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Reading Reviews for When You Were Young
26 Reviews Found

Review #1, by aobcd8663 Quidditch Sex Gods

16th October 2011:
I love this story so much! I was just wondering what happened to the rest of it? I was up to the chapter in the bathroom and now there's only two chapters up. Are you going to republish the rest? Please do! It's such an amazing story! Can't wait to read more!

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Review #2, by rictusempra_draco59 The Dancing Queen

25th September 2011:
i dont know when you wrote this.. it may have been years ago or months ago. (theres probably a date here somewhere but i cant be bothered looking)
anyway i've only just started reading this now and i already love it ! it is by far the most entertaing fanfic i've read !

just one thing: out of EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD why did you go for: "mermaids will pose for muggle porn magazines" - that cracked me up so bad !

and the last paragraph is so good !

anyway i love this story ! ahha you've got a lot of talent :)

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Review #3, by Briana The Dancing Queen

21st August 2010:
Oh Sirius. We have so much in common. I often fall asleep to the thought of doughnuts.

Anyways: Wonderful first chapter. Excited to read the next 22 chapters.

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Review #4, by yogopogo The Dancing Queen

17th August 2010:
puleasseee update! this story is sooo good! :)

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Review #5, by onlyforlove1996 The Dancing Queen

8th February 2010:
realy good first chapter!! as in insanelly good :)
yayy i'm so glad i found this story! added it to my favs!

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Review #6, by Tiffany The Dancing Queen

4th June 2009:
Great chapter i really enjoyed it
by the way, when you said about muggle pop music, the singer you were trying to put in was
Celestina Warbeck
Keep updating

Author's Response: haha yeah oops. i should edit that now. thanks!

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Review #7, by harrypotterfreak1414 The Dancing Queen

12th April 2009:
Ok, good story so far but it is built way too much like an essay. Relax, and you don't need to quote quotes. Maybe un-essay it, and you'll get more reads:)

Author's Response: essay?? okay... i really hope not because i absolutely hate writing them. but thanks for reading anyway!

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Review #8, by lilyjamesforeva Quidditch Sex Gods

9th May 2008:
that was a good chapter by the way i liked how you brought up the fact that james was playing with the snich but he is a chaseer i never really understood that

Author's Response: thanks!!

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Review #9, by Sweeter The Dancing Queen

2nd May 2008:
Celestina Warbeck is her name and this is a TERRIFIC STORY! JKR couldn't have done better ;) one of the best Marauder stories I've read!

Author's Response: haha i searched all over the internet for her name and when i finally found it i was too lazy to put it in, lol!
thanks so much!!! no higher compliment could be made to me!! =D

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Review #10, by SprinklesOnIceCream The Dancing Queen

27th March 2008:
I like the story (I am half way through the first chap.) but I am OCD and have to say that in the first paragraph you said James got his invisibilty cloak lasy July, but then you say a couple of paragrphs later that Sirius uses to spy on Remus...
sorry I am OCD I couldnt consentrate without telling you.

Author's Response: haha thats totally fine, someone actually already pointed that out to me but i forgot to edit it :S
i will as soon as the queue opens again...thanks for being so attentive! haha

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Review #11, by BonnieWritter Quidditch Sex Gods

27th March 2008:
Nice. I really liked the chapter. Especially Sirius counting down until lily screamed.

"You'll find out soon enough" grinned Sirius. "Come on, let's hurry, we've got to get to Diagon Alley, I need a new quill. Ok, countdown till the next scream. 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5..."

got to love sirius.


~ BonnieWritter

Author's Response: much apreciated

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Review #12, by BonnieWritter The Dancing Queen

27th March 2008:
i really like this chapter. the story as well. keep up the good work. 10/10

i'll read the next chapter now, shall i?

~ BonnieWritter

Author's Response: haha thank you loyal review writter!!

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Review #13, by dramaqueen728 Quidditch Sex Gods

18th February 2008:
this story makes me happy :]

just an fyi

Author's Response: omigod thank youuuuuuu!!!!!!
yay it makes me happy too ahhaha

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Review #14, by hoggywartyhogwarts The Dancing Queen

14th February 2008:
yup. great chapter! my opinion is that it's going really really really really really well and its well-structured and interesting! can't wait to read the next chapter and by all means keep reading!

...hehe pink rabbit!...

Author's Response: haha thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *glows with pride*

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Review #15, by siriuslyobssesed Quidditch Sex Gods

15th October 2007:
haha, i loved James' reaction. it was hilarious. keep up the good work

Author's Response: thanks a lot, thats exactly what i was striving for!

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Review #16, by betsey! ;) The Dancing Queen

19th September 2007:
pretty funny! i liked it!
bye the way, you mentioned the invisibility cloak was given to james when he turned 17 but the you say sirius uses the cloak in fourth year to follow remus!

Author's Response: yeah, i wrote that chapter before the 7th book came out...
thanks i'll edit it later!

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Review #17, by Mil12 The Dancing Queen

3rd August 2007:
hilarious i luv this story!

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Review #18, by hannah Quidditch Sex Gods

3rd August 2007:
this was awesome!
“Simultaneous ‘Crac’ Noises: Could this be the signs of a ticking bomb? Natalie Priestly Investigates" XD
ticking bomb...only muggles
oh thats right, us
ok, well
keep writting it!

Author's Response: hahaha!

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Review #19, by banana The Dancing Queen

1st June 2007:
all i can say is YAY!!! i mean, how can you NOT respond positively to the story?? i LOVE it. keep the chapters coming cause you KNOW i will read them. LUPINS GOT A BUNNY!:)

Author's Response: thank you so much!!!

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Review #20, by mar_tina Quidditch Sex Gods

1st June 2007:

WOW!! loved it
i want more
so keep on writing girl!


Author's Response: yay, yay, YAY!!!
reviewers are super-awesome and rock hard core

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Review #21, by jess The Dancing Queen

30th May 2007:
i love it! please write write writeee!

Author's Response: i shall!

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Review #22, by hannah The Dancing Queen

30th May 2007:
but i love it!
yay i can't wait for the next one, why is it taking so long??? do you enjoy torturing me, hem_hem???
hahaa i love this story please don't abandon it!

Author's Response: noo i hate torturing people!!! its the validation staff that hates me!! grrrr!!!!
they take too long!!!
thanks for waiting!!!

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Review #23, by mar_tina The Dancing Queen

28th May 2007:
oh god!! i loved it!! really
i i'm dying to know what's gonna happen between james and lily
they're just meant for each other, aren't they?
"remus has a pink rabbit?" hahaha lol


Author's Response: yaaay i'm so glad you like it!

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Review #24, by Rolanda Williams The Dancing Queen

27th May 2007:
really goodd! i loved it!!

keep writing, looking forward to the next chapters

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Review #25, by babbydude1 The Dancing Queen

25th May 2007:

Author's Response: good um or bad um?

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