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Review #1, by Amazing me <3 (sister of awesome me) Epilouge (From Sirius's point of veiw)

17th October 2012:
Awesome story! I love how it is so different to all the story's I have read so far! There should be a sequel with cassie in it but honestly I just am begging you to write something!!! Can you recommend any good fan fictions? What is the riddle thing? 10/10!

Author's Response: Honestly, half of the fanfictions I would recommend aren't even on the site anymore! :( Just browse, it's how you find amazing authours. Trust me.

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Review #2, by hoggyhoggyhogwarts Epilouge (From Sirius's point of veiw)

25th September 2011:
I really liked this! is there a sequel?

Author's Response: I'm not sure yet, to be honest. I think about it sometimes.

Thank you for the review! I will tell you first if I do ;)

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Review #3, by awesome me <3 Epilouge (From Sirius's point of veiw)

1st September 2011:
omg this story is amazing even though I have read it three times now but I am still crying :') I love your storys and the way you didnt make this the common boy loves girl girl hates boy
ps.have you got pottermore if so what is your name and house! :-D

Author's Response: -Blush- O_O...Oh golly ^_^; Well, thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it!!!

I'm not answering the second part >.>...;;;-

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Review #4, by evans1974 Epilouge (From Sirius's point of veiw)

9th June 2010:
aw that was so sad! Yet romantic at the same time. Anyway, that was really good! :)

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Review #5, by Bookworm045 Epilouge (From Sirius's point of veiw)

20th December 2009:
Your story is completely amazing.

I wouldn't change anything!

I love it.


Peace out.

Author's Response: ...Awe!! Thank you so much love!

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Review #6, by beastboysgirl12 Epilouge (From Sirius's point of veiw)

25th June 2009:
Ohmigod. I absolutely love this story. It is so sweet. The ending is sad though. I was seriously like crying. =[ 10/10

Author's Response: Awe! n.n you're sweet, and yeah I guess the ending is pretty sad when I reread it..:(

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Review #7, by marauderqueen Epilouge (From Sirius's point of veiw)

20th June 2009:
I loved this story! It was so good and you wrote it very well! Give your self a pat on the back!! haha!:P
Will there be a sequel???

Author's Response: Lol I'm not sure yet Thankyou!!
*pats my own back* n_n

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Review #8, by Arna Hex  Farewell and hello

17th April 2009:
I think you should know that I can actually really see this whole story as a movie. Like on youtube or something. I would definitely watch it. If you ever decide to, just let me be the first reader to know!!!
With Magic,

Author's Response: That would be amazing!
If only if only!
=] If I ever do that, I will definitely let you know!

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Review #9, by jane pinkerton Farewell and hello

15th January 2009:
funny! i like it!
lily's a tougher in this story than what the usual norm lily is so it's a nice change--
and it's nice that her and james meet each other like this...it'll make it interesting (;

Author's Response: Haha =] Yeah She's always the brainy, oh look im goody goody

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Review #10, by sierra_sirius Epilouge (From Sirius's point of veiw)

9th December 2008:
i loved it i was nearly crying when i r-read it.gosh it was great! ! ! ! ! !but you made it seem as though Sirius didn't care much about the death of lily and james nor did you mention what happened to Cassie or peter or harry!

Author's Response: RIGHT! I might add one more chapter, having to do with Peter, Cassie, and when they come get Harry, and as for Sirius, I might just make a part where it shows how he really felt.

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Review #11, by lindsay1220 Epilouge (From Sirius's point of veiw)

4th December 2008:
Sorry I haven't commented, but I only comment at the end of the chapter. Your. Story. Was. AWESOME! My real rating is 478594763408601/10

Author's Response: Aww!!! I love you!! Lol, thank you for commenting! It makes me happy when people read the story!

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Review #12, by zEthHPfrEaK Of Tryouts & Teasing

2nd December 2008:
haha, funny :)

hm... another thing - maybe you can find some other way of showing the thoughts other than the asterisks? For example... instead of have *asterisks* (haha, I couldn't resist doing that) around it, maybe italicizing the thoughts? That would be a lot less distracting...

Great chapter! I love the Tigger part! :)

Author's Response: Lol, yeah I was only 13, I had the idea that "**" were the best!

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Review #13, by zEthHPfrEaK Of news and memories

28th November 2008:
=D Great chapter! I have no idea how you did it (If it was you who did), but by the second sentence, I suddenly felt the need to read a fanfiction with a girl like how you made Lily!!!
Once again, I have no idea how you did it :)
However, even though I still understood what word you were using, the question marks in the diamond is a teensy bit distracting. I'm pretty sure you had no idea what you did either, but... well, yeah. :p
And the big spacing between paragraphs. Make it a bit smaller, and it will be great! Great story so far! I love Lily's character!

Rating: 6/10 - I like the story; Good for the first chapter.

Author's Response: Haha, yeah the little question mark things are very annoying! But I can never get rid of them, and as for the paragraph spacing, I'll work on that.

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Review #14, by elisalinguine_x Epilouge (From Sirius's point of veiw)

28th November 2008:
that is all i can say.


Author's Response: ^_^ Hehehe

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Review #15, by DemetersChild Of news and memories

28th November 2008:
Well...it's completely out of character, but still entertaining.

Author's Response: =) thanks i think

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Review #16, by Marie-Babington Love And Loss

8th June 2008:
This is amazing!!! How did you write such a wonderful story. I love the story and i cried when Ashley died. She was one of my favorite characters! Keep on Writing!!

Author's Response: It was hard to write it!

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Review #17, by la vita è bella Epilouge (From Sirius's point of veiw)

24th January 2008:
Hi! That was one of the most excruciatingly heartbreaking epilogues I've ever read!! It was simply.wow, I'm lost for words!!!
I loved especially James' and Lily's goodbye at the station, it was so deep, you could actually feel their enormous and gargantuan love!! Simply wow!!
I'm so sad it's finished!!! *pouts and sniffles*
*sighs* You truly are a great writer!! Toodles, Ori

Author's Response: *sighs* Hun, you have no idea how hard and long it took me to write that. The whole time i hadn't posted anything i was writing that. I agree, I love that part for James' and Lily's Goodbye!!!!

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Review #18, by la vita è bella Valentine's Day

12th January 2008:
Hi!! I'm sorry for not reviewing earlier but I had put thid fic a little asied because it was a long time since you last posted but I'm glad you're back!!
I liked although I must say it wasn't one of your best...Toodles!

Author's Response: ha thats kinda what i thought tooo anyway last chapter next

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Review #19, by la vita è bella Love And Loss

18th October 2007:
Woot woot!! Really awesome!! Toodles!!

Author's Response: lol woot woot is right i was waiting forver for that to post!!!

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Review #20, by kathryn Christmas surprises

16th September 2007:
This is a great story!! i really hope you will post the next chapter soon!!! By the way I am loving the James and Lily fluff. SO CUTE!!!

Author's Response: well it'll be out sonner or later

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Review #21, by la vita è bella Christmas surprises

11th September 2007:
Yes! Whoot!! Finallly!!OMG I'm so so so happy!!! (I always get worked up if something happens in a fic!!!) Great and fant-damn-astic chapter!! Really congratulations! Toodles!!

Author's Response: Heh you're adorable love, and thank you =] I get worked up too!!

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Review #22, by la vita è bella Broken-Winged Birds...

8th September 2007:
Hi! Great chapter and I can't wait for the next!! Totally hilarious Sugarplum Snape! Toodles!!

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Review #23, by la vita è bella Plots & Passions

24th August 2007:
Aw! How nice!!! *squeals silently* I never squealed before but since I started reading HP FF I've done it more often than comfort!! Howev your fic is absolutely beautiful, interestng and funny so keep going!! Toodles!!!

Author's Response: i started to squeal too....and i thuought i was the only one that said toodles*squeals* i ggueesss i am not alone...thank you for the reviw..!!!!!!!!!

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Review #24, by maraudersmap Plots & Passions

22nd August 2007:
aw, this was so sweet! Another great chapter... :D Please update?

Author's Response: I will try the VALIDATORS!!!!!!!

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Review #25, by la vita è bella  Losing Grip

14th August 2007:
That Amos!!! Grrr I hate him!! Always hated him BTW since I've read GOF!! Great chap and I'm looking forward to the next one!! I also loved Lily's mind rants!!! Keep it up! Toodles!!

Author's Response: i hate him too but....well i had to use someone and thanks for the reveiw...KEEP THEM COMING PWEASE.

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