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Review #1, by jenkent Attempt #1

9th September 2009:
Okay, so your concept is pretty good. I also think your characterizations are pretty spot on. However, your grammar and story flow need some work; I think I also noticed a few mispelled words. The good news is . . . all these problems are fixable! All you need is a good beta! Don't give up and I hope I don't offend you with my critique because that is not my intention. Keep writing! 7/10 ~Jen

P.S. I posted the sequel to Getting A Chance (Engaged and Of Age) on the site. You had mentioned you wanted to know when I updated and this was one of the only ways I knew how to contact you. Hope you read and review!

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Review #2, by whatever Attempt #1

8th April 2008:
thats really sweet. hope u write more soon

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Review #3, by dumbledorefluertwins Attempt #1

30th March 2008:
All dialogue here - needs more description.

Less cliches please.


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Review #4, by Divine_Till_Night Prep For Atemp #1

16th July 2007:
Really good! I recently added my first fic, like a week or two ago. U's is way better than mine! Anyway, It's terrific! I love it! Write more and update soon! I know how it is when u only have 1 review...10/10! Bye! ~Ginny~

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Review #5, by thediarywithin Prep For Atemp #1

1st July 2007:
interesting keep up the good work.

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