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Review #1, by mysticalshadows Time heals all wounds... right?

18th September 2007:
that was soo .. good! you are brilliant. ron/luna is way odd but i thought it was hermione. =] really well described and well put. you dont know who was talking and you have just a few spelling errors. =]

really good story

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Review #2, by noraxslytherin Time heals all wounds... right?

15th September 2007:
wow! that was beautiful! and i loved the surprise at the end! excellent job! amazing writing!


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Review #3, by ChizzaLazty Time heals all wounds... right?

8th August 2007:
I'd like to start off with these three things: Firstly, you shouldn't have a . in the title. Secondly, I love the banner. It's gorgeous! And third, I'm sorry it took so long to review (you requested this review on the forums).

And OMG, I was so certain it was Ron/Hermione that I didn't even consider the possibility that it could be anything else. It was Ron/Luna? Seriously? That was aboslutely *reviews have to be kept 12+* brilliant!

I loved this story, Ron is so adorable! I think you wrote Ron very well, but it was so sad that the money got to him like that. I can't believe it! Then again, it could happen to anyone in his position, I guess.

I'm not a Ron/Luna shipper, but I've always liked them together. Yet I haven't read many Ron/Lunas, so it's sort of new to me. I think I like this ship more than I did before, now...:)

So, well done, great fic, I loved it. Good luck with you writing, keep up the good work!!


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Review #4, by Dedikated Time heals all wounds... right?

30th May 2007:
That was really beautiful. It was simple, but still emotional. And the surprise about Luna at the end was almost expected, but still not. Very great.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D I was a bit 'should I let it be Hermione?' but then I thought it would be better with someone else :]

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