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Review #1, by CJ_Black Chapter III: Mea Maxima Culpa

13th March 2008:
This chapter is sheer brilliance, I mean it. I loved the beginning - all those hot men *coughcough* I mean Death Eaters. :D The dialog was amazing, well written and extremely captivating. I loved the characters (I just love reading about Death Eaters), they were so well-portrayed, with the bits of humor here and there - just fabulous. “Oh really? I thought we only had to go if we really felt like it.” - wonderful line here. I can just imagine how Voldie would've taken it if one of his Death Eaters hadn't shown up cause he didn't feel like it. LMAO, totally amazing. “Did you quit smoking, or what is your problem today?” - there's nothing like Death Eater sarcasm, and I love the idea of Dolohov smoking, that's just such a lovely touch (though I do think he would've been in a considerably worse mood, if he had quit smoking). The part in italics was very, very well written, and it completes Regulus's portrayal in this chapter. I love the little bits of indepth sprawled here and there - they make any story brilliant. I assume you can imagine by now just how much I enjoyed Regulus being sent off to kill Anna. I mean, I liked her of course, but you know how I love the drama *bounces in excitement*. Bellatrix is brilliant as always. Sick and twisted, but brilliant. My favorite scene was when Regulus kills Anna (again, I love the drama - I must have some issues *ponders*). It was awesome because most people (in this situation) take the approach where the character is torn on the inside, hesitating to kill her, and then lowers the wand, sobbs and yells "I can't do it" (which is totally lame, by the way). But no - he just kills her. Just like that. Lovely ^_^. And it was also altruistic in a twisted sort of way because he kills her just so Bellatrix won't have a chance to torture her before she dies. I completely love this pragmatic, cold side of Regulus. It makes him very mature and well-grounded, and less of an idealist (which is how he's being portrayed in most stories, lately). I adore this portrayal of him, I think you've done a fantabulous job with Regulus here (seems like your obsession has totally paid off :D). The ending was great, though I admit I would've liked it better if you'd ended this chapter with him killing her just like that. I love blunt endings. But then again, this chapter is short, so a little more writing is always welcome. And again, I have no criticism. Feel free to hate me for that. Seriously, this was a very, VERY good chapter, I enjoyed it a lot and I can't wait to see what happens next. I would just love it if you could let me know this time when you're posting the 4th chapter *glares*. Awesome story, and I'm looking forward to more! *huggles*

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Review #2, by CJ_Black Chapter II: A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

13th March 2008:
Feel free to slaughter me *is late as always*. But I swear, this is all Bossers' fault *dark muttering*. Anyways, I'm here - better late than never, right? :D I loved this chapter, maybe even more than the first one. There wasn't quite as much scenery here, but there was more indepth of Reggy which I'll always be a fan of ^_^. I like Anna, too, as I think I've mentioned in the first chapter. She's balanced and fun to read about, though I sincerely can't stand the brother (and don't take that as criticism, I like hating people in stories). I absolutely loved those precious flashbacks of Sirius - both Regulus and Sirius are extremely interesting characters and any interaction between them is always a treat. It was fun to watch Regulus look for the puppy and help him get out when he was stuck in that hole - I somehow find the situation hilarious, though that might not have been the intention. Thinking of Regulus that way simply makes me snort, cause there's this dark, troubled person rescuing puppies on the beach. Yeah, I have a twisted sense of humor. You can sue me for that. ^_^ The ending was absolutely brilliant - I love cliffies, and I can't wait to see who the person is, though I have a pretty good idea. But meh, it's still awesome. All in all, I liked this chappie - pretty short, but balanced and well-written. Descriptions were good, characters awesome, flashbacks - happiness and the ending was brill. Once again, no criticism. Maybe a little too much focus on the dog in the beginning, but that might just be cause I don't like dogs :P It was an awesome chappie anyway, and I'm off to read the next one. ^_^ Huggles! CJ

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Review #3, by burnt august Chapter III: Mea Maxima Culpa

24th February 2008:
I really liked the ending, it wasn't quite what I expected - but it was good. After I finished the second chapter, I was expecting him to fall head-over-heels in love with Anna or something of the sort. I was pleasantly surprised when he killed her, and I think it made a perfect ending. Overall, I thought this was a well-thought out story, and very original and offer my congratulations :]

Back to the two areas where you requested critique - characterization and flow of events. As for characterization, I think you did a lovely job portraying Regulus. His struggle to uphold his facade while keeping true to himself is exactly as he imagined it. He is constantly submitting to the wants of others, but in his mind he hates it. I think you did a wonderful job with the flow of events, you didn't rush at all and things seemed to simply fall into place.

Good luck with future stories :]

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Review #4, by burnt august Chapter I: Encounters

24th February 2008:
Hello there, and sorry for the long wait.
I had heaps of projects to finish that I stupidly allowed to pile up. Procrastination will be the end of me, I swear :]

Anyways, I liked this first chapter a lot. I didn't notice any grammatical/spelling mistakes so you are good in that department. Actually, I commend you for being one of few that uses correct punctuation after someone speaks!

You mentioned specifically characterization and flow of events, if I remember correctly. First of all, I think the first chapter flowed very naturally. It didn't seem rushed, but it still got around to the point in a decent amount of time. As for characterization, I think you did a well job with Regulus but as a reader I would like to hear more of his thoughts. A lot of the thoughts that we did hear, were snippets of memories of what his parents said. I would like to know more about what he thinks about those memories.

But then again, this is only the first chapter. I'm going to go read the next two and I'll leave you my thoughts.

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Review #5, by Lost_Diadem Chapter III: Mea Maxima Culpa

9th February 2008:
This is a wonderful story-How you portray Regulus is good. I think he had a good soul; he just had no opportunity to show it beacuse of whom he was a around and what was expected of him.

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Review #6, by JLHufflepuff (Jessi) Chapter III: Mea Maxima Culpa

31st January 2008:
Wow! That was intense! Voldy is so evil, and I think it was perfectly in character for Regulus to kill her even though he was rather fond of her. Whoah! Anyway, does "mea maxima culpa" mean something like, "Forgive (or pardon) me" in Latin? I could look it up but I'm too lazy. I really like this story! It's very striking.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and posting such a kind review. I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^_^ "Mea Maxima Culpa" means something along the lines of "my biggest mistake" or "my gravest fault".

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Review #7, by JLHufflepuff (Jessi) Chapter II: A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

31st January 2008:
This one is also good, and I really enjoyed it. I like the tension and the flashbacks especially. I'm still wondering what's going to happen! :)

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Review #8, by JLHufflepuff (Jessi) Chapter I: Encounters

31st January 2008:
I really like this! I love the way you weave the flashbacks throughout the story and tie them in to the main action going on in the story. I like the way you are portraying Regulus as trying to please his parents more than anything and also being very affected by his environment. Poor little Reg! :( Anyway, I'm wondering what kind of changes his interaction with these muggles will bring in his beliefs, etc. Great job!

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Review #9, by Girldetective85 Chapter I: Encounters

28th January 2008:
This is a pretty nice beginning, I think you started off strongest at the very start of the chapter. I love the imagery of Regulus walking alone on the beach, having some quiet time all to himself yet still being plagued by the things he hears every day from his parents. The imagery is just great, I could picture a small seaside town on a cloudy day. Ann seems pretty funny and spunky, I know that if I asked someone to help me out with my dog and he answered me that rudely, I would definitely just back away and find the dog myself. I don't really get why Ann has to ask Regulus to help find the dog, is it just because they could have more eyes looking around? He can't do much if he's just going to follow her around and talk and get to know each other, I would think they'd split up and search. I like this comment of Regulus's: "I assume he has a spot of some sort, but unfortunately I’ve seen only very few dogs that wouldn’t have one of those.” Haha! Well I think this story has a ton of potential so far, your strong points are reflection and imagery so I do hope we'll see more of that later on. Nice job! :)

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Review #10, by Lady September Chapter III: Mea Maxima Culpa

24th January 2008:
This story is beautiful. I find it sort of confusing with the memories, but the rest of it is great!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing ^^

I'm very glad to hear you found the story beautiful; I tried to write a story where tragedy becomes bittersweet :)

I'm sorry to hear that the memories were confusing. Because they are somewhat essential to the story--giving some background to the events taking place, in a way pulling the past and the present together--they had to be there, and I really tried to mark them clearly. Thanks for your feedback though, I'll go over the story and see if I can clarify it any way I can think of ^^

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by toomanycurls Chapter III: Mea Maxima Culpa

16th January 2008:
Oh wow, that was quite fantastic. Wonderful, and touching. I quite like how he killed her before she went through the pain and humiliation of torture. Ah, my heart pines for Regulus.

Author's Response: Hey there Curls, and thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

This little story has been very close to my heart for number of reasons, but mostly because of the tragedy of it. You can imagine how wonderful it feels when people reading the story get the same feelings that I expirenced while writing this.

Thanks again, your review means a lot to me ^^

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Review #12, by Elysium Chapter III: Mea Maxima Culpa

1st January 2008:
D I am so sorry it's taken me so long to get to your story! In any case I loved this final chapter.

As tragic and wasteful as Anna's death was, it was necessary to cause a huge shift in Regulus - one that would be enough to cause him to do the things he ultimately did.

I love the way you write and am frequently blown away by the fact that you are not a native speaker - it truly doesn't show... you write more flawlessly than most english speakers I know. Your prose is smooth and lyrical, each sentence slips gently into the next.

The way you tackle the pureblood mentalities in each chapter of MMC is beautifully done. Your insights are exact and piercing but not overstated.

Lovely work darling. 10/10 xox

Author's Response: My turn to apoligize Agent, for taking so long to respond to you *looks guilty*

As a whole your reviews truly make me blush; when I first started writing in another language I never dreamed that I'd be one day getting compliments like this.

Building this story was quite interesting process as whole. In a way there are two stories within it, the past and the present. I'm thrilled to hear that even if the 'past' is somewhat more philosophical and abstract, it didn't come across as being overstated. It was, in a sense, the ultimate practice of showing instead of telling and I'm immensly proud on how I managed to write that out.

What it comes to Anna, I knew from the beginning that she was not going to make it in the end. It was something that had to be done, spoiling the pureness of Regulus...

Thank you again for your reviews, they really lighten my day ^^

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Review #13, by GoCalgaryFlamesGo Chapter II: A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

2nd December 2007:
*le gasp* The ending was fantabuluos :D Omg, I love it so much. Love it, love it, love it! And the next chapter will have Andy. *Dies of Happiness*

Seriously D, this is amazing. I love how you write Reggy...I guess he can stay chained in your mind if this is what results from it.

Author's Response: *content purring*

It's just awesome to hear you really love the ending, and yeah, Andy will show up next (I have a feeling that I've based my Andy on your Andy rahter than JK's Andy :P).

Heheheh, Reggy is firmly chained on my mind and not leaving...I'm kind of planning another story with him (but I have no details, plot or even theme yet -_-;;) so when I get that done I'll be dragging you over to read it :P

Thanks again *huggle*

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Review #14, by GoCalgaryFlamesGo Chapter I: Encounters

2nd December 2007:
Firstly, you worship my descriptive talent? I should be the one worshiping yours.

Secondly, this is so cute and sweet and so very Reggy :D

Thirdly, OMG I love it!

Author's Response: Darling, I'm but a mere apprentice what it comes to descriptions when compared to you *worship* I still think it was half an accident that this story became as descriptive as it did O.o

Heheh...Gotto love Reggy eh? I enjoyed writing him immensly and I hope it shows ^^

and OMG, my first 'OMG' review! OMG!! xD
Thanks sweety, you really brighten up my day *hug*

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Review #15, by Elysium Chapter II: A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

31st October 2007:

This was a wonderful follow up to the first chapter. There were some moments of sheer brilliance in this piece that totally captivated me - particularly the below flashback:-

He had always liked silence, it helped him focus. Sitting in his room, observing the people walking past Grimmauld Place had been one of his favourite things to do. In the privacy of his room no one expected anything from him; no one wanted him to be something specific. Occasionally he could spend hours watching the world behind his window, how Muggles hurried past the building they could not see, unaware of so many things. World without speech had always been his hideout.

You really do write Regulus tremendously well, and the way you have your flashbacks interspersed is great as it gives us small but lovely insights into his character without overloading the reader.

The only thing I would say is to be careful of your puntuation after dialogue. There were a couple of instances where the sentence followed on without use of a comma.

Eg) “Oh be quiet Anna, mum and dad would get very angry with you if you’d leave me here” Edward stated matter-of-factly and Regulus had to bite back a grin when he saw the mixture of annoyance and shock on Anna’s face.

There should be a comma between here and the quotation mark. It's only a very small thing though, and your writing is overall superb.

Well done! *tackle hugs*

xox Agent Bambi

Author's Response: Man, Bammers, you really do make me blush here *cannot surpress her wide grin* To get comments like that form a writer of your level is just incredible and really lightens up my day :)

I actually have a one shot in planning based on that bit of flashback...I'll be sure to ask you to read it when I'm done with that *grins*

Ah, the pesky commas, my doom! Honestly, if there's something I haven't been able to grasp during the 22 years of living on this earth, it's the comma rules in any language *laughs* I'll be sure to fix the booboos, thanks for letting me know ^^

*glomps* Thanks again!

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Review #16, by mraudbdyy Chapter I: Encounters

25th October 2007:
*big sigh* You have such a talent when it comes to writing descriptions, D. *steals talent* :P The setting of the scene at the beach was simply amazing. A great use of imagery there.

I like Anna's character, not because she's an instantly likable person, but because she isn't. It's actually refreshing to read about one that's a bit annoying. I see her as being a lot like Hermione, really. (I think there's a compliment somewhere in all that. :P )

As I've told you before, I really like the flashbacks. They give little snippets of info that help to understand Reggy's character better and gain insight into his past (and hence why he is feeling so conflicted). However there was one section that had three flashbacks, one paragraph after the other. They jumped to three very different scenes and so it didn't flow too well as I was reading. It might help if you broke those flashbacks up a bit so they weren't so clustered. Just my thoughts :)

Anyway, this is quite a short review, but I've got to go out. Overall I thought this was great. A very well written, original idea. I'll review chapter 2 once it's up.

*hugs* Maddie

Author's Response: *looks immensly guilty* I'm horribly sorry it has taken so long for me to respond to you Madders, but I also want to thank you for all the wonderful Beta work you've done for me, as well as these reviews that brighten up my day whenever I read them!

I'm actually blushing as I read your comment about my supposed talent with descriptions; that is the area I generally consider to be my weakest point in writing :P For some reason with this fic that wasn't an issue though, and it's kind of baffling to realize that I am able to write descriptions after all O.o

Anna, Anna, Anna...she's my anti-hero in a sense; the opinionated, obnoxious and in a way arrogant. But in the end she does have a 'weak' side too.

Hmm the flashbacks. It's great to hear you liked the idea, and I will look into the three that follow each other. In a way I like the way they are now (the idea was to replicate the way thoughts sometimes jump around) but at the same time the broken flow has bothered me too...

Thanks again Mads *hugs back*

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Review #17, by Elysium Chapter I: Encounters

23rd October 2007:
Hey! I loved this :D

Firstly I think your characterisation of Regulus is great, he has the right amount of cool disdain and aristocrasy for a Black - which I love. Also I thought the reflective nature of your opening was really quite captivating. Can't wait to see how you go with this. *in faves*

xox Kylie

Author's Response: Hey Kylie, and thanks so much taking time to read and review this little piece of mine ^^

I'm so happy to hear you liked my portrayal of Regulus; hopefully that statement stays for the two remaining chapters as well.

The reflectiveness of the opening was an experiment for me, something I'm very happy that I did. I generally feel that descriptions and exploration of a characters inner musings are my weak spot--I usually don't get into the character well enough to be able to accomplish that...which is why I'm thrilled to hear you were captivated by this ^^

Thanks again Bambi!

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Review #18, by xxx_firesparks_xxx Chapter I: Encounters

14th September 2007:
Hey there, i really really enjoyed this, your writing is awesome, its really emotional, like it comes from your heart. keep on writing!! hehehe i wish to be able to write as good as you one day.

love lou aka xxx_firesparks_xxx

Author's Response: Hello there xxx_firesparks_xxx!

First of all, thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

I'm so happy to hear you liked this piece of mine ^^ It's actually my first piece I've written on my own for ages so it's absolutely amazing to hear you found it emotional and coming from my heart *blushes*

Oh and I'm sure you are good writer as you are, and great writer in a few years ;) after all, all it takes is lot of practice!

Thank you again ^^

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Review #19, by DarkLadyofSlytherin Chapter I: Encounters

23rd August 2007:
Well, I love Regulus fics, and I know you said if I have time to read it, to do so. I have very little time as of late, but I figured, what the heck, I'll help you out.

Suggestions: Well, I think we need to know a bit more about Anna. I'm assuming she's going to play a slightly larger role in this. I think we also need to know where Spot is. That's the first place I'd start. Is he in a little alcove? Is he in a cave? Has he gotten himself wedged in one of those cracks that were mentioned by Anna? Is the dog something more than just a dog?

Next, what's your intention with Anna? Is she going to be the driving force behind young Regulus to betray the Dark Lord and steal such a valuable item? Is he going to steal it? Has he stolen it already? What are his intentions towards her?

What about other characters? Is Regulus on friendly terms with his brother? Are they speaking at all? What about school? Is this after he is finished or before? Is Anna a witch? Is she a muggle? If she's a muggle, would she be able to handle the secret of knowing about the Wizarding world?

There are so many places you can go with this. It's so open right now. If these don't help, by all means just yell at me and I'll see if I can come up with something more.

Author's Response: Hey there :P

First of all, I'm so sorry about my late response--life got annoyingly hectic for me for a while *sigh*. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing though!

And all your suggestions/questions have really been helpful and thought provoking, and you definitely helped me to clear my head concerning this piece ^^

Thanks again!

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Review #20, by padfootblack16 (not logged in of course) Chapter I: Encounters

28th July 2007:
gosh, how i hate not being able to log in :( least its only till tuesday.

Anyways...wonderful begining really. Your descriptions are quite well done, you dialogue superbe (sp?). I love the way you describe Regulus, walking down the beach. The memorys you show of his mother and father and bella and the dog are well done, giving us as the reader a quick inlock in the life of Regulus Black. You manage to keep him in character, or at least as I imagine he would be that is. You manage to delve into his mind, his fear at having taken the mark and yet the want to please his parents...and its great! I could feel like i was stading there watching him walkd down the beach,meeting Anna, searching for the dog. Even hearing his thoughts.
Anna is a character I can tell I will love, if you keep her as part of the "cast" as I think you well. The way you describe her just imediatly lets us see that she is probably quite abnoxious, yet a good person still.
Edward just seems like an anoying brat, but then most kids are xD.
I must admit I loved it and this is going in my favs (or it will as soon as I can log in again :( )
and do update soon!!


Author's Response: First of all, thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

It's just amazing to hear you liked my take on Regulus, he's one of my fav characters and I was a bit nervous to hear how I'd done with him ;)

I was quite surprised to hear you enjoyed reading about Anna; I personally run away screaming if I was ever to encounter her in person :P She IS quite obnoxious and rambling, but in the end, a good person.

I'll surely keep you up-to-date when I get the story updated ;) Oh and thanks all the good ideas you've given to me!

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Review #21, by goddessofsnark Chapter I: Encounters

23rd July 2007:
I love your descriptions of the beach. They're perfect. I'm assuming all the rambling is setting up the character of Anna, but if she's not going to play a major role, I'd say cut her out. The bit about the dog feels a little forced, but then again, they are looking for a dog and I'll forgive you for that.

I did say I was looking to get into reading a Regulus fic or two, and this one has definity caught my eye. Keep me updated about it, I really like your descriptions, they're gorgeous.

Author's Response: Coming from you, all that praise is pretty intoxicating Snarky ;) You are probably the toughest reviewer out there, but at the same the fairest, much kudos for that!

Anna as a character is meant to be obnoxious, rambling and generally annoying..but she'll teach Regulus something he hasn't ever thought about in much detail before. But honestly speaking, I'd hate a person like Anna in real life :P

It's wonderful to hear you liked my beach description...Generally speaking I feel like ANY description is my weak spot, but beaches have a special place in my heart so I suppose that helped me out with the description in here.

I hear what you are saying about the bits about the dog, and to some extent I do agree with you. I added the memories after getting the idea from the forums, so in a sense, they are forced into the story...But I still feel they are good addition to the chapter; adding more depth and levels to it.

Thank you for your review! I'll be sure to keep you up-to-date with this one....And I really wish they'd turn the chat on again!

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Review #22, by Zacharias_Smith Chapter I: Encounters

18th July 2007:
This was a very, very well written story. The descriptions at the beginning were gorgeous and set the scene perfectly. I LOVED your use of italicised flashbacks - it worked so well, and really gave us an insight into Regulus' mind, which is always a rather big mystery.
Plot-wise, I thought this chapter was a little bit mystifying - not necessarily in a bad way, but it's sort of like..where do we go from here? A Death Eater trying to find a puppy? The connection with Sirius is nice and the general idea of it is interesting, though a bit random!
However, I'm sure it will all tie up in future chapters.
Great story so far though and I really admire your mature writing style!

PS: Loved the HP idiom - no point crying over spilled potion!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing, and I'm sorry it took me a while to respond. Your review was just so lovely I needed a while to think about what exactly I'd write in this little response of mine ^^

It's wonderful to hear you deem this beginning to be good, as I've mentioned before in my responses this is the first time in ages I'm writing on my own, without collaborating with anyone. I must admit I've been nervous to hear what people think of this, I feel my quill has gotten bit rusty over time.

I'm usually horrible with descriptions, but for some reason it was easy to set the scene in here, and getting such encouraging feedback really made my day! The memory flashbacks were due to an idea I got through the forums. I personally feel that they gave a lot more depth to the story.

This is the first part out of three in this short story, essentially just setting the scene and introducing the characters I'm going to use. Originally I wasn't going to include a puppy in here at all, but Regulus insisted (yeah, I'm one of those writers who hears the characters in her head...). The connection to Sirius was rather random, I do admit that, but it was based on the notion that the DE's knew he was a animagus, thus the little comment from Regulus was more of an inside joke he made to himself ^^

You really made me blush for describing my style as 'mature'; by far one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about my style :)

Oh and the idiom, I've actually created a list of pottereised sayings and idioms for my leasure and like to use them as I write. Somehow add more potterverse feeling to the stories ;)

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #23, by TheGreenFairy Chapter I: Encounters

17th July 2007:
This was a very good portrayal of Regulus. The chapter was a bit confusing, and nothing really happened, but I assume that it's just getting into the action? I'm interested t know what choice he'll have to make, so I'll be sticking this into my favorites. Good job so far, though!


XOXO Abbey

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

It's lovely to hear you liked my take on Regulus, and I admit the chapter here is bit slow and possibly confusing too. Essentially this part is just to lay down the scene, introduce the characters and set everything up for more meaningful action in the following two parts ^^.

Thanks again, getting my story in someone's favourites means a lot to me!

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Review #24, by Andromedatonks Chapter I: Encounters

9th July 2007:
Oh, this was a really interesting story!

I always thought there was more to Regulus than meets the eye, after all, he was Sirius's brother, so he's bound to be something more than just another Death Eater. I guess his situation was close to that of Draco, what with all the family pressure and total inability to resist it. You showed it really well, as well as his undecidedness about everything, starting with the Dark Mark and his loyalties and ending with such small thing as helping a little boy find his puppy.

Your writing is very good and easy to follow, every word feels right in its place, great job!

The only thing, I think there has to be more to this story, somehow it feels unfinished... But then, his story feels unfnished in canon, too =)

All in all, I really loved your story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

Regulus is actually one of my recent obsessions, with all the R.A.B. fuss and what not. I find him very facinating character and wanted to take a shot at the moment when he decided to make his own choice.

It's awesome to hear you like my writing style, this was the first piece I've written on my own for ages and I really felt unsure as how it had turned out ^^

Aye, the story feels bit unfinished as it's just that *lol* There are two more part's to come, as soon as I can get Regulus to tell me what exactly happened there that night...

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #25, by Vera_Black_Potter Chapter I: Encounters

30th June 2007:



Author's Response: :):):)

Thank you for reading!

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