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Review #1, by Tayveon My Happy Ending

22nd February 2015:
This has nothing to do with what Bellatrix and Harry have incommon

Author's Response: It's not supposed to? I mean, it's just Bellatrix's story. Harry has no part of it.

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Review #2, by Eva Black My Happy Ending

28th July 2011:
Wow! This is the first novel I actually finished reading! This story is so addicting, it absolutely amazing! Probably my favourite out of my favourites! Amazing!
I loved every chapter of it, beautiful story!

Author's Response: Aww thanks :) I'm glad you like it!

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Review #3, by madness My Happy Ending

22nd November 2010:
Balding would be bad. And I LOVED the story :) xxx

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it so much!

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Review #4, by Rihannon13 Beneath Troubled Souls

6th September 2010:
Wow, this seems like its going to be dark and evil and creepy and I love it. Muhahahahah

Author's Response: Very dark and evil and creepy. That's the best kind of story. Mwa. Ha. Ha. :P

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Review #5, by belinda1 My Happy Ending

2nd May 2008:
wow. i got chills at the end... i really like it. alot! you are an amazing writer, and i'll probably go look to more of your stories. thanks for sticking with it!! :)

Author's Response: hey, thanks! you should definitely check out my other stories. some of them are REALLY old and therefore not very well-written, but people seem to like them anyway. that's so cool that you got chills ;)

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Review #6, by belinda1 Healing

28th April 2008:
man this is so good!!! i really love rodolphus!

Author's Response: hehe thanks. i really love him too :)

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Review #7, by MysticRose My Happy Ending

27th April 2008:
This was fantastically amazing and I didn't want it to end! you have an amazing way with words, you're very gifted. I just loved it.
Well done!

Author's Response: aw, thanks. i'm glad you liked it so much!!

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Review #8, by belinda1 Beneath Troubled Souls

25th April 2008:
man, this is really good!!

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #9, by hidden behind My Happy Ending

20th April 2008:
haha! wow.
i am really happy and sad now.
the same feeling i got at the end of the deathly hallows!
i am so happy i have heard it all, but now, its over.
no more.
and i am going to miss bellatrix.
thank you!

Author's Response: aww lol. well there are some other REALLY good bellatrix stories around the site if you look hard enough. i'm glad you liked my story so much, and thank you so so much for all of your fantastic reviews!! xoxo daqu

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Review #10, by hidden behind Just Me

20th April 2008:
:D wow! omg! there is only one more chapter!

Author's Response: yep. trust me, though, it's a good one!

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Review #11, by hidden behind Let The Rain Fall

20th April 2008:
i am so into this.
i really wasnt expecting meda and ted though.
its great.

Author's Response: really? even KNOWING that they're together in canon? i thought it would be too obvious. oh well. that's kind of good, i guess. it means i didn't throw it in your face too much :D

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Review #12, by hidden behind Understanding

20th April 2008:
i really really love this so much!
and believe me. ill miss it when its over.

Author's Response: aww. well that makes me both sad and happy, but mostly happy cuz it's my story you're going to miss! ;)

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Review #13, by hidden behind A Rite of Passage

16th April 2008:
wow. i am breath taken. its just... wow

Author's Response: well i'm glad :)

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Review #14, by hidden behind Healing

16th April 2008:
wow. your story is just so addictive!
i am really really impressed with your writing and the way that you portray the blacks is just great! it just works so well.
i think this was all that was missing fomr the harry potter story.i often thought about bellatrix and it really frustrated me how she was just portrayed as some mad crazy lady.
thank you :)

Author's Response: lol yeah me too. i pretty much had to build her character (pretty generously, i might add) around jkr's version of bellatrix. and do things like think what could happen now that in the future would cause her to be undyingly devoted to voldemort. single minded to the point of recklessness.

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Review #15, by hidden behind Breaking The Rules

16th April 2008:
your writing is incrediable. and you have shown a whole new side of bellatrix sucsessfully, with out holes. it all fits so well with j k rowlings story!!!

Author's Response: thanks! i actually discovered that i'm pretty much incapable of writing a fanfiction story that DOESN'T fit with jkr's story, so...

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Review #16, by hidden behind The Good Fight

15th April 2008:
i hope you are very proud, of this piece.
not just this chapter but the whole lot!
i reallly really like them!

Author's Response: oh, don't worry, i am VERY proud of this. this is the longest story i've ever written, much less completed. and plus, come on! bellatrix! evil! how sweet is that?

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Review #17, by hidden behind At Your Service

15th April 2008:
you really are a great writer!
i am totally in love with your story.
your powerful with you words, and everyone has fallen for bella like they would harry. you make it all sound so, real:)

Author's Response: hehe. thanks. personally, i fell for bella a lot MORE than i fell for harry. but that's just me :) i'm glad you like it so much!!

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Review #18, by remuslovesme3 My Happy Ending

14th April 2008:
this story was so good! i read about 38 of the chapters in one sitting. i really liked how you portrayed everything going on about bellatrix, it was a very unique outlook on bellatrix. i will probably never be able to imagine bellatrix the same way again! loved the story good job on finishing it!

Author's Response: wow. i can't believe you read that much in one sitting. it's my story and i can't read that much at once!! i'm glad that i was able to change your outlook on bellatrix. that was kind of the point of this project, to make people see her as more than another one of voldemort's flunkies, so i'm glad that it worked!! xx daqu

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Review #19, by hidden behind Back To Basics

14th April 2008:
:) i really dont have anyhting else to say that i havn't already said.
you know i am just as inot this as i was the harry potter book's themselves?

Author's Response: me is flattered :) i've never actually been compared on any level to jk rowling herself before!

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Review #20, by hidden behind And Then Some

14th April 2008:
i cant tell you enough, how amazing this really is!
and i realy love the way your potraying bellatrix:)

Author's Response: well, hey, speechless is good!

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Review #21, by hidden behind Absolute Power

14th April 2008:
your writing.
its just incrediable.
you have told the story SO well from bell's point of view, that even though it is evil...
it sounds like the right thing to do?

Author's Response: well i suppose from bella's point of view what she's doing IS the right thing to do, so i guess that would make sense. and don't forget my awesome writing skills, too! :D

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Review #22, by hidden behind This Bond Between Us

14th April 2008:
your writing is really impressive. you know i am starting to think of bellatrix as a charcter like harry or ron. you seem to have explained everything thats going on to get her to that point!

Author's Response: yay thanks! i've done a lot of research and general interpretation of bellatrix's character, so i was able to write her easily. i'm glad to see that someone appreciates it!

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Review #23, by hidden behind Regretful Confusion

14th April 2008:
WOW! aw gawd thats just bloody fantastic!!!
you should really consider writing as a proffesion?

Author's Response: i actually am very much considering writing as a profession. it's the only profession i'm seriously considering. writing is my life's passion, and i'm not giving it up anytime soon, including when it comes time to get a job :D

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Review #24, by hidden behind Twilight With A Catch

14th April 2008:
omg! i am toally addicted to your story!
i cannot get over it!
i just wanna keep on reading!
i am sorry that i havnt been leaving mroe comments, its juts i am so hooked, i cant stop reading!

Author's Response: lol its ok i totally understand. i'm glad you like my story that much :)

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Review #25, by arctic pheonix My Happy Ending

13th April 2008:
i should have left a review long before this but i figured now is a perfect time. frankly this was my first, no kidding, first favorite read on this site. hope to see more soon.

Author's Response: hey, it's fine. better late than never! i'm glad that you liked whisper so much!! if you want, you can check out some of my other stories

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