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Review #1, by angel riddle His One and Only

9th April 2008:
lucius that asshole. how could he kill his wife?! ill kill him. lol jk. good story BTW i love the song and the story fit great. keep up the good writting.

~Angel Riddle

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Review #2, by Kate His One and Only

17th December 2007:
Nice job! I don't care for the whole Draco transformation thing

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Review #3, by Bolone Girl His One and Only

23rd November 2007:
I love it! That's all I can say. You couldn't possibly make it better. It's great.

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Review #4, by Animax His One and Only

1st November 2007:
Lauren.. Its a really good piece of writing you have a gift for taking a simple idea and complelty blowing peoples minds away... its really good!! I enjoyed it heaps!!!

Author's Response: Thanks Sam :P

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Review #5, by Sonet His One and Only

16th August 2007:
Very good, now we only need a sequal to find out if Draco will ever find his real father.

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Review #6, by mizzundastoodravenclaw777 His One and Only

30th July 2007:
Okay I know I was supposed to review the other story of yours but, This one intrigued me... I love it!
Not only cause I love the song but also the concept
good show!

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Review #7, by Allie Wood His One and Only

21st June 2007:
It was so sad!!
But you used great emotion, and I give it a 10/10

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Review #8, by JazRox His One and Only

18th June 2007:
that is a sad story but good:)

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Review #9, by evil_toothpaste His One and Only

18th June 2007:
Very Nice! The song fit VERY well with everything that was going on!
Please review my stories too!
But i do have one thing to critizize on, I truly don't think Lucius is that harsh. I don't think he would get intoxicated like a bum on the street or somthing but that's my opion. just helping ^^;;;
Please review my stories!

Author's Response: lol yeh i did think of that but if he's not cruel like that it doesn't really fit.. and well I kinda decided that the reason he kept getting drunk was coz of mounting pressure from Voldemort about the mysterious thing... Its his way of coping... and he's an angry man :P
anyway, thanks heaps for reviewing its appreciated.

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