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Review #1, by Britney Everyone Has Secrets

16th November 2009:
Hey, you had a story named 'Upside Down' what happened to it? Anyways, Good one.

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Review #2, by grifferin Everyone Has Secrets

21st May 2008:
this is hilarious... i love the movi mr. and mrs. smith so it was very interesting to read the hp version of those events... great job...wonderful story...i give it a 10!

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Review #3, by Rynee Everyone Has Secrets

1st July 2007:
haha , i am so stupid.

i read through half of the story before i realized that this was like mr. and mrs. smith . well, i`ve never actually seen the movie...but i`ve heard a little about it. i was reading...and when i got to the job part, i was like ..this story sounds like something else. i looked at the title, and i was like,"OH ! no wonder!! i get it now."

the most memorable parts for me are when

harry was talking to ron and pansy
“As you can see we are both perfectly fine and we talked it out. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’d like to shag some more.”

and when he talks to the therapist
“Ask us the sex question again. Come on, you know with the, from one to twenty rating thing.” Harry interrupts and the therapist stutters.

“Harry.” Myra berates, but her eyes are dancing with amusement when she looks at him. When she looks away, Harry mouths ‘Eighty-five’ to the therapist and smirks.

it was my opinion. it seems so ooc for harry, but i guess that`s what makes it so funny.

i didn`t not like any part of this story :]

ehm, sorry if the review looks confusing. i can`t figure out why some of the parts are like that. well, i`m also way too lazy to try . Lol x)

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Review #4, by coolchick Everyone Has Secrets

21st May 2007:
nice work!
i like it alot!
10/10 all the way! :)

Author's Response: Thnx!

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Review #5, by britrijo Everyone Has Secrets

21st May 2007:
that was funny, awesome, and different.

Author's Response: Thnx, glad you thought so!

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