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Review #1, by Harry Potter Telling Them

10th July 2009:
this is bull shiz and i hate it.

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Review #2, by Harry and Ginny Whats Another Name For Jealousy, Again?

11th March 2009:
i know it has been a long time but could u please update this? I want to know what's going to happen now?^_^


Harry and Ginny

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Review #3, by gummybear Whats Another Name For Jealousy, Again?

22nd February 2009:
I love this!!! I have not wrote any fics. but you can read my favorite fic.s. Please write more!

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Review #4, by smirkyhaha Whats Another Name For Jealousy, Again?

17th November 2008:
that was great I love yours mine and ours and harry potter though you might want to make it a little bit less of a copy of yours mine and ours just add a little bit of new stuff otherwise it is superb

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Review #5, by Yuval Hogwarts Reunion

4th October 2008:
I stopped mid-chapter. I've never done that before, but I was forced to now. Are you a third grader? Because that's the grammar/sentence developement you have. I'm really, really sorry to be so harsh, but it's true. Please. I beg of you. GET A BETA.
I really am sorry. You probably think I'm a heartless person that rhymes with witch, but I'm not. It's just really that bad.

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Review #6, by Yuval Meeting Agian

3rd October 2008:
A. You're writing is TERRIBLE. No offense, that is.
B. You only have to capitalize PROPER NOUNS. Take the last sentence of your author's note, for example: The only thing that needed to be capitalized there is There, Ron and Hermione. That's it. Nothing else.
C. A quote and then "he said" is one sentence. So after the quote, INSIDE THE QUOTATION MARKS, you put a comma.
D. He said, she said. Think of it this way: said is dead. Try to use other, more discriptive words.
E. Have you already found your beta? If not, I would like to beta this story for you.

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Review #7, by fanwright19 Whats Another Name For Jealousy, Again?

20th May 2008:
I like it. it's a bit confusing to follow sometimes but I should have a paper that said wich child belone to who. I will do that next time LOL please update soon.

Author's Response: You can see the list in third chapter i think. Lol, thanks for the reveiw.

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Review #8, by sectumsempress101 Room Wars

9th April 2008:
I'm not an OFFICIAL beta yet, but I'm really good in spelling, grammar, and briticisms. Good Chapter! Write more! I'll surely read it!

Author's Response: Well, if your ever intrested in beta-ing this story, please let me know, you could reach me at Thanbk you for your reveiws.

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Review #9, by ginny4eva Room Wars

29th March 2008:
oh. Things aren't turning out as well as Ginny and Harry had hoped.

Author's Response: No, but thats why it's so fun. Thank you for your reveiw

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Review #10, by ginny4eva Differences

29th March 2008:
wow, that's a brilliant first chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you, I think my writing gets better with every chapter, lol.

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Review #11, by sectumsempress101 Rooms, Hate, and the mess of it all

23rd February 2008:

Author's Response: LOl, I'll try. Thank you for your reveiw.

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Review #12, by sectumsempress101 Telling Them

23rd February 2008:
Dudududu! I present, the greatest story evah!!!

PS I think you spelled enthusiasm right!

Author's Response: Thank you. I really like you reveiws, lol.

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Review #13, by sectumsempress101 Hogwarts Reunion

23rd February 2008:
AWWW.What happens next? Write more!

Author's Response: I just got my internet all up and loading so, and just sent out my new chapter. Hope you enjoy.

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Review #14, by sectumsempress101 Meeting Agian

23rd February 2008:
Great!!! Awesome!!! Every single praise word!!!

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you, lol. I just got the next chapter sended.

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Review #15, by sectumsempress101 Differences

23rd February 2008:
Great!!! I luv it! LUV IT!

Author's Response: Thank You, I moved so it took a while to get everything done and ready.

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Review #16, by marieluz Rooms, Hate, and the mess of it all

28th October 2007:
really really good!

Author's Response: Thank you, I'll update soon, I'm moving so It's hard to get to a computer at the time, lol.

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Review #17, by marieluz Telling Them

28th October 2007:
keep updating

Author's Response: Thanks, your reveiw was helpful.

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Review #18, by marieluz Meeting Agian

28th October 2007:
great story keep updating

Author's Response: Thank you, again.

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Review #19, by marieluz Differences

28th October 2007:
great beginning love it keep updating

Author's Response: Thank You

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Review #20, by CommanderMatt Telling Them

9th September 2007:
This story is really wierd, no offence, but is funny. Did u get this idea from that one movie that Nick had? I forgot the name, but... This is just funny, good story : ))

Author's Response: I don't know a Nick, well if you don't count my older brother, lol. I was watching the movie, and I just started typing. But thanks for the reveiw.


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Review #21, by Wingnut1974 Hogwarts Reunion

12th August 2007:
i'd love to see more

Author's Response: Thanks, i'd love to give some more, lol.

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Review #22, by ginny_roxmysox Hogwarts Reunion

8th August 2007:
This is so cute! Please update!

Author's Response: Thanks you. i luv ur pen name, it sooo cool.

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Review #23, by magicguy93 Differences

5th August 2007:
It's good. THey have a lot of children though.

Author's Response: Lol, I know.

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Review #24, by rosai_gryffindor Hogwarts Reunion

29th June 2007:
i enjoyed this chapter! the story is getting much better!! i would like to read more! keep writing, and update soon!! :)

Author's Response: Thak you. next chapter in about a week or two.

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Review #25, by rosai_gryffindor Meeting Agian

29th June 2007:
good chapter! easier to follow than the first, and the story is getting going a bit! but maybe a bit rushed though.

Author's Response: i know but hpfully i shoud get the next chapter soon.

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