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Review #1, by StarGazer My Way

26th September 2010:
I love this story... once I read the first few chapters. I was already a Fan and now I'm at the end. Please continue with your amazing story.

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Review #2, by Linda My Way

30th August 2010:
aww i hate that he left. Amazing story!! Update soon!

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Review #3, by alice My Way

21st March 2010:
oh why won't you update?? please i really like this story..youre an awsome writher!! xoxo

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Review #4, by Sarah My Way

5th January 2010:
*insert sad smile* i hope you continue to write, this is quite a story.

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Review #5, by DMlover11 Aftermath

20th October 2009:
Hi! I love youre story. Draco is just... i don't know what to say, but I think that he is...juste AWSOME!

When comes the next chapiter? soon I hope:)

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Review #6, by DMlover11 Aftermath

21st July 2009:
I Love your story so mouch! please update soon, thanks:) hugs


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Review #7, by but its true Aftermath

27th June 2009:
AWE, i LOVE the ending... but where is Draco going???
post more soon, i can't wait.
another excellent chapter, your writing is really amazing

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Review #8, by but its true When Stars Fall II

27th June 2009:
Haha, yeah it has been forever since an update... but i completely understand!!! :P Great chapter, i'm loving draco like he is... can't wait to see what happens next

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Review #9, by draco love When Stars Fall

3rd June 2009:
omg it is so god.. More more please!

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Review #10, by DMlover11 When Stars Fall

6th February 2009:
Omg i LOVVVE this story.I love Draco in this story!!.. I have read this now 4 or 5 times and I still cry when Becky and Draco meets in the forest (chapiter 21)!! Love it!.

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Review #11, by Empty_Words When Stars Fall

30th January 2009:
Yes! Draco, you are as amazing as amazing goes! I always knew I was right when I said he needed a little love. I said that a long time ago, but I was right, wasn't I? Though I don't like the fact Lucius abuses him (which is definitely not true, considering the Malfoys have very close relationships with each other), this is a nice story. I can't wait until the next chapter's out!

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Review #12, by gothicbabe16 When Stars Fall

5th January 2009:
i loved it. truly brilliant

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Review #13, by but its true When Stars Fall

2nd January 2009:
Awe, how sweet. A slightly happy ending to a not so happy chapter. It just wouldn't be right for Draco to kill himself; i honestly don't think he's brave enough to do it. If he couldn't kill her how could he kill himself?
And what happened to Miriam. I'm hoping she didn't die... And Nat, is he dead? At least one of them has to live. We can't leave poor Becky all alone. Well, she had Draco but i'm betting that wont last too much longer.
I like the whole bit with James jumping in front of the killing curse to save Becky. Shows us there is something more to hiss character.
Great chapter, post more soon!!

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Review #14, by but its true Josh and Melanie

30th December 2008:
Unfortunately no Draco or Becky in this chapter but i'll take any update i can get... It's great that you have included an answer to this melanie and josh situation. I kinda figured it had happened somewhat like that. It's quite sweet how he left his family for her; i'm wondering if draco will do the same... Anyways, great update, your writing is fantastic. Make sure and update soon. -Taylor

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Review #15, by but its true Talk About It

22nd December 2008:
Haha, far from a cute cliffhanger. Hopefully we'll get an update soon. I love your story, by the way, it's absolutely amazing. I know you've mentioned your dislike for it a few times but i completely dont understand where you are coming from. To be honest i'm quite surprised at how little reviews you've gotten fo the amount of chapters.
I love the Draco that you've created. He's a little non-cannon but almost for the better. And Becky's character is quite adorable. Can't wait to see what happens between the two of them.
Love, the story. Update soon!!!

Author's Response: I think it makes me angry because I've edited it too many times... and now I'm editing again! Yes, I know, my Draco is *so* non-canon, but I honestly find canon Draco to be rather unlikeable. XD Thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by Margaret Talk About It

12th October 2008:
I loved the chemistry between Draco and Becky! Please write more!

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Review #17, by 12345678 Talk About It

12th October 2008:
Write more right now! I want to know what's going to happen to Draco !!!

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Review #18, by 1231231 When the Bottom Falls Out II

12th October 2008:
love it ! it was soo good ! I love drco in this story

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Review #19, by laylahh55 Bad Girl Days

29th January 2008:
how can u not like this storyyy
i love itt
please continue!!
write more and fastt

Author's Response: Thanks!

I'm going as fast as the validation process will allow me. :)

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Review #20, by Grertie Too Much Lovin'

14th December 2007:
hurry with the next chapterrr!!

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Review #21, by Sanderson Much Ado About Something

20th October 2007:
I really, really like this! I like it when new characters are introduced, you don't already have an opinion set on them. please write more!

Author's Response: I try to keep Becky a realistic as possible. I don't have an opinion on people when I first see them, do neither should see, even if I the author knows about them. Thank you for the review!

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Review #22, by Draco1129 Much Ado About Something

18th October 2007:

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Review #23, by Skittnell Smite Me Now

18th October 2007:
Awesome story so far

Author's Response: Thank you for commenting! I'm glad you like the story.

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Review #24, by turnmeawayagain It Wasn't Longbottom

27th August 2007:
i would have felt bad if poor neville would have got in trouble, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Haha, yes, I love Neville. Thank you for the review!

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Review #25, by mrsmalfoy89 Don't

20th August 2007:
great story so far just wondering when 6 will be out msg me back

Author's Response: Chapter six in waiting for validation right now... it should be out sometime this weekend or early next week.

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