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Review #1, by Pretense Of Perfection Time

8th July 2014:
Wow, what an interesting take on how Lucius and Narcissa's marriage progressed, or shall I say digressed, after the war. I can't say I agree with it, but it was certainly an interesting read, and I found myself eager to read more.

I think you do a wonderful job of showing the torment and heartbreak of being in an abusive relationship. Her qt acceptace of how things have turned out it so sad, and while I can't say that her taking her own life in this situation surprised me, it definitely brought tears to my eyes. Narcissa has always been one of my favorite characters, as she is so complex, and not your typical death-eater (even though she never technically was one, obviously she is associated with them). She has always been a woman who puts her family above all else, and I imagine losing them would be one of the most terrible things for her.

Lucius' character is also done very well, although he makes me want to punch him in the face. Cheating and abuse obviously aren't the way to solve your problems, and in the end, it almost seemed like maybe he was returning to his old self, before he went numb again. So sad.

I noticed a few spelling and grammar errors, but nothing major. I loved the plot, the twists, and the pace was perfect.

---House Cup 2014 Review---
Pretense of Perfection, Gryffindor

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Review #2, by presi Time

1st January 2008:
wow powerful! i feel her pain and sadness in Narcissa. the sadness and dispair in her life. how she has give up all togheter. makes me want to cry. Lovely!!


Author's Response: Thanks Mel. Glad to have your always wanted positive opinion

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Review #3, by harrysmistress_e81 Time

21st November 2007:
i dont usually like the abusive lucius and narcissa stories, but this one was really good! write more!

Author's Response: Woow thanks love.

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Review #4, by Puddles_566 Time

30th October 2007:

Author's Response: Hope its a good whoa! And all caps-thanks :)

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Review #5, by author of seven Time

14th September 2007:
Dude (oops *ducks another slap from Star Dreamer*), the summary was beast. "And now, she's fooling time." I was like WOAHOHMYGODIWANNAREADTHISSTORYYY!!!

On the topic of (not really) spousal (well, kind of) abuse, have you heard the song 99 Biker Friends? It's by Bowling For Soup, and it's amazing. Of course, anyone who can work Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee into a song about (not really) spousal (well, kind of) abuse is amazing.

AND SO WAS THIS! I LOOOVE IT!!! You are seriously one of the best writers I've ever encountered.

Author's Response: Thanks lovely. Glad to hear the summary appeals. It was truly an afterthought. Haha...yes I have. It's true...they are pretty sweet.

I am glad you enjoyed it. *major blush* Doubtful, but thanks. You rock more!

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Review #6, by Snitchsista Time

13th August 2007:
Aw, this made me feel really sorry for the Malfoys! Top stuff, Lindsey! I really liked it. You also have a way with words. 'Time makes you . . . . and time- ' It was all just really clever and you should be very proud of this. It was horrible when Narcissa died, but you gave her a soul, and that is just why- it was amazing.





Author's Response: Rachel,
*blushes* You are too nice. Seriously. I'm not that good.
Love you!
Lindsey xx

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Review #7, by MajiKat Time

30th June 2007:
wow. chilling. very chilling and so very calculated! i think you did a good job with a sensitive subject hun - abuse is so hard to write and make it seem ... well...not contrived, so congratulations.

i'm impressed with your characterisations. narcissa had been weakened, but she still, in the end, had the strength to make a final decision for herself. nicely done. and lucius - ewww nasty man! i love lucius (partly i thihk because of jason issacs wonderful portrayal) and i love that he is so deliciously evil, but in this, you took that slight alluring sense away and made him a man broken and twisted by the life he led. well done.

love ya!!

Author's Response: ...:). Wow...what a sweet review, Kate. Abuse was really, really hard to write and I had to get some help from the Staff. I was so unsure of if I was doing it right. I'm very glad you enjoyed my Narcissa and Lucius. Lucius always struck me as an imperfect man with a weakness somwhere. No one is completely evil [except Voldemort and even there I'm not so sure that he is either]. But I was nervous about Narcissa because I gave her such bravery. But I'm glad it worked effectively. *blushes* Thanks so much for an awesome review!

*hugs back* Love you too!

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Review #8, by rose Time

10th June 2007:
Thanx a ton!!
my email's :

Author's Response: Aww its no biggie. I definitely want to read it.

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Review #9, by Redheads_4ever Time

8th June 2007:
Oh boy, that was wonderfully written. Such a sad story, but I loved it. You handled it very well :) Narcissa and Lucius were brilliantly written. Not many people look at these two like this. Very original and like I said, I loved it! You rock! -Allison

Author's Response: Awww, wow, I'm so glad you enjoyed it, love. I'm so glad you enjoyed and no, YOU ROCK! I ♥ you! Thanks for the review :D!

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Review #10, by rose Time

7th June 2007:

once again, i am left speechless, i have my way with words, but you always do leave me speechless, theres nothing more i can say other than how amazing this was, you truly show that u can write anything...i salute u and i would give u a standing applause,
it is so true how everything has it's different dides to it...
how everybody has different side to them...
i had never actually felt sorry for lucious and i mean who would, but this does make me feel sorry for him...

now tht examz are over i am back in town and i am planning on writing somethings, maybe not entirely related to the world of Harry Potter, but u've given me inspiration and if i ever do write something, i would like it if u took sometime out to read it...

Author's Response: *BLUSHES* Rose, you are incrediably kind. Wow I"m so gld you enjoyed it and everyone is different. There is depth behind every person. Sounds amazing, drop a review with your email if you want and I'd pop you an email. I'd love to read your story. Thanks for the review, love ♥!

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Review #11, by Pottergirl17 Time

29th May 2007:
This was a totally awesome one-shot. I would have never thought of their relationship that way, but now that you have written it it completely fits in my mind. You did a wonderful job writing this. 10/10. =)

Author's Response: Aww thanks, Pottergirl17. You are so wonderful and I'm so glad that it changed your idea of their relationship. Aww thanks, love ♥!

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Review #12, by a_shooting_star Time

29th May 2007:
This has been up for three days?! and you didn't tell me until yesterday. :O Linds, I feel so incredibly bad. :[ I've just been drowning in revision and haven't really been on HPFF that much. Sorry hun.
You know I loved it and I'm so glad that it's okay to go up on the site now because it truly was awesome. Totally heartbreaking and you, as always, make me feel sorry for those who I would usually not feel sorry for.
He suddenly felt nothing. It was like as she had fallen to the floor she had snapped through and cut the last piece of humanity in him. - I liked those lines. I also like the way it changes point of view towards the end, very effective m'dear.
Oh and before I forget, I liked the summary that you chose for this. :] Very thought provoking :]
Now I must leave you here, Linds, but I'll give you 10/10 of course.
♥ Your Biggest Fan a.k.a. Steff xoxo

Author's Response: Haha...that was my bad. It's so fine, hunny. I'm just glad you read and reviewed like you always do, love.

I made it okay *squees*. It took me forever to get it right because I didn't want to get in trouble and I'm so glad you liked it.

You always catch my favorite parts-the summary and the POV change for this. You are so amazing, Steff. And you are really my biggest fan. And I don't know why, but I love you all the same. I ♥ you!

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Review #13, by emerald_princess92 Time

26th May 2007:
Yay! I'm you're first reviewer! (I hope) *dances* Haha. Sorry, I'm in my weird moments. Anyway, I love this story. It was heartwreaching (is that spelt right??) and made me gape at the screen for like five minutes saying, "Woah...wowsies...that was awesome!!" Lol. Once again I am weird so bear with me.

Anywho, this was totally awesomeness (is this a word??). Loved it and going to my favies.

My fav. part:

"You’re a monster, Lucius Malfoy, and you are not the man I married. The man I married is just another causality of this damned war." I walked over to him and carefully traced his face. He stared at me slightly shocked and slowly, his eyes began to light up with life again even if it was just for a moment. I tenderly traced the scars on his face that could only be seen up close. I kissed him briefly and then tenderly, lovingly kissed his cheek. As I pulled, I remember the pained look in his eyes. His were glazed with emotion and slowly, I fell to the ground and darkness engulfed my soul.

That was like woah.


Oh dear, I've gone and wrote a long review. I think that someone stole my place as first by now. :)

Awesomeness story once again,

Author's Response: Yay, yes you are. It's alright...we all have our weird moments. Why would normal people write fanfic and not be dorks in any way? Oh're amazing. Thank you so much. I was so nervous about this one-shot and you just made me think completely confident about it. Thanks, love.
Lindsey xoxo

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