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Review #1, by ronfanforever Chapter Three: Cracked heads and Cat fights

27th August 2007:
Hehe .. I love this chapter but I think the next one is the best it's so funny! And it gets better now that Emily is in it, she's just so frickin' awesome, don't you agree. Though the nickname 'Gus' is completley stupid I must say! I'm at my dad's still decided to check this out soon as I got off the phone and I must say that it is just a smashing peice of work.(That's a compliment btw) Hehe. I'm so happy! ttyl bout it. But yes a fine peice of art this is, writing is an art you know a very fine art at that. You'd better get the next chappie up soon cause I'm gonna need something to cheer me up after school tomorrow, god now im depressed. Inni-who I suppose that tis being all for today I shall speak with you tomorrow I suppose, or tonight because I am contemplating calling you whence I get home. tata for now!

Author's Response: lmao, i think you called me like a second after you finished this cuz u needed ur wallet.

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Review #2, by Japaneze gurl Chapter Three: Cracked heads and Cat fights

27th August 2007:
Hey! Awesome story! I saw you are looking for a banner? just email me, at and i will sort one out for you! check out my story banners and if you like those just give a shout!

Author's Response: yeah thats great thank you so much.

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Review #3, by Hanna_Louise Chapter Three: Cracked heads and Cat fights

27th August 2007:
Ahahahaa!!! Fantastic! Loving it lots!!!

Author's Response: thank you :D

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Review #4, by ronfanforever Chapter 2: Grilled chicken and James Potter

16th August 2007:
Yo dawg! Yah so...very good I like the added fried chicken, its good that you you put that seeing as I already read this chapter the way it was before like three, I already told you bout the capital and you still spelt Quidditch wrong but don't worry about it because what I just wrote is not right either. You should look it up, tell me so should I cause no matter how I spel it it looks worng to me... Anywasy I like the and if you leave the site before you finish ( ahem PROPERLY finish) this story I will haev to kill you. If you finish it like you did with Unbelieveable I will still kill you because that story too had potential. So does this one so you'd better finish it good! Well that's all I'm gonna go tell you that I finished the review now. Peace Out Yo!

Author's Response: why are you acting lik i know you??? i have no idea who you are!!!! ha ha :P and yet you are in the other room watching t.v.- wierdo-

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Review #5, by Divine_Till_Night Chapter 2: Grilled chicken and James Potter

13th August 2007:
It's really nice! I love it. You have a good plot. I like you friend. (I read her review) It was funny. Anywho, great story 10/10 ~Ginny~ PS: One way to get more review's is when you review someone else leave a "PS" And say "If you can, come check out my story" It works. So, Chek out my story Dew Drops, when u can kay?

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #6, by ronfanforever Chapter 1: Damn Chickens!

1st June 2007:
Yay!! I'm so happy I'm your first reviewer, ann I actually read the chapter too! I've already read it like 5 times at school but I read it AGAIN!! You don't even know how special you should feel write now! So I guess I should go through the whole reviewing thing so her goes- Wow, I really like this story, it's really funny, update more soon please 10/10! - So there you go! I'm still extremeley exciting that I'm the first reviewer, though you were probly thinking, YAY! ,my first review, then you read it and your just like "Damn you Emily you got my hopes and and everything but it's just you with a bunch of nothingness' yeah i'm blabbering on now, i've never writin' a review this long before, that should make you feel even more special, you know what would make me feel special ( wow,that spelling looks weird but its write im almost positive) yah, me being mentioned in an author's note * nudge,nudge, wink, wink* Anyways it's more likely that you'll read this before any emails, so I'm gonna say here, that I was talking to Amanda M. about Max's party and I'm thinking that i might go, Jess told me she might, so, yah I was wondering if I coulf hitch a ride with you, then maybe you me and jess could all go to your house after, or hers or something, so yah, if you get this get bakc to me will ya!?!?!?! Awesome Chappie, hehe i got that from you! Update soon, and wirte chappie five (?) and bring it for me to read at school Peace Out! *peace sign* tehe im a nerd, i kno, but yur worse so it's all good, okay ill stop talking, well typing I guess now, wow that was my favouriteist review to write ever
Gus ( I'm sure yur not that stupid that you dont know that it ( knocked up commercial on!! oh yah!!) is me, but just to be sure) byebye *waves*

Author's Response: i think you are officially the dorkyest friend i have!! omg and you were bang on about the crushed hopes of having a review then it being from you... lol, anyways i'm going to call you because my mom's car is shot, so i'm getting a ride with amanda S ( i hope anyways).

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