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Review #1, by DruidianKAII The Library of the Blacks

1st June 2012:
I always love reading your stories... You really are very good at telling a story with just enough information to catch your interest and to keep your imagination running!!! You really are one of my favorite authors on this site. I'm enjoying all of your stories, but the one story I miss terribly and wish I could read again is Beloved of a Hero. I know you probably get this comment more than you like to read... But it was my absolute favorite story on this site, the way you built up Ginny's character... She's my absolute favorite character from HP. I really am desperate to get to read it again is there ANY possible way for me to get to read it again?? Please write back and let me know. It would mean so much to get the chance to read it again! Please.

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Review #2, by Hope Potter The Library of the Blacks

28th October 2009:
I love the one-shot, it was fantastic.

I've been looking for Beloved of a Hero to re-read and it has been removed. I am so sad, it was literally the best fan fiction I ever read. Is it posted anywhere else?

You are among my top three fan fiction authors, and possibly my absolute favorite.

Thank you.

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Review #3, by Candy The Library of the Blacks

19th August 2009:
I apologize if I missed the answer to this, and for posting on another story, but what happened to "Beloved of a Hero" ?? I never got to read the last few chapters, and it was such a great story... Any info would be wonderful.


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Review #4, by DruidianKAII The Library of the Blacks

11th August 2009:
i am writing this as a last hope, I along with 6 of my closest friends have been readers of your fan fictions for a while now... but our very most favorite one has been removed from the site and we were absolutely crushed upon its disappearance, especially since over half of us had not finished it. we are very devoted to your fictions and you by far are the best author i have personally read... PLEASE let us know what happened or if there is ANY possible way we can finish reading your wonderful story... we are honestly beside ourselves that its gone. Thank you so much for your time! your the BEST!!

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Review #5, by altanna The Library of the Blacks

29th May 2009:
This is wonderful. I hope you do more. I also miss "Beloved of a Hero" so much, and am beside myself that it is not here for me to read during my lunch hour. And as to it having quotes from DH in it -- OF COURSE IT DID! You are mirroring the story with DH for heaven's sake? Where were these people when you were posting chapters? I am heartsick at the loss of this story. I hope we can resolve this problem and quickly. Keep writing, my are very talented.

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Review #6, by WotcherLizzieGinny The Library of the Blacks

20th May 2009:
It was interesting. This is a different take on the 7th book. I liked it.
PLEASE! Im desprate!

Author's Response: I know, I'm very sorry about this. A staff member read it and saw that it had direct quotes from Deathly Hallows, so now the story has been hidden. I didn't realize that using quotes as I did was against the terms of service. But I'll do what I can to fix it. Thank you for your concern!

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Review #7, by Paloma Patil The Library of the Blacks

22nd March 2009:
This is pensive with a good bit of action thrown-in. Nicely done.


Author's Response: Thank you. I really enjoyed writing that piece, and I'm glad you liked it too.

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Review #8, by twixie The Library of the Blacks

8th February 2009:
I liked this a lot! Very well written-I was on the edge of my seat tryin to read faster to get to the next paragraph! You really are a gifted writer! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #9, by R_Hr4ever92 The Library of the Blacks

23rd August 2007:
That was so sad, great job. m i have nothing else to say except "wow"

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #10, by Fuego The Library of the Blacks

27th May 2007:
That's so sad.

Author's Response: Well, it's too much to hope for that everything will turn out perfectly for everyone, isn't it? But my theory is that they can move on with their lives afterward, rebuild and remember. Thank you for reading.

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Review #11, by nidhogg The Library of the Blacks

27th May 2007:
*sob* Great.

Great explanations of the Horcruxes, great characterisation, great prose. Great, great, great.

Can't understand why there haven't been more reviews.


Author's Response: Well, there have only been eight reads last time I checked, so there probably haven't been many reviewers. Given time, I hope the numbers will increase. Thank you for your review.

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Review #12, by GriffinClaw The Library of the Blacks

27th May 2007:
Amazing, that was great. I really liked it, it's just like Harry to decide that no one else should get hurt, and I like how you reasoned it out. Such a great one-shot

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm really glad that you liked it. Thanks for the review!

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