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Reading Reviews for Who is at fault...?
12 Reviews Found

Review #1, by rhomegirl111 Hermione and Waiting

14th December 2010:
keep writing!!! don't leave it like that!

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Review #2, by draco14 Hermione and Waiting

10th June 2010:
why would you do that put a good no take that back great story up with this horrible cliff hanger and then say that you're not going to write a sequal that's horrible but all in all it was a great read i really did love the story sorry if i sounded mean but hey don't do that to your readers

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Review #3, by Serafina Warner Hermione and Waiting

6th February 2009:
This a really good beginning, please continue.
I would love to see some of the back-story seeping through. But, more importantly, I want to see where this could go.

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Review #4, by dancer Hermione and Waiting

10th June 2008:
cute as advertised. not much else to say about it except if I can find it I'll probably read it again one day

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Review #5, by MidnightRose Hermione and Waiting

1st May 2008:
SEQUEL hear the crowd cheer. SEQEUL SEQUEL

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Review #6, by gocnocturna Hermione and Waiting

27th April 2008:
awww! It's so cute! I like it a lot! 10/10

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Review #7, by MrsSeverus Hermione and Waiting

3rd December 2007:
no fair i want more.

Author's Response: Perhaps in the future! I have other fanfictions if you would like to have a look, though.

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Review #8, by essenni Hermione and Waiting

5th November 2007:
I still think that it is very stupid to write diaries even if it was a key for happiness of Snape and Hermione. I enjoyed the protection of the diary. It would be very funny if Snape had found Hermione killed by his diary!

Author's Response: I'm very glad you like my story, but I cannor agree with the stupidity of keeping a diary - although I myself can't keep one - I live in perpetual fear of being found out about something I write, so I usually don't write down anything interesting!
Hermione dead? Nah, I can't do Character Deaths - they make me cry. :"(

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Review #9, by PrincessKathyBx Hermione and Waiting

9th October 2007:
I Really Liked This.But I Think You Should Make A Sequel. Come On...Come On...You Know You Want Too LOLzz

Author's Response: I may do so! In the future... But for now, I think I'll concentrate on my other fanfictions.

Your comment meant a lot to me though.

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Review #10, by hgelman Hermione and Waiting

13th August 2007:
You have to at least let us know what happened! -Please?

Author's Response: I might write an Epilogue one day - but until then I leave it to your imagination. Besides, if it was a bad ending, you'd kill me!

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Review #11, by purewings Snape and sighing

31st July 2007:
Interesting beginning. I just lllove Hermione Snape ships. Go on. I'm curious where you will take it. wings

Author's Response: I decided on this beginning because I think it describes everything important to the story in one go. I'm glad you like it!

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Review #12, by hgelman Snape and sighing

4th June 2007:
good start - update soon!

Author's Response: Though I make no promises, i hope to soon! Glad you are enjoying the story so far.

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