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Review #1, by ProudtobeIrish Dancing On Water

11th January 2012:
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Seamus and Luna! I was REALLY disappointed when I found out Luna married Scamander. I think they are perfect for eachother because Luna is smart, pretty, kind and bright, she deserves some one like Seamus. Seamus is fun, humorous, handsome and what's more? He's Irish! I have loved Seamus and Luna for AGES now, and I'm trying to find more people who can see what I see! I can just imagine them together. Seamus would amusedly play along with Luna and Luna wouldn't mind at all, because she's Luna! They even LOOK perfect for eachother! I can just imagine them growing up together, getting married and having twin boys. Exept one of them can be called an Irish name and the other Lorcan or Lysander! Wouldn't they be a perfect family! And it's not as if they'd fight because Luna wouldn't fight, she'd let Seamus get away with anything. And Seamus wouldn't fight with her because he loves her! He loves the way she's different! He admires her! He may tease her now and then but really he looks up to her for having being so unusual and proud! And Luna loves him because ... he's Seamus! He may not be smart, but he knows his stuff and he's funny! And Luna Finnigan just sounds INCREDIBLE? Does anyone else agree?

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Review #2, by Fleur Delacour Potter Dancing On Water

7th January 2011:
I love this story. It's short, yet sweet. Since we don't really know much about Seamus, you could have done almost anything with his character and I like how that turned out. Also, Luna causing the awkward moment is really in character. Nice job. The only thing that bothered me was at the end. Luna muttered goodbye, which makes it sound as if she were annoyed or angry. Good job nonetheless!

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Review #3, by kalvr2011 Dancing On Water

3rd April 2008:
that was so cute! i loved it

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #4, by ronspoiledeverything Dancing On Water

27th August 2007:
aw that was sweet and very well written. It is a very unusual pairing but I love what you've done with it! Are you going to do more on this?

Author's Response: Thank you, I don't know if I;ll do more- I prefer Luna/Dean. Thanks :)

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Review #5, by xxMugglePrincess Dancing On Water

28th July 2007:
It was really sweet. Luna was in it so it was awesome. :) It was written really well.

Author's Response: Thanks :)

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Review #6, by an_infamous_writerx Dancing On Water

24th July 2007:
aw, this is the cutest fanfic I've ever read. Lovely. Luna is my favorite character and I've never thought of a Seamus and Luna pairing before. But very cute fic. I absolutely loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #7, by Riddle Wood Lupin Dancing On Water

19th July 2007:
This was really a lovely little story with a unique and interesting pairing. I think you may have made me fall in love with Seamus/Luna. I love them both seperately, so I suppose it's even better to put them together! :) I think you did extrememly well with the characterization of both, especially Luna's quirkiness. The only thing I would say is that she probably knows that Neville consented just so he wouldn't argue. I mean, I could see her saying, "Neville said he could see them, but I think he was just saying that." or something, you know? It would just be more of her knack for saying uncomfortable things. :)

The style of this was lovely, too. I mean, it's sort of choppy, but it flows so well and is really an enjoyable read. I love how you simplified everything, like the kiss at the end. The only other thing I would say is that you seem to have a continuity problem with commas. I mean, traditionally in a sentence like the very last, it would be "Goodbye," Luna and in sentences where you start with the person and then what they say, it's Luna replied, "Okay." You tend to go back and forth between the two. It really doesn't detract from the story, though, it's just a nitpick of mine (I know, I like commas, I do, I do). :)

Anyway, really, really lovely little story. I loved it. Thanks for a great read and hopefully my review didn't bore or confuse you too terribly!

-Riddle Wood Lupin

Author's Response: Thank you, I didn't even notice the continuity problem so thank you for pointing it out. I was worried I hadn't done the characterization of them right! Your review didn't bore me or confuse me- I love reviews like this.

Thanks again :)

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Review #8, by Lola Dancing On Water

17th July 2007:
awsome story!

Author's Response: Thank you

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Review #9, by Lassy_Luna Dancing On Water

7th July 2007:
Awww, bless. I really enjoyed this; I've been an adament Luna/Ron shipper sinse she was introduced to the books but I adore Seamus and Luna-- I think their so amazing! This fic is really well written and absolutely adorable! I really enjoyed it! Luna

Author's Response: Thank you, :)

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Review #10, by OM_its G Dancing On Water

5th July 2007:
AW! that was such a cute story! Odd pair, but i thik it works! good job!

Author's Response: Thanks, I love the pairing :)

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Review #11, by Rachael Dancing On Water

4th July 2007:

I loved the way you portrayed both of them! I don't think they were moving to fast :)

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #12, by Roses Green Dancing On Water

18th June 2007:
That is so good. I dunno it just makes you feel happy, well it's made my day.
I repeat truly great

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #13, by lilyflower1022 Dancing On Water

26th May 2007:
yay, i loved it! you wrote luna very well, she's just like she is in the books.


Author's Response: Thanks :) I was hoping I had.

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Review #14, by outuhtune Dancing On Water

26th May 2007:
that was emotionally good! i like this story, but i wished luna and seamus see eachother again. is there gonna be a sequal to this story? 10/10!

Author's Response: Thank you :)
There may be sequal after Deathly Hallows comes out.

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Review #15, by buriedalivebylove Dancing On Water

26th May 2007:
Love love love, but its moving a bit too fast if its a WIP. Good detailing.

Author's Response: Thanks :) It's only a one-shot

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Review #16, by PennyH Dancing On Water

26th May 2007:
that was SWEET..i like it..

is there gonna be more?


Author's Response: Thank you :)
There may be another one-shot in the future.

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