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Review #1, by SiriusxRemus4life He was loved

5th February 2008:
Oh my God. That was so sad. You should write way more to it. I love Snape..10/10!

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I'm very glad you liked it! Actually, I have written more to this one-shot. My story 'The greatest thing is to love-and be loved' is a prequel to this one-shot... It has been on indefinite hiatus for a while, but I'm considering to write on it again.
Thank you for reading, reviewing and the great rating!

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Review #2, by essenni He was loved

11th November 2007:
I like this story and I wish you had written more.

Author's Response: I have actually written a little continued story which is a prequel to this...
I'm very glad you liked it!
Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #3, by D Lee He was loved

27th August 2007:
gr8 story btw can ya help me wit my banner it not come up as a pic just as code :(

Author's Response: Thanks! I´m very glad you l ike my story!
banner? well, I can try to help, but I´m no expert...
you´re supposed to go to the site the maker of the banner has given you. then you copy the banner and paste it on to the summary space on the story and you´re done. Where has your banner been made? when I look at your page, there is a banner there...

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Review #4, by GriffinClaw He was loved

11th June 2007:
Oh, that was good! I like how you left it open, great story. It really gets you thinking. July 21st cant come fast enough! lol.

Author's Response: Thank you!
I hoped the ending was going to have that effect, so I´m glad you felt it like that :)
indeed, July 21st can´t come soon enough... I think everyone here at fan fiction feels the same way.. a little sad, though, the last book... but maybe JKR will write something more.. I heard she was maybe going to write an encyclopedia about the magical world, but we´ll see...
thanks for the R&R :)

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Review #5, by allison10235 He was loved

27th May 2007:
That was interesting. I've always wondered who he was loved by as well. I thought it was Lily. At least, I think that Snape loved her. Remus did, in a sense. JKR has said that he did but, he would never go after her since James loved her. But anyway, nice job on this! Perhaps it was his mother that loved him? Or maybe Petunia. I dunno. But at least we know that all of our questions will be answered in less than two months. It'll be sad though, when it's all over. But even if it doesn't turn out the way we'd like it, we still have fan fic. Keep writing! I enjoy your reviews, for my story. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you!
yeah, bittersweet though i´d say.. the last book...but you´re right we still have fan fics. :)
I think the person Snape was loved by is either someone we know very well (or have heard much of) or a character we have never heard of yet... but who can say? :) untill the 21th July only JKR will know...
thanks for the great rating!
well, I enjoy giving and recieving reviews :)
hugs Quill88

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