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Review #1, by Jerry scnfeld Epilogue - Old Memories Shared

6th August 2017:
Another great story from you

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Review #2, by jamespotterlove Hogsmeade

11th January 2012:
great story so far can't wait for the end.

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Review #3, by happy_person Where am I?

12th December 2009:
it was great, but it seemed to rushed, i wish u could have explained what happened with james and harry in the next chapter, or made it longer in this one ;P

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Review #4, by huffpuff94 Tutoring

16th March 2008:
I'm enjoying your story but I have a few things to say.

Don't you think the Marauders have told Harry everthing quite early as they haven't know him for long and they just told him thier biggest secrets and also

Harry, its time to get up. You must hurry, or you will miss breakfast.

That's James speaking. James is 16 and not very many 16 year olds speak like that. It just seems a little bit fake.

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Review #5, by Antigone Where am I?

3rd February 2008:
I wish Harry was in slytherin this time to befriend Snape!

Author's Response: Oh, I don't think Harry has to be in Slytherin to befriend Severus and I believe Harry shares my opinion :-)

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Review #6, by dancer Epilogue - Old Memories Shared

11th December 2007:
to Teddylonglong
First of all I appologise for not reviewing oftener. I love your stories, having gotten the first from a random pick , especially this one because you bring about a peaceful solution to the snape-potter war. Love the 6 marauders and especially the magnificant animagus form Icicle. Please continue writing so people like me who can't write a drop can continue to enjoy the results of your wonderful, fertile imagination and excellent writing skills.

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Review #7, by _ProngDog_ Epilogue - Old Memories Shared

7th December 2007:
I have now completed reading this fic (obviously) and would like to compliment you on a wonderful story.

I am eagerly awaiting to read the sequel, which I assure you I will commence immediately.

Thank you for writing this, it is awesome.

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Review #8, by browniydgal Beach Party

13th November 2007:
I can honestly say I love this story. I think the plot is brilliant and so is all the detail. The only thing that I believe you may want to work on is the dialog, it seems too proper, fake almost so to say. I like what they are saying I just think it needs to be more modernly realistic. Mix it up, maybe use some more conjunctions. Think of how a sixteen year old would really talk. Other than that I think it's pretty good. If you need any help feel free to let me know. My email address is brownidgal@bellsouth.net

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Review #9, by im not actually a memeber and don't have a pename, but oh we The Chamber

2nd November 2007:
you do know that the cry of a rooster is fatal to a basilisk right?

Just Checking!

Great story

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Review #10, by potteyfan Epilogue - Old Memories Shared

4th October 2007:
that was GREAT! cant wait to read the next story

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Review #11, by nico171 Slytherin's Library

9th September 2007:
very very good

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Review #12, by Fall Season The Power of Love

1st September 2007:
I love how Mcgonagall is like Harry's mom. It makes me smile! Great chapter again!

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Review #13, by Fall Season The Dark Mark or not?

1st September 2007:
Oh yeah! Fawkes and Harry are friends! That so cool!

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Review #14, by Fall Season Dumbledore's Office

1st September 2007:
Such a cliffyhanger. Cna;t review long because I need to go read. Nice Job by the way. Loved the bit of Sevrus/Lily.

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Review #15, by Fall Season Hogsmeade

1st September 2007:
Great Job. I really wish we knew who the people were getting the Dark Mark. Ah well, nice chapter again. I really like how you write Snape.

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Review #16, by Fall Season Phoenixes

1st September 2007:
Another wonderful chapter!

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Review #17, by Fall Season The Order of the Phoenix

1st September 2007:
YEAHH! He's becoming an animagus. That so amazing!

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Review #18, by Fall Season Friends

1st September 2007:
He didn't get much sleep that day did he? Another great chapter which I enjoyed alot.

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Review #19, by Fall Season Tutoring

1st September 2007:
YEAH Harry's happy! Great chapter, keep the wonderful work up.

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Review #20, by Fall Season Where am I?

1st September 2007:

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Review #21, by Fall Season Prologue

1st September 2007:
I like the start! I find it really interesting about the press confrence and the party. I never thought of that, but you made it seem so real!

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Review #22, by lilypadandprongs4eva Epilogue - Old Memories Shared

30th August 2007:
good story i read the whole way through it. i liked it but sometimes the characters didnt seem that real, like they are in the books. just constructive critisim. all the ideas for the different stuff that happened were amazing...i liked merlin house :)

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Review #23, by angry Prologue

23rd August 2007:
not cool! Harry killed dozens of wizards, some only 17 and he doesn't feel any guilt? YEAH RIGHT. Poor slytherins, i'm going to go write a story where they all get perfect lives and anyone with prejudices against them can go get hexed. You are really mean, thinking killling all those people mean nothing.

Author's Response: No, he didn't kill Slytherins, he killed Death Eaters. Everyone, who reads the other 49 chapters of my story, will know that Harry doesn't have any prejustices against Slytherins - on the contrary :-)

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Review #24, by pixi Prologue

21st August 2007:
I already read this story, but i want to read it again because i only read it once AND it's to good to read it only once.. I already read my way through your sequal so far..

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like it :-)
I will hurry up with the sequel - I have already finished writing (it's about 36 chapters) :-)

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Review #25, by Nautonnier Epilogue - Old Memories Shared

17th August 2007:
Ack! I love this story so much! I'm so glad you decided to continue it!

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