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Review #1, by corleone Neville: the Hero

9th March 2011:
great story. Really really loved how neville was the one that understood love of ron and hermione! AWESOME!

Author's Response: Nevilles always been on the sidelines helping the trio in my opinion.

He understands and sees their feelings because he wants it too...

I'm a Neville/Mat Lewis fan!

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Review #2, by siriusly_cool Neville: the Hero

24th November 2010:
wow, that was genius, to make it so that we have to read your other fics to fully understand this one! :) i just might steal that strategy from you. great story, im heading over to read your others!!!

Author's Response: Everything relating isn't so much a stratagy as the way my head works... Cannon and my own missing moments unite into one so all my fics relate to the cannon and each other because it's the same universe.

It makes life both fun and diffecult because sometimes I fic myself into a corner... however R/Hr gives me PLENTY of inspiration in that regard!!!

And the other stories are worth a read - if I do say so myself!

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Review #3, by ClearAsCrystalrEyes Neville: the Hero

20th February 2009:
Aww I loved that. It was a little weird, but I liked it very much!!!

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Review #4, by Ravenclaw Girl Neville: the Hero

26th January 2009:
You made Hermione so hateable in this...
Anyway, it was a good story.

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Review #5, by Jessiy Neville: the Hero

17th January 2009:
Wow she-who-must-be-reviewed, what great work I have read here! Sweet and well written, though complex settings made me wander of and have to re-read certain sentences. Loved it so so much though, and brings a different view on a the story, and Seamus and Lavender? Could happen, eh? Jessiy x

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Review #6, by HermioneWeasley7 Neville: the Hero

22nd February 2008:
I love Fred. I hate Lavender.


(sorry, i'm really weird and random.)

Author's Response:
I love Fred. I love that Lavender played her part in the drama that is Ron and Hermione's relationship.

Don't be sorry I'm weird and random 2!

Thanks for reviewing

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Review #7, by caer24 Neville: the Hero

12th February 2008:
I wanted to read this story for a while now and I was finally able to do it. I really liked it and now I'm off to read the next one. Great job!!

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Review #8, by SADFREDSGURL1988 Neville: the Hero

24th January 2008:
Okay miss she who must be reviewed I'll review cause you asked in a funny way. It was great and I love the little Fred/Hermione thing you interjected. Fred is the best Weasley there is! I love this story.

Author's Response:
She-Who-Must-Be-Reviewed that's SadFredsGurl for her kind review. And giggles that the title she made up as a joke to herself made someone else laugh too.

Fred Weasley is the best Weasley by far - throughout my stories theirs a little F/Hr action that will be explained in another fic.

I agree I love this story too. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #9, by Ron is my hero Neville: the Hero

20th January 2008:
wow i love this story! im going to read the sequel and write a huge review!

Author's Response:
Woop! I love people who love my story and write reviews...


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Review #10, by luvdraco87 Neville: the Hero

21st September 2007:
First off I'm am so sorry this took so long to review. I have been so busy.
Next I'm going to say, this is a great story. It is confusing in parts but it is still a great story. I just love it.


Author's Response:
Hi constance thanks for the review. Confusing how though? I wish you'd elaborated a bit more!!!

I love this one too

Thanks for the review

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Review #11, by Girldetective85 Neville: the Hero

18th September 2007:
WOW this was an absolutely fantastic one-shot. I really like the idea of writing about the "filler" scenes, what happens to other students in between what happens with the Trio. Love it. I felt so sorry for Seamus, and then sorry for Lavender, and then Neville's explanation about Ron and Hermione made me go "aw." Hahaha this was great! I'll definitely be reading more of your work, you're a very talented writer. Definitely a 10/10 for me

Author's Response:
Why thank you kindly for this review. I love this one-shot too... but be warned I am going to tweek it a bit soon. Nothing major.

I love Ron and Hermione missing moments too.

Yay I'm a 10/10


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Review #12, by ollieb Neville: the Hero

17th September 2007:
omg that is so cute!

Author's Response:
I know this is cute. Cute is the vibe I was going for. I love HBP R/Hr missing moments

Thanks for the review

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Review #13, by GryffindorSeth37 Neville: the Hero

17th September 2007:
OoO!!! Awesome! Nice story! Complicated but Nice!


Author's Response:
Glad you like it. How is it complicated though?

thanks for reviewing

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Review #14, by Mario_Freak4 Neville: the Hero

11th September 2007:
Great story. All the characters are written like they are in the books. The plot is believeable and interesting, and the story itself makes you want to keep reading. The argument between Hermione and Lavender was slightly scary though. Maybe HPFF should add a warning for something like "Includes Hermione Yelling/Ranting". I definitely think this deserves a 10/10

Author's Response:
That my friend would be a warning suitible for this and it's sequal.

I love having Hermione Rant/Yell. And Lavender is such fun to right because we've all been in that place of deluding ourselves.

Thanks for such a glowing review. I'm guna go and blush somewhere now.

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Review #15, by GriffinClaw Neville: the Hero

11th September 2007:
Ah, I loved it! Neville was awesome, I just wanted to hug him lol. Hermione fighting back, the whole fight with Lav-Lav was so great. Poor Seamus, I really like how you wrote him, and his interactions with Lavender. The last paragraph was the perfect way to end it. I'm off to read the sequel.

Author's Response:
I love that you love it. Smiling and doing a happy dance as I type. Neville is just so under esimated... As is Seamus.

The characterization and ideolect of Seamus was heavy influenced by NicNak my Irish best-friend.

Hermione and Lavender fighting over Ron just makes me happy. I don't know what it is I just can't help myself.

Woohoo some reading the sequek is what I like to hear..!

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Review #16, by nana_banana_xx3 Neville: the Hero

11th September 2007:
Hey there JustSuper! I've obviously come to leave my promised review. :)

First, I must give you snaps for how original this one-shot is. I like how you've taken events from HBP and tweaked them a bit to make them fun and exciting to read.

Your dialogue in this story was very nice. It defnitely held my attention well. The overall flow was pretty good. However, you had several spelling errors that sort of threw off that same flow. I would recommend reading over this to catch those things.

Overall good job though. I enjoyed reading this! :)

Author's Response:
Well, hi ho nana banana. I am loving that people think this is an orginal one-shot. For all my fanfictioning I've never read anything like it either.

Dialogue is something I like to do because I like to do. Spelling is not my favourite thing so I'll go back over that.

Glad you enjoyed it. Seamus Night In is Up if you want to give it a look see... same basic thing just the break up.

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #17, by Clowee_tee Neville: the Hero

11th September 2007:
Wow. I loved this oneshot. Lavender has always been one of my fave characters and its unusual that anyone ever writes from her POV.


“Now everyone before we start remember the three D’s…” Wilkie Twycross said starting the lesson.

“Dog-breath, Dung-head, Ding-bat” Lavender thought and smiled inwardly, she looked over to Ron, but he wasn't there.

I loved that bit. Haha :)

The characterization for all the characters was fine. I always Lav-Lav's brain to work in a pattern such as this.

Loved it.

Author's Response:
I'm glad you love this one shot. I do too...

HBP Lavender is such fun to explore because she had the Good Ship R/Hr to contend with. I don't envy her.

Can't wait to see her in film!

Thanks for the review

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Review #18, by Hermytwin027 Neville: the Hero

8th September 2007:
Lol thought it was really cute how the others ganged up to make sure Lavender wasn't allowed anywhere near Ron. Although it kind of made her seem more human with her vulnerability - deep down I think she's like every other girl...she just wants someone to love her! And I don't know if you meant to, but this telling of the tale makes me feel a bit sorry for Lavender cos, lets face it, she never really stood much chance against Hermione! hehe aww it's really cute - you just know Ron & Hermione are gonna be together forever ...cheesy statement I know but that's the way it is lol. *Awards full marks* :)

Author's Response:
Glad you liked it... Seamus Night In is the sequal and it's guna soon.

No she never did have a chance. She deluded herself into thinking that what they had was real... But it was a figment of her imagination.

The problem with Lavender is that she has someone who loves her for her; Seamus.

Thanks for the review

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Review #19, by ronil_wazlib_luvr Neville: the Hero

4th September 2007:
I liked it a lot.

Author's Response:
Me too.

But I'm dead excited because the sequal should appear soon.


I've FINALLY figured how to make it a proper missing moment.

So this will be updated soon thanks for the review...

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Review #20, by Minerva Ann McGonagall Neville: the Hero

26th August 2007:
this was cute! I loved Neville's part!

Author's Response:
I agree with your acessment of the cuteness... the sequal is up and awaiting to be validated.

thanks for the review

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Review #21, by muggleotter Neville: the Hero

14th August 2007:
That was brillant, so simlliar to what i pictured that missing moment in my minds eye. GOOD JOB!

Author's Response:
Yay someone else who pictured that missing moment.

What can I say I love missing R/Hr moments. They rock my world and give me a warm fuzzy feeling... I spend a lot of my time imagining these things.

I am however hyperactive at the moment for two reasons:

1) the sequal is in a cue awaiting vaildation


2) I've finally figured out how to make it a proper missing moment in the end... so watchout for the reworked version.

Thanks for reviewing

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Review #22, by LovelyMioneWeasley Neville: the Hero

27th July 2007:
You seem to a good understanding of the characters...there were moments that I was confused about what was going on, but other than that. You are doing really well with characters and plot ideas! Cheers!

Author's Response:
Wow thanks for the review...

I'm sorry you were confused I tried to be as clear as possible.

Thanks for you encouragement plot and character wise from you that means a lot.

Sequel is on the way!

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Review #23, by lovelyMarauders Neville: the Hero

19th July 2007:
I think that you are brilliantly talented.
This story was a sweet, cute, charming one-shot. Great job! :)
I thing that you added the right amount of humor and you got the characters perfectly.
I have a bit of advice, I suggest working a bit more on your descriptions. Not to say that they aren't good, just maybe a bit more work on them. But you have a lot of strong points as well, such as the way you portray characters and your dialogue.
Again, you are very talented and should be proud of this one-shot.
Thanks for providing me with a good read. :D

Keep it up!

Author's Response:
Thanks for the advice! I am working on descriptions

Your welcome... I promise to keep writing if you keep reviewing

Reviews fuel my creativity!

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Review #24, by MeNuncle Neville: the Hero

17th July 2007:
Great chapter i loved it all- i like it at the begininning when Lavender said "VANE, VANE?AND HERES ME CONCERNED ABOUT GRANGER!” i haven't got a clue why- it juts fitted- something i would have imagined she'd say.

I've sent you an email by the way!

thanks for a good read... MeNuncle x

Author's Response:
You know I totally forgot you hadn't read this one.

I love this one-shot so much and the sequal is proving interesting to write.

I don't think I've ever read any fic that gives Lav's reaction to Ron wanting to see Vane... I love that line too had lost of fun with it.

Thanks for the review

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Review #25, by Smiling Ghost Neville: the Hero

15th July 2007:
lol. This is really hilarious. Bravo to you! I'm not usually a F/Hr shipper (because R/Hr is so brilliant lol) but you have a really amazing way of describing it. And simply awesome plot, as has already been said bravo. Tis simply incredible! Keep writing -it's great with all the small suggestions of the other stories.
bibi now
*waves farewell to the scarily talented author person*

Author's Response:
*JustSuper rereads comment the looks behind her to see talented author person - no one there. Must be me!*

That's nice of you to say. You'll find out what Fred's on about in my second BIG fic after From Summer to Battle.

The small suggestions towards other stories is because they come from the same missing moment world in my head.

The sequal Seamus night in is on the way.

Thanks for the wonderful comment.

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