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Review #1, by irishcurls Fabulous

24th April 2009:
ok FIRST of all you make me wait for like EVER to see what happens next in this awesome story and then you just leave me HANGING?!?!? you are a very evil person...

lol hurry with the next!!

Author's Response: I know, I'm so sorry! I am really evil, I think I get it from writing about Draco all the time :P I've been majorly slacking on my fanfics, but I'm trying to change that. I already started work on the next chapter, hitting a couple of snags, but it shouldn't take too long especially with the weekend free. Thanks for r/r, it's always motivating to see people are waiting!

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Review #2, by Crazylady6464 Fabulous

23rd April 2009:
kay i loved it so far. but this seemed fun to do (not asking you to change anything with the following content.)

Hermione:Whats your deal, Malfoy?
Draco:Why Hermione whatever do you mean.
Hermione:Shut up. I know you know what I mean. Why are you being helpful and, and, and, nice?!
Draco:Oh Hermione. Your so funny.
Hermione:What kind of crack are you on Malfoy? Or are you doing shrooms?
Draco:Well we best go see if everything is finished, Im sure you want time to get ready with Ginny, not that you need a lot of time to look fabulous, but I know girls like getting dressed up every once in a while. (Draco starts walking away)
Hermione:That sounded so gay.(She said that under her voice.)(Now she is yelling to Draco)Should I tell Parkinson your gay now Malfoy!

loved your story.hoped you loved my little parody. (about the shrooms, you should watch fred on shrooms on youtube)

Author's Response: Glad you liked it and it sparked some creative lines for you! I'm off to watch that youtube video you suggested. Thanks for r/r!

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Review #3, by red101hawt Plan of Action

9th November 2008:
Blaise is going to hate Draco even more now. Oh this is going to be good!!

Author's Response: Yes, Draco does quite a good job of pissing off his friends. Thanks for r/r!

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Review #4, by red101hawt Plan of Action

9th November 2008:
Draco is such a sneaky little bastard. ;) God i love this draco, he so f-ing hawt whens he's bad and cocky. I also like the blaise in this story. He seems sweet. I hope hermione and him get together.
Even though i do love blaise/hermione/draco triangles their always so interesting!

Author's Response: Glad you like the portrayals of Draco and Blaise. I'll try to keep the love triangle interesting! Thanks for r/r!

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Review #5, by Curiosity is not a sin Prefect Patrols

23rd September 2007:
Really good! You must update soon! Can't wait much longer! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you like it, but unfortunately my updates have been very slow lately. Hope you'll stick around for them. Thanks for r/r!

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Review #6, by shadowkitty22 Prefect Patrols

5th September 2007:
*retches* Pansy's pasty white thigh *retches some more* I don't think any other sentence has been more visually revolting in my head in a long time. And it's such a simple sentence at that, but I just pictured it as this incredibly white thigh where you could probably see her veins, ewww.*shudders*

Poor Blaise having to deal with Draco's crap about not paying attention to anything that is going on, even when people try to tell him, and then get yelled at for it. *sigh*

I think this is like the third Blaise/Hermione with a twist named Draco challenge story that I have come across. It's very interesting to see all the different ways in which people are taking it.


Author's Response: hahaha sorry I totally grossed you out with that! Although, that is the reaction I was going for. Pansy is definitely one of my least favorite characters. And I'm also glad I've succeeded in making you feel sorry for Blaise. Draco is a real arse in this particular fic. This challenge was just so interesting I'm not surprised it's popular. Thanks for r/r!

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Review #7, by unique_princess Prefect Patrols

1st August 2007:
i hate malfoy he thinks hez such a god.
update soon.!

Author's Response: hahaha. Yes Malfoy is quite infuriating in this fic. Thanks for r/r!

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Review #8, by firefawn Undeserving

4th June 2007:
WOOHOO! Another story by you! Alrighty, I think that my predominant emotion, as a reader, so far during this story has been absolute fury with Draco. Honestly I am really trying to figure out where you are going with this story, b/c you have done a really good job of leaving that vague for us, and it is consquently driving me insane. ;) However, you have set things up for Draco to take a very big fall, and all within two chapters. I think I mentioned in the other review I had left that it would be unrealistic for Draco not to get stripped of his privleges, b/c the way you have set it up so far, it really would be. Also, I am shocked that Hermione has not reported to McGonagall. I know she said that she did not want to stoop to Malfoy's level, but considering how much of a stickler that Hermione is for rules, it is inconceivable for her type A personality to not report his complete, and utter disregard for his responsibilites. Though the year has just started for them, so there is always time for that. I just can't realistically see her delaying in that much longer. The reason I say this is because of the casual use of the word "Mudblood." It has always been my understanding that the word "Mudblood" was equivalent to the "N" word to describe African Americans. In short, it is simply an unthinkable, and horrible thing, to say. It should never be uttered, and here is the Head Boy and company throwing it around liek crazy. Regardless of if Hermione is used to the term or not, she should be setting an example and ensure that Pansy and Draco are in detention for a long time. Heck, normal schools have precedence for this already. If a student used a racial slur in my high school they were suspended. If they used it a second time they were expelled. End of story. Thus, there definitely needs to be some vindication for Hermione. Be it having a Professor overhearing her, or whatnot, I think that there are some story setups that leave little room for redemption, and Draco has already become a character, within two chapters, that I utterly loathe. Great work on that, b/c that is really hard for a writer to accomplish so quickly! As for Blaise, I noticed how while you have him being a bit 'nicer' than Draco and Pansy, that you have also woven in some Slytherin elements as well. Good work on that. I am guessing that more of his Slytherin nature will come out eventually, and who knows, maybe he will be the one to set up Draco and Pansy for their fall. He does want the Head Boy position after all, and getting Draco and Pansy caught slinging the "M" word around like there is no tomorrow woudl certainly be enough for McGongall to revoke their privleges, b/c that isn't exactly promoting unity. Anyways, I can almost see Hermione trying to thank Blaise for that, only for him to be replying that he did it for himself, not for her. Very Slytherin indeed. Anyways, those are my speculations thus far. Great work. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I saw the challange and couldn't resist as a plot bunny immediately attacked me. One that is just as complicated as the rest. mwhahaha. You're right. I definitely would not be unrealistic, given Draco's actions thus far for him to be stripped of the position. But of course, we've seen that Draco doesn't seem to care a whole lot about that. So we will see what happens if and when he does. *smiles mischeviously* I see what you mean about the "Mudblood" thing. However, I'm trying to characterize Draco currently as not really giving a rat's *** about what the professor's and what not think. He's getting very gutsy with all of it. Perhaps he knows more than others? Or perhaps he's just gotten careless? hmm... mwhaha. As for Blaise, yes I'm trying not to make him some amazingly wonderful sweet guy, so I'm glad you feel there is still some Slytherin, and you are indeed correct that we will see more Slytherin actions from him, but what kind I cannot say! I'm glad you've enjoyed thus far. Your reviews are wonderful, always glad to hear from you! Thanks so much for r/r!!!

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Review #9, by firefawn Prefect Patrols

4th June 2007:
As always your stories are excellent. I just can't wait to see Draco get his communpence. I'm guessing that Blaise (or at least I am hoping) will get the Head Boy position once Malfoy is inevitably stripped of his privlege. It's simply far too unrealistic for us to, after seeing his horrible behavior, to expect anything less than that. The question is, how on earth will Draco react to that, and will Blaise flaunt it? *grins*

Author's Response: I cannot wait for Draco to get his either! As most know by now I absolutely adore Draco, but I have managed to make even myself mad at him! lol. Although, I must say, he is a favorite of mine to write. Perhaps it shows? lol. The cynical dry humor is a favorite of mine! Gosh I would be a Slytherin. hehe. You've certainly gotten the spy glass out already, you always make the best theories! :) Thanks for r/r!!

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Review #10, by MajiKat Prefect Patrols

1st June 2007:
hmmm interesting. i really want to see how this all pans out. at this stage, blaise seems like a real gentlemen, and Draco a complete git, but i'm wondering how you are going to work the pairings...hmmm

loved this line: “Draco, don’t talk about those types of people while I’m eating, you’ll make me sick.” Pansy said as she wrinkled her nose in disgust. - very Slytherin!!


Author's Response: Yea, I'm trying to set Blaise up as nice at first, so everyone likes him, but I will get his Slytherin actions going soon. hehe I also enjoy writing Pansy, in fact writing Slytherins in general is so much fun! hehe. Thanks for r/r!!!

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Review #11, by MajiKat Undeserving

1st June 2007:
nice start hunny! i liked it alot. i think you have their characters written perfectly, and i really enjoyed the dinner scene wtih the Malfoy's, esp this bit:

He knew his father was never Head Boy; the man was so pathetic he was jealous of his own son. - perfect Lucius!

the interchange between Draco and Hermione on the train was great - "i don't speak Mudblood" - ha!! brilliant.

i look forward to seeing where you take this hun. off to read the next chapter!


Author's Response: Thanks so much! hehe, I've swelled with pride from this review lol. I'm really trying hard to keep everyone in character. I enjoyed writing the dinner part. The Malfoy's are fun! hehe. I loved the line "I don't speak Mudblood." When I thought of it hehe, glad to see some else enjoys my wit. lol. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #12, by RomTimberWolf Prefect Patrols

23rd May 2007:
I love it!

Update soon, there are FAR too few Blaise/Hermione fics to keep us all waiting!

Author's Response: haha, okay I'll try my best to update quickly. But I'm going through finals this week so, you'll be forgiving right? hehe. I never would have throught of writing a Blaise/Hermione had I not stumbled upon the challange so I'm glad there are fans of it! Thanks for r/r!!

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Review #13, by dragonlovesh2o4eva Prefect Patrols

22nd May 2007:
oh tension! i really liked it! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks!!

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Review #14, by dragonlovesh2o4eva Undeserving

22nd May 2007:
oh! that was actually quiet interesting!

i'm curious as to know what exactly happens between hermione and blaise so i might read the next chappie!

i'll give it a 9/10

Author's Response: Glad you liked it and that it drew your interest. Thanks for r/r!

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