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Review #1, by Seamus fan OWLs

30th November 2011:
Is that it wat happens to bex nd sirus

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Review #2, by KTpendragon An Introduction

30th April 2008:
Wow! This is such a cool book, I really like it - write MORE!

Author's Response: Kate, stop reviewing your own story!!!

Dingwit!! Or Dimbat!!!

Luv u NEway

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Review #3, by Hello! Dances and Dramas

18th March 2008:
v. v. good story!!! I lurved it so.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o.o. much! Gr8 jobbie, robbie - hav a v. happy day, Rae!
Siriusly, though, good one. Loved the tale! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks v. much, mate. Glad you enjoyed it and I loved the pun!!! ☺☻☺☻☺♥

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Review #4, by hanoverpretz01 OWLs

23rd December 2007:
cute chapter
update soon
happy holidays

Author's Response: Thanks. You too.

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Review #5, by Mossa Sneaking Out

13th December 2007:
I really should be doing my geography coursework. It was meant to be in last week, but I CAN'T STOP READINGG! Curse your compelling writing!

Author's Response: Heh heh. I am evil.
I suck at Georgraphy, did you know. It's strange. Until recently I had no idea where Russia was.
It takes up, like 1 sixth of the world's land surface area and I had NO IDEA it was half in Asia.
And I STILL don't know whether Africa or America is on the left side of the world map. Let me think about that...

Now, one or the other of them connects to Europe which is on the RIGHT side. America does NOT connect you Europe, that I know, so therefore AFRICA must be on the right side of the world map.
Thus, AMERICA must be on the LEFT side of the world map.
Yes, that's right, I'm sure of it... kind of, anyway...

Speaking of lefts and rights, though, I still have to put my hands up in front of my face and go, 'L for left, so that way's left' when I need to know which way left is.
Anyway, thanks for reviewing and I hope you have a v e e e e e e r r r r r r r y pleasant day!!!

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Review #6, by fghd21 What Lurks Within a Forest

24th November 2007:
awwe thats a cute chapter! go bex and sirius!:D

Author's Response: Shucks! Thanks heaps for reviewing and I'm very apreciative - apreciative enough to give you a heart! ♥
And another one!!! ♥
And lots more! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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Review #7, by hanoverpretz01 What Lurks Within a Forest

24th November 2007:
really good do we find out who the death eaters were?

Author's Response: Perhaps...
no, i don't think so. Probably someone random like Avery Senior or something, or the blonde death eater in HP 6!!!

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Review #8, by hanoverpretz01 Dances and Dramas

6th November 2007:
REALLY amazing
like, insanely
so much so that you HAVE 2 UPDATE SOON!

Author's Response: Thanks so much!
It is probably insanely amazing because I am insane. It has something to do with those plants I set fire to. I found them outside the school grounds. They smell really interesting.

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Review #9, by hfae Dances and Dramas

4th November 2007:
hahah this story is pretty hilarious!
and i really like bex's character:)
good job:)
i cant wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so MUCH!

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Review #10, by ssaxoxo Dances and Dramas

4th November 2007:
hey this story really good but i would just like to mention that your story goes from chapter 18 to chapter 20

your missing chapter 19

its a good story though

Author's Response: Yeah, I know, it was rejected and I didn't realise so I just put chappie 20 up!

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Review #11, by brigiliz An Introduction

23rd October 2007:
i liked the way you set up for the characters but what about remus?

Author's Response: Oh. My. Gosh.
I forgot Remus.
I forgot Remus?
I forgot Remus.
I forgot REMUS!
Oh. My. God.
I am pathetic.

No, but honestly, this is a little embarrassing...

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Review #12, by carlysue22 Dates for the Dance and Potter's Partner

15th October 2007:
yay, im the first review!
this story is so funny, i wish it would never end *sigh*
how many more chapters does it have anyway?

Author's Response: Well... this is embarassing, but...
it used to be three stories, you see, and then I merged it into a kinda 3-in-1 deal, so there are... let me see... well, it's 30 + 25 + 32, so that's... er... 87, minus... how many chapters are up so far? er... sixteen? Yeah, well then, that's... 71 chapters to go. Dont' you worry about it never ending, 'cause, well...

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Review #13, by maurader fan Dressing for the Dance and Peter's Partner

14th October 2007:
This story is really good! Yay for Peter, though I feel sorry for Yu Chung.

Author's Response: Yes, I feel sorry for him too. He never does end up getting a date... :(
Great you think my story's good!
Nb. (don't you love [nb]? IO think it's so cool. Did you know it meant notabene in Latin. I only learnt that this year. But anyway...) you have a really cool Username!

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Review #14, by fishergirl Several Snowballs and Scoffed Shoes

20th September 2007:
fantastic chapter. the prank thing reminds me of one that was played in the movie 'cheaper by the dozen'. cept it was the dudes budgie smugglers that they soaked in meat. Which the dog then attacked. Oh i do seem to go on a bit. 10/10

Author's Response: THANKS SO MUCH! Yeah - I've watched Cheaper by the Dozen too (and also Two... you know what I mean, it's v. complicated as such and so on and... yeah). That's where I got the idea... no copyright infringement intended.

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Review #15, by fishergirl Professor Pophorn's Tresses

3rd September 2007:
At this very moment, I am clutching my side in agony because I have a stitch from laughing too much

Author's Response: Oh, I am so sorry that I caused you agony! That's terrible! I feel really bad.

Have some virtual chocolate - I feel that chocolate is a pain reliever (at least, that is what I use it as... and I somehow find myself in pain very often...)

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Review #16, by Naruto1 I know what you did last night...

22nd August 2007:
but I dont want a broken jaw ah dont hurt me bex

Author's Response: Don't worry, broken jaws mend. And they're reserved for Sirius and brothers. Thanks for reviewing.

Ps. are you a leopard? I'm a cheetah.

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Review #17, by hp_for_lyf_coz_it_rox Six Galleons Nine Sickles

18th August 2007:
Ha, the bet was cool. Er... Bex sounded very cool, in fact, I CAN IMAGINE EXACTLY WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE and I can also IMAGINE EXACTLY WHO LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE HERE (by the way, anyone who is reading this review to see whether A Fifth Year Of Friends is a good story, Zokara is my sister, and the publisher of 'Lily in Love', which i wrote) anywho, good story!

Author's Response: Okay, Sis, thanks for the compliments but they don't mean much because of that whole family loyalty thing, but anyway, thanks HEAPS!


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Review #18, by BEEtheBUZZINGravenclaw An Introduction

13th August 2007:
I thought it was entertaining...probably one of the best introductions I've read. I was just wondering where Remus and Peter were...but anywho, lovely first chapter! And I'm not just reviewing because You-Know-Who (Taboo, Taboo!) Imperiused me too...**twitch twitch**

Author's Response: It's v. v. good to know that my intro is entertaining because I worry that it's so boring readers either
a. throw their computers out the window, or, for more suicidal people,
b. throw themselves out the window.
I have optimistic tendancies so am inclined to hope option a takes place more commonly.

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Review #19, by kitchen princess An Introduction

27th July 2007:
i like it and flyong_high made me a banner too...she is good

Author's Response: It's GREAT that you like my story! I know, Flying_High is the BOMB at making banners!
But if you liked this chapter, wait til you read the next one! It's way better, but I can't compliment it too much or I am in danger of being bombarded with renditions of 'You're So Vain', which is a song I reckon was written especially to me, and which is a song that my sisters despise because I sing it all the time.

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Review #20, by liliana53 Amuvus Platformia

18th July 2007:
Really liked all the chapters. When will u upload the 13?

Author's Response: I'm glad my chapters are enjoyed! Unfortunately, I am very much appalled and saddened to tell you this, but, dreadfully sorry about it and all that, I'm soooooooooooo sorry and stuff, but, all aside, I am a donkey. Also, I can't update 'til the 27th at least, 'cause of that whole 'no updating between the 17th and 27th so the validators can get a rest' thing.

Anyway, thanks for reviewing, and I assure you I'll update ASAP!!!

have sum virtual chocolate.

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Review #21, by Naruto1 Amuvus Platformia

13th July 2007:
pretty good, needs more humor

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I know this chapter isn't as funny as I'd like it to be, unfrotuantely, but it was kind of essential for the next bit. :(

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Review #22, by Emma Six Galleons Nine Sickles

13th July 2007:
I loved this chapter it was so funny. My favorite part was the bet it was so

Author's Response: I am a donkey.

It's good to know this chapter was funny! The bet was good, I think... my friend the pony made a bet with me that I couldn't type with hooves, but I WON! as you can see.

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Review #23, by Emma Six Galleons Nine Sickles

13th July 2007:
I loved this chapter it was so funny. My favorite part was the bet it was so

Author's Response: I think the bet's cool too.

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Review #24, by maurader fan Amuvus Platformia

13th July 2007:
There. Now I have reviewed AND added you to my list of favourites. (So watch where you're pointing that wand, honey.) I really enjoyed this chapter because it was.HILARIOUS! But why did they have to send tthe spell to the ministry? And can spells go through the wall, or break the wall (excluding the spell that the girls discovered (and did they discover it or make it up?))

Keep up the good work! 10/10

Author's Response: They had to send the spell to the ministry because they are generous (unlike Snape) and wanted to share it with the world. Also, the Ministry needed to test it and stuff to determine that it was safe etc. Spells can destroy the wall if they're strong enough, ie. only Dumbledore or Voldemort would be able to destroy it if Bex conjured it. They actually did make it up, though! By the way, I am a donkey.

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Review #25, by jezstar Amuvus Platformia

13th July 2007:
Great story. I really enjoyed the humour.

Author's Response: Good. Glad ya liked it. I am a donkey. I do also enjoy the humour but when I laugh it is a kind of HEE hAW so I try not to.

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