haronione ♥

House cup 2014 review

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Review #9, by Haronione With Love, Remus

12th July 2014:
Remus really is a very silly man!!! What was he thinking?! I really don't blame Tonks for being so angry at him, even if she does still love him. I think her little outbursts at him are totally believable and understandable. I would have thought it would be Tonks to have the redound 'date' not Remus - I am shocked by his behaviour and he is in my bad books right now! I would like to know what was going through his mind.

Gah, I really felt for Tonks when she went to Grimmauld place. I think she could have dealt with the break up so much better if she still had Sirius to talk to - he was always a big help where Remus was concerned (even if he did make lewd comments etc about them). I wish she had let Remus explain himself to her though partly because I'd like to know how he would explain himself, but in the circumstances I can't blame her for the way she acted there!

I liked how Tonks turned to Molly in the absence of Sirius. Ha, I also liked how Molly choked on her tea over the moody revelation! I think a lot of people have reacted like that. Poor moody, everyone seems to see him as such an unlovable character - including me ;) In the drama of Sirius dying and Remus's actions I totally overlooked Moody's declaration of love to Tonks in the last chapter! Poor moody!! He must feel a bit like Tonks does :( I wonder if Tonks will end up seeking solace with Moody?! Ew!!! :(

Haronione ♥

House cup 2014 review

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Review #10, by Haronione Breaking of a Heart

12th July 2014:
No!!! :'( so much bad stuff happens in this chapter! This chapter made me sad!! I knew it would! So, I was so engrossed in the relationship between Tonks and Remus that I did not note where it was in the time line, if I had I could have prepared myself for Sirius's death!! Why does he have to die?! :'( (I mean I know why, because this story is canon - which of course I love - but why :()

Poor poor Tonks!!! There she is thinking that Remus is going to propose (which I now see is the life changing thing Sirius was talking about) and then he breaks up with her instead!!! No wonder she cried her self to sleep :( She's mourning Sirius and the relationship breakdown too! I don't think I'd have gone into work if I was her!

And then she has to deal with the fact that vile Dawlish is going to be her new supervisor! Things couldn't get much worse for her. Oh but this is you, Rose, so of course things could get worse for her!! I have to go to the next chapter to find out exactly who Remus is with!! Bad Remus!

Haronione ♥

House cup 2014 review

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Review #11, by Haronione The Sky is Falling

12th July 2014:
Ok, so this chapter has left more intrigued as to what is coming up! What is Sirius talking about something big and life changing coming up? And why is Remus acting odd? I'm not sure i like this!!! I think it should all just stay the same, with Remus and Tonks in happy bliss ad Sirius safely tucked away at Grimmauld place (but maybe with an old love interest turning up to keep him company) and they all live happily ever after ;) Of course, I know that can't and won't be happening, and as I know you are so good at sad, tragic endings, I am preparing myself for that!!

Ha, so I found it very amusing that Dumbledore turned up just at the wrong moment and opened a whole can of worms :) and I loved the conversation about Tonks's past misdemeanours with boys while she was at Hogwarts, haha! Is it this that is causing Remus to be odd?

I loved Sirius's reaction to finding out that Moody was person B, it seems he felt the same as us readers did about it! ;) at least he's not going to tell Remus about it.

I really liked seeing Sirius and Remus's side of Harry seeing that memory. I've said it before but I'll say it again - I love these little additions to this story, bringing in the canon bits but in a different light :)

I'm a bit scared to read on as I'm feeling ominous about what's going to happen! But I shall read on because at the same time I need to know!

Haronione ♥

House cup 2014 review

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Review #12, by Haronione Your Song

12th July 2014:
Aw, I found it really cute that Tonks was worrying about valentines day e cause she'd never been with a significant other on that day before :) I also loved her present to Remus, definitely sentimental and mushy but also very thoughtful and sweet! She may not have got that idea had it not been for the pictures from the ministry spying in them ;)

Haha, typical Tonks, forgetting about her own imperturbable charm and ending up on the floor!

Wah! The scene between Tonks and Sirius about Harry not getting in touch just made me sad and think that if only Harry had remembered the mirror Harry would never have gone to the ministry that day and Sirius would never have followed him there to save him and he would never have died :( boo hoo! And breathe!

Ha, so Remus's gift was quite a surprise! Good choice of song as he has taken the place of Elton John for Tonks. But... It was a little cheesy, but that just shows how much he loves Tonks as he was prepared to be sooo cheesy ;) haha!

That last paragraph is a bit ominous - I don't like the sound if that! I guess I'll have to read on to see just what it means!!

Haronione ♥

House cup 2014 review

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Review #13, by Haronione Ministry Lies and Ties

12th July 2014:
Well, Tonks and Remus are certainly making up for lost time now aren't they?! Haha! Who can blame them though, they've waited long enough!!

I can't believe the ministry have been spying on them and taking pictures!! Although that did Tonks a bit of a favour, now she has some nice photos of them ;) I have to say I was waiting for Remus to go all Remus like when he found out about her meeting at the ministry and finish things again - I'm so glad that didn't happen! Unless he's going to have another blip in the next few chapters?! I hope not!! I mean, he can't, he's told her he loves her now so he just can't! ;)

Ha, I love how Sirius has become a bit of a gossip and relays everything back to Tonks :) and it's really cute that Remus is so worried about Tonks when she's at work.

I look forward to reading about Tonks's attempts at being romantic ;)

Haronione ♥

House cup 2014 review

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Review #14, by Haronione Grinds of Machinery

12th July 2014:
I love the little conversations and interactions between Tonks and Sirius :) even if Sirius has the tact of a 'one legged troll in a crystal shop' haha!! Again though, poor Sirius! I really like how you are building up his anger and frustration and bringing in the canon details :)

Awww, how romantic was Remus?! The perfect setting for their first time :) I'm sure Tonks felt it was worth the wait!! It did make me giggle when she thought to herself 'but I’ve never been the type of woman that needed to hear the L-word to get into bed' I think the whole Moody incident proved that haha!!

Awww and yay!! He finally told her he loved her :D just yay! This scene made me very happy :)

But, the end of this chapter made me sad again! Poor Sirius :( but as I said you've done a great job of bringing in the canon details and showing us Sirius's decline.

Haronione ♥

House cup 2014 review

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Review #15, by Haronione Gooey and Mmmmh so Good

12th July 2014:
Haha, 'relational constipation'?! Love it! That really had me giggling :) I agree with Sirius that Remus was on the verge of saying something monumental too! Maybe he'll get over the constipation ad say it soon ;)

Ok, so now I really don't get Remus's reluctance for a relationship with Tonks because he's too dangerous for her - he is quite happy for her to be there on the full moon!! Silly silly Remus, he needs talking to ;) It made me laugh when Tonks carried him up to bed, just the image in my head of petite Tonks walking up the stairs with a large werewolf slung over her shoulder :D haha!

Ha, Tonks's encounter with Snape was interesting! Karma sutra for wizards?! Haha! Trust Tonks to have that book!! It certainly helped her out here, just not for how it was meant to be used ;) I love the lengths she goes to for Remus! Why can't he see it the way we do?

I totally agree with Moody's muttered comment about Remus! Maybe moody should have a word with Remus? Ok, given Tonks and Moody's history maybe he shouldn't ;)

So they kissed again and spent Christmas together - is this progress or is Remus going to take two steps back again?! I guess I will find out as I read on :)

Haronione ♥

House cup 2014 review

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Review #16, by Haronione Remus and his yo-yo act

12th July 2014:
Hello again Rose :)

Poor Tonks! That yo-yo act would be hard to deal with, especially as she knows that Remus likes her and is just being a wally! And the fact that he thinks he is too dangerous to be with her - well, he's spent that the night with her as a werewolf before and not hurt her, she should remind him of that ;)

Remus should really start listening to Sirius, he talks sense! I liked the argument Tonks overheard between Sirius and Remus, but it made me a little sad when Sirius said 'Do you have any idea what I'd give to feel that type of passion again?' Poor Sirius :( I want to give him a hug!! ;)

I love that you have built on the relationship between Molly and Tonks. And I'm glad Tonks took Molly's advice and hasn't given up on Remus and is making sure she still sees him regularly, even if it isn't in the way she'd like! Remus really needs to let his heart rule his head instead of the other way round. I'm sure he will soon ;)

Haronione ♥

House cup 2014 review

Author's Response: Hello lovely!!!

I'm going to be forever responding to your lovely reviews but they've perked me up so much over the last week.

Tonks has a rough go with Remus' behavior in this period. I felt like they couldn't get too complacent or feel too coupley because otherwise it would have been obvious to Harry et al that they were together. Yeah, somehow he doesn't connect the werewolf time as danger.

You'll love the argument from Remus' POV. :P Sirius is all jealous of their ability to have a relaitonship and not doing it. He does need a hug but I'd be afraid to hug him when he's *that* lonely. ;)

I thought it'd be important to build up Tonks and Molly's relationship so that it wasn't so random for her to go to Molly at the start of HBP. While Tonks has a mum who she's kind of close to, she's always looking for more mentor-y relationships. If Remus let his heart rule instead of his head, there'd be a completely different story here.

Thank you for the wonderful review! I hope my response has done it justice!


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Review #17, by newgenerationlover Good Luck Charm

9th June 2014:
Hi there! Great chapter!

You really have an attention to detail that really adds to the chapters. For instance, when you had Tonks changing her nose to a pig snout to make fun of Ron's eating habits. That little bit just reminded me of (I think it was during the first movie and has now been made into a pretty popular gif) Ron eating with a chicken leg in each hand. Just the little tidbits really add to the scene and make me like the story so much more as you are staying pretty true to canon (and I am a huge canon stickler :P).

I'm liking that you aren't just focusing on the love story. I get so tired of reading fics that skip over so much of the protagonist's life just to get to the parts where he or she is with their love interest. Instead of doing that, you went on to describe Order proceedings and the plan to get Harry out as well as the dynamics of the group as a whole doing the little things like eating dinner. It really adds to the fic as a whole.

Gah! She kissed him! My inner fangirl is squealing at the moment. I liked how you wrote about how Remus' calm presence soothed Tonks. I think they were so cute together in the books and I think that you are doing them justice. I can't wait to keep reading and find more about their relationship!


Author's Response: Hi Mary!!

haha, yeah, I imagine eating with Ron had to be quite the experience. I do remember the books mentioning that she did a pig snout (at least Harry saw it when he was in Grimmauld Place). I based a lot of the story off bits of OotP and HBP. DH wasn't out when I wrote this so there are some points where it doesn't perfectly align.

I'm so glad the non-romantic details add to the story. :D I wanted to make Tonks more of a standalone character - and I've always thought that stories whihc only focus on someone in a romance fall flat.

hehe, they did kiss!!! I really like writing about how they impact one another - Remus has an especially strong impact on Tonks.

Thanks so much for another wonderful review!

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Review #18, by Unicorn_Charm Enigmatic At Best

30th May 2014:
Ahh! No! It can't end like this!! Haha you're wicked.

So I've pretty much read this all day. Couldn't stop. I am dead serious, this has become my favorite story overall. I loved it more than I could possibly tell you! The moments in Grimmauld Place with Sirius, Remus and Tonks were my absolute favorites!

It was really, really hard reading Tonks's experience while she was living in Hogsmeade. You conveyed that feeling of heartbreak and hopelessness so well, I felt like I was living through it myself. It was so well done! Dawlish makes my skin crawl. You've done an excellent job making him that creepy. And that scene with Snape! Ho-ly lord. I don't even have words for that.

Charlie and Brad was just too adorable. Brad was such a sweet and lovely character. I enjoyed reading him quite a bit.

I seriously almost cried when she first heard Remus's voice again the night Dumbledore died. The chaos of that whole battle and the confusion at what was going on was written perfectly.

The proposal! Ahh!! Hands down, my favorite part of the whole story. It was so unbelievably sweet!! I'm so thrilled that I started to read these. I can't wait to continue on with Remus's POV now.

You're brilliant! Keep writing forever!! :)

xoxo Meg

Author's Response: But it did end like this... This was definitely the meanest ending I put on a story to date.

:-o I can't believe you read through this in one day. I'm so... honored. :D

My favorite part of the story to write was the parts with Remus/Sirius/Tonks hanging out in Grimmauld place. Sirius' death was a definite shift in the tone of this story.

Tonks' time in Hogsmeade was pretty low for her. I felt bad keeping her depressed for so long but she was down for a long time in the books too. haha, at least Snape was a momentary diversion. :P

Ooh, I wrote an entire story about Charlie and Brad. I kind of love both of them.

The battle and Dumbledore's death is the part of the story I've been the least sure about since I finsihed this. I'm so, so happy you liked that (and slightly bummed that you only almost cried. :P).

His proposal was over the top and mushy but it seemed to fit his style. Remus' POV should shed some light on a few fuzzy areas of the plot (like Farah - you might be the only person not to yell at me for that).

I think I'll have to keep writing now. :D You really made my evening!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful review!

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Review #19, by newgenerationlover Clumsy Meeting

14th May 2014:
Hello there! Great first chapter! I already love Tonks. She is relatable but new and interesting and I can't wait to read more of her. I liked how you didn't have the 'love at first sight' thing going on and how you had Tonks comment on how he didn't even seem like her type at first. I'm sick of all those "and I looked into his eyes and I knew at that moment he was the one" stories. Like come on, that never happens in real life! I digress. Your story was like a breath of fresh air on that part. LOVED how you stayed to cannon. I tend to stay away from especially Hogwarts era and post-Hogwarts sometimes as well because I can't stand when people are off canon. I drives me nuts. But you went along with the books and I was so happy! One thing I did notice was that you said that Tonks was just meeting Mad-Eye, but they knew each other before. He was her mentor throughout auror training. Its here it happened: "Mad-Eye and Remus also hung back giving me the chance to chat with Mad-Eye for a while. I knew him by reputation and he wanted to hear how the Auror training was nowadays." Not a big point, just thought I would point it out :). But anyway, great job and I will definitely keep reading!

Author's Response: Hello!!

I can't tell you how excited I am to get people reading this story! They never struck me as a love at first sight couple. I'm glad you agree! This entire story (and HIKML) is all about matching their love story to the books. Yeah, when I started writing this DH wasn't out and I just haven't had it in me to go back and edit when Moody and Tonks met. :)

I'm so glad this has caught your interest! It's not one of my more polished pieces but I like its plot more than others I've come up with.

Thank you so much for a wonderful review!


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Review #20, by Haronione They went where?

24th March 2014:
*fanfare and confetti* You are the recipient of of my 100th review :D it may have taken a while but I've been saving it for you! So, without further ado, here goes.

I loved this chapter with all the Tonks and Remus squee inducing moments right from the start of the chapter when Remus slips his arm around Tonks's waist :) and it just got better from there!

Gah, Remus saying he accepts Tonks wholly for who she is, her past included, made me a bit cross (just a little, I could never be mad at Remus) as he can never accept that someone else could feel that way about him! Silly Remus! Still, it was a cute moment and induced a bit of squee :) I wonder if he'd still say that if he knew about Moody though! Heehee

Urgh, I really really dislike Dawlish! I'm glad Tonks punched him and I loved the fact that she did it being defensive over Remus rather than herself. I also loved that Remus put a protective arm around Tonks in front of Dawlish, this is big progress for Remus - well the whole evening is really!

Haha, I loved Sirius's teasing, both the evening before and the morning after. I could just see him doing that. Aw, I also loved the romantic side of Remus coming out here, so cute :) how can he deny his feelings after that?! I do hope they remember the silencing charm next time though ;)

Again I love how you've woven the canon parts into this story, with Molly getting worried about the kids starting Dumbledore's Army and asking Sirius to tell them not to do it.

The scene at the end with Molly and Tonks was a great addition to the chapter, again bringing in canon facts as in the books it is clear that Tonks confides in Molly and talks to her about Remus. As I'm a bit of a stickler for canon (not obsessively so though) I love seeing scenes like this that bring out missing moments from the books :)

Another great chapter *more confetti* see you at the next one

Haronione ♥

Author's Response: *fanfare* (I don't get confetti all over the floor, one of us would have to clean it up) I'm so thankful I got your 100th review!! Whoo!!

Remus and Tonks made good progress this chapter in their relationship. :D

haha, I didn't think of his saying that from the perspective of him never accpeting her feelings. You have really good insight. :D I'm glad it was still cute and squee-worthy though. haha, I don't know how he'd react at this point to learning about Moody. Uh. relationship test, I guess.

No one likes Dawlish. (I'd say poor him except I don't like him either). I'm glad you caught that she got defensive of Remus before herself. I think Remus would have done the defensive arm no matter what his feelings on love and relationship-y stuff. I do agree that the evening was a huge step forward for them!!

I couldn't not have Sirius tease them - especially Tonks. Remus' romantic side is blooming here! oh, he's the captain of the denial team. :D They'll hopefully remember to be quiet or use a charm. those old buildings just don't have nice thick insolation though.

There are a lot of little canon touch points in this story. The books were my basis for justifying their relationship and trying to legitimize it some.

I thought i'd have to establish their relationship early on for Tonks to end up having tea with her past midnight in HBP. I'm always especially happy to have a stickler for canon in this story because you'll appreciate where I've made a point to do that. :D

Thank you so much for a lovely review and for giving me #100!


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Review #21, by LightLeviosa5443 They went where?

7th March 2014:


Literally though. So many feels. I literally was like reading through and wanted to mention a thousand things to say, and forget them all because feels, man. You said you don't know how or why people get feels at your stories, but it's because they're so incredible. Like Tonks and Remus in this chapter. Ugh. Just Ugh. Perfect. In love.

The date, and then Tonks punching Dawlish, the streaker. That scene with Sirius when he asked Tonks and she said Remus was too smart. My stomach even did little flips when you described their night together. It was so so so wonderful.

The way that you had Tonks and Molly have that bonding moment too, it was so cute. It was all just so cute. I'm going to explode from cuteness.

Who knew you could do such cuteness. Though since it's so cute I'm a little terrified of what you're going to do. DON'T HAVE MOODY MESS ANYTHING UP.

I will cry. And die. Then cry again, even though I'm dead.

I love review swaps with you.

xoxo Sarah

Author's Response: I'm so sorry I've been forever before responding. Life has just been so blah and crazy.

and... I CAN'T STOP MESSING WITH YOUR FEELS! Everyone has a hobby.

I really liked writing this chapter and making their relationship come together. haha, I can do cute sometimes too. :P (But it's usually followed by misery)

Tonks and Molly were a fun relationship to build. I figured they had to get pretty close for Tonks to stop by late at night for advice and tea in HBP.

You'll have to wait and see how Moody is now.

I need to start doing review swaps again. BUT THE QUEUE IS TOO LONG! :D oh well. Thank you so much for a fantab review!


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Review #22, by LightLeviosa5443 Making Choices

6th March 2014:

WHY ARE YOU SUCH A CUTE WRITER. WHY IS THIS SO CUTE. I DON'T EVEN READ REMUS/TONKS AND THIS IS THE ONLY ONE OF YOUR STORIES THAT I WANT TO READ. That's not true, I want to read all of them, but this is just forcing me to stay focused and read only this one. I'm not very good at focusing.

ANYWAYS. I loved this chapter. I won't lie, I was a bit thrown off by the Moody and Tonks, but I can see where you were going with it. I also liked that you used it to bring Tonks closer to Sirius and Tonks closer to Remus. I really enjoyed that whole conversation between Sirius and Tonks and I think it was fantastic that he gave her real advice and when she said she wouldn't tell him, he didn't push it. It seems like something family WOULD do out of respect. Something maybe friends wouldn't have boundaries to know.

I also really enjoy that Tonks goes over every full moon, and that he is such a civilized wolf. I think it's great, and the way you've kept up how he is neat even when he's a wolf was hilarious. YOU WITH THE ELTON JOHN COMMENTS. Those are perfect. I laugh everytime.

Wonderful job, as always.

xoxo Sarah

P.S. I think I keep wanting to read this one because I know they both die so it won't rip my heart out when you kill them off. But your other stories, well, I can't predict anything!

Author's Response: YOU SHOULD READ MORE REMUS/TONKS - THEY ARE THE POO! eh, I get something out of a lot of reviews on these stories. I really like seeing people progress and react to the story.

You weren't as thrown off as other people have been. I'm seriously wondering what it takes to throw people off these days. I mean, I didn't just write them together for the reaction. I WROTE IT AFTER A CAREFUL ANALYSIS OF CANON! I'm not sure I wrote Moody/Tonks as a catalyst for Remus/Tonks - but I'm glad it worked that way. I'm not always too big on the planning. Well, I write a lot based on gut feeling when it comes to how people interact. ...anyway, Sirius and Tonks are a bit closer too after this. ^_^ I think Sirius was just biding his time with not knowing who it was. It was a yellow light for him, not a red light.

Tonks and the fullmoon visits will be a bit important to their relationship development - FYI! :D I CAN'T STOP THE ELTON JOHN! I just can't.

Thank you so much for the wonderballs (like amazeballs, right?) review!

...maybe I shouldn't make up slang.


PS - YOU WILL CRY! muahahahaha

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Review #23, by LightLeviosa5443 The Unexpected

5th March 2014:
Yay BvB! I'm going to read the rest of this story thanks to the battle :)

Woah. Wait. WHAT?

If Remus is too old for her, isn't Moody like a bazillion years too old for her? That ending dude. I JUST WANT NYMPHADORA AND REMUS TO GET TOGETHER. LIKE NOW. Yup. So, I absolutely love this story. I think you've done such a great job of writing it and connecting it to the books and just everything you tie in. I think it's really impressive.

The funniest part of the entire thing had to have been the scene where Sirius was running around and it was annoying Molly and Remus. So funny. Oh, and this line! I disapparated home to Elton John. At least he loved me. I laughed so hard. I literally was crying, I was laughing so hard. Everything about that sentence made me want to get a cat or dog and name it a really awesome name just so I could say something like that.

So, I know last review I said that I'd try to be constructive, and my reviews would be more substantial, but I changed my mind. I don't think that's gonna happen. Your stories just make me want to vomit squee all over the place. So that's what I did. :)

xoxo Sarah

Author's Response: ahhahahahahaahahahahaha


No really, it was worth writing Moody/Tonks just for reactions like this! Tonks doesn't think Remus is too old for her - that's Remus' line. :P I promise, they'll get together soon!!

Sirius does know how to annoy folks. I think he was just over zealous. Tonks and her pillow - that will be the next story I ship. :P Just kidding - I am going to write a Dawlish Tonks story though (it's really for Rumpel though). You should get a cat and name it something ridiculous like that!!!

You can spray squee all over the story! :) I get a lot of CC on this so... yeah. I'll read your reviews to ignite my happy spark!

Thank you so much for spewing squee all over this!


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Review #24, by LightLeviosa5443 Faux Relationship

3rd March 2014:
I'm here for the BvB review battle, and oh my golly Rose, you just write the darn cutest stories!

Which is weird, because technically this shouldn't be cute. But it is. And I'm totally okay with that. So I realized that half of the reviews I leave you aren't helpful or substantial in any way shape or form because I get so distracted by your writing that I just squee and talk nonsense the whole time. I'M GOING TO TRY TO LEAVE A REAL REVIEW THIS TIME! Try being the key word.

I'm in love with how amazing of a job you've done with this story. I love the way you characterise Tonks and Remus, I love the voice you write this in and the way you describe the people in it. I know this is one of your older stories, and in your opinion not as well written, but I think it's really wonderful.

I also really enjoy that you did such a wonderful job connecting Remus' story to this. I'm sure it was really hard to write a companion piece like that, but so far you did an amazing job (totally reading this backwards, I think I'm even in both stories now, though.)

One little thing I caught while I was reading and figured I'd point it out!

-"Remus' eyes his intriqued" when Tonks is talking to Remus she says this, I wasn't sure if that was a wrong word or a forgotten word, but I caught it reading through the second time, thought I'd point it out.

Maybe my CC will actually show up in the review this time ;)

So, stop writing brilliant stories please. Just kidding, do. I haven't cried. Yet. I'm hopeful (just kidding I know you're going to rip my heart out). Love you!

xoxo Sarah

Author's Response: Sarah!!!

I'll have to see if you think it's cute when poo hits the fan. :P I kind of adore your nonsensical reviews!! They make me feel all warm and squishy.

It really means a lot ot me that you like this story and its characterization. I still stand by it not being as well written - especially from a technical perspective. The sentances are choppy and punctuation is horrible. :) But the story telling is good. I'll concede that much.

I wrote them back to back which helped me keep them in sync. I was also only working on these when I wrote them so there wasn't too much else to preoccupy my writing. A few people have started HIKML first then switched to Epitah. It's only important to finish Epitaph before you finish HIKML.

Ooh, thanks for pointing that out. I tend to miss a lot of words when I write. :-/ *points to bit above about not being a technically well written story*

Well, I can promise that parts of this will make you want to cry (maybe). I won't stop writing! No worries there. :)

Thank you for a wonderful story!!


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Review #25, by LightLeviosa5443 Elvis and Freckles- Take One

3rd March 2014:
ROSE. KICK ME FOR NOT CONTINUOUSLY READING THIS AND REMIND ME LADY! I'm just gonna comment after you every time during review battle and on all of your review swaps until I finish your stories. Even though you make me cry. You big meanie.

I am a terrible person because I thought I submitted this review last night and I didn't. Oops. Sorry. (the review box hated me and wouldn't load your full review for a good ten minutes.)

Okay. Hold on. What? What? Why are you so good at writing? Wait, one more. WHAT? I don't even know where to start and I'm literally just going to gush ALL over you! ALL OVER YOU! Yup. Be prepared.

So, one, I like, don't read Remus and Tonks except for this story, JUST SO YOU KNOW. And I love this. Which is weird, because normally if I don't read something I wouldn't love it. But I do. But I tried reading others and they weren't as good as yours. Anyways. I really love the way that you've connected the two stories (I think somehow I'm further in Remus' version than Tonks' oops). And the way that you've characterized everyone is absolutely brilliant. If I had to choose my favorite part, I wouldn't be able to. It's all really really wonderful.

Just kidding I chose a favorite part, that ending. I'm like, so OMG WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT, that I kind of can't handle the fact that I have to go to class and CANT read the next chapter for another two hours. I just don't want to think about that sad sad fact. What have you done to me. I say like a lot. Oops. (I say oops a lot too)

But back to Dawlish breaking into Tonks' house and looking for her and then her holding a knife and then just WHAT.

You're such a fantabulous writer.

xoxo Sarah

Author's Response: *kick*

oh, was that a figurative kick? :P Sorry!! :D You're a glutton for punishment, I suppose!!

Eh, I usually give people a lot of time to do their review because I sometimes take a while myself. I only get twitchy after a day or two has passed. :P

Do I need an umbrella for your gushing? :D brb...

okay, I'm ready.

How could you not read Remus/Tonks?!?!?! I'M GLAD THAT I'M THE EXCEPTION! I haven't seen very many on the site but I don't poke around for stories very much. I pretty much just read things my friends write (which is everyone on the forum) because looking for stories is hard and I don't like that kind of work. I'm really glad you like how the stories are connected!! That was my plan for them from about chapter 2 of this story. I'm so happy you like the characterizations in this!!

I like leaving people in suspense BECAUSE I'M MEAN! muhahaha. At least you don't have to wait for the next chapter to come out- though I wrote this story in 30 days when I first published it, so people were getting a chapter every day almost.

Dawlish is a creep - that's all I can say!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your compliments and love really make me happy!


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