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Review #1, by jenjen Just Like Her Parents

14th April 2011:
so you gonna post a new chapter soon? :D I sure hope so.

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Review #2, by casa_bella not signed in Just Like Her Parents

7th March 2008:
oh wow, this is CATASTROPHIC! lol, one thing though... the Potter kids, James is the eldest, the Albus, THEN Lily, or are you not following the books?

keep writing!

Author's Response: I had the story written before the books came out, yeah. sorry.

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Review #3, by Hyperchick1120 Just Like Her Parents

25th February 2008:
Okay as for praise I LOVE THIS STORY! On to the con-crit what happened to you? I really really really need the next chapter! =D

Author's Response: 1. the story deleted itself off my computer.
2. my senior year is CHAOS.
3. musical rehersals have taken over my life.
4. I will update... eventually. promise.

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Review #4, by jacks_angel2007 Just Like Her Parents

27th January 2008:
I love the whole story it is great! update soon please!!

Author's Response: I'm going back to work tonight, I decided that I know where I'm going with it now!

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Review #5, by jkr_lover Just Like Her Parents

17th January 2008:
You promised that you would updae! And now you havnt updated Family either! I am dieing here! Please do not tell me that you have given up writing! I might just die! Ok, so I'm being a little dramatic, but still!10/10 Please Continue!

Author's Response: updating Family today! starting on Finding Daddy tonight!

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Review #6, by Dracolover1 Pancakes

5th January 2008:
I loved this story so much i started to cry!!!I love it so much!!!

Author's Response: oh gosh, thanks!

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Review #7, by Aviane Just Like Her Parents

4th January 2008:
Oh man this is completally heartbreaking! Please please please finish I love it!

Author's Response: working on it!

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Review #8, by Erisal95 Just Like Her Parents

17th December 2007:








Author's Response: oh wow. um, thank you a lot! see, people like you make me want to keep writing. in fact, I'm starting on it tonight : )

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Review #9, by Sprite Sparkle Just Like Her Parents

8th December 2007:
Aww. I love that story so far. Bonnie is truely Ron and Hermione's little girl. Cannot wait to read more.

Author's Response: aww, thanks.

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Review #10, by crzypottergrlz Just Like Her Parents

23rd November 2007:
don't leave it there more moermore

Author's Response: oh, gosh. all this begging... I'll start the next chapter. I gave up on it, but I'll keep going : )

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Review #11, by iloveseverus Just Like Her Parents

14th November 2007:
this is such a sad story. i really like it though. please write more!

Author's Response: you see, I WOULD write more, but my computer deleted it all. so I'm focusing on Family now. update later, though. promise.

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Review #12, by hogwartsdearest Just Like Her Parents

14th November 2007:
really good i have heard a ton of stories similar to this but ron never got hurt he just never knew. its awesome, im excited for th next chapter

Author's Response: oooo, thanks. your review makes me all happy inside : )

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Review #13, by war and peace Just Like Her Parents

16th October 2007:
you need to updateNOW!! lol
that chapter was better than the other two i have to say, and i couldn't really tell you why but it was written better. i like the idea of the list of the things she know about ron - i mean her father.

Author's Response: yeah... well.... my computer deleted all that I had, and I mean EVERYTHING, storyline and all. So I have to restart. Give me a few months, please.

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Review #14, by hplover1002 Pancakes

6th October 2007:
My name is Louise...good story!

Author's Response: thanks :)

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Review #15, by bizinhavieira Just Like Her Parents

16th September 2007:
You're evil! I don't know who are you worst to: Hermione or Bonnie! Hehehe
I can't keep from wondering how Ron will react when he finds out he is a dad!

Kisses and hugs

Author's Response: Oh I'M not evil! (Even though it's Hermione's fault she's suffering, and it's not Bonnie's fault at all, but y'know...) Thanks for the review, this makes me haaappy :)

And what makes you think he'll find out? Bwhahahha.

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Review #16, by HPsmartone32 Just Like Her Parents

13th September 2007:
this story is amazing. so original! i LOVE IT! PLEASE update son! this is so good. on my favorites for sure!

Author's Response: oh yay, I'm on a favorites list! wooo! well, an update will take a while, seeing as my computer deleted EVERYTHING I had typed up on the next chapter, so I have to restart everything. But never fear, you'll get an update eventually! PROMISE!

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Review #17, by HPsmartone32 Pancakes

13th September 2007:
wow. this is really good/.

Author's Response: oh, thanks : )

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Review #18, by Christy86 Just Like Her Parents

4th September 2007:
update soon

Author's Response: well you see....... my computer deleted all I had of the next chapter and chapters to come. so I have to re-start. give me a few weeks to get everything back together!

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Review #19, by lillysora Pancakes

2nd September 2007:
cute. good job

Author's Response: thanks.

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Review #20, by Mira_Marauder Just Like Her Parents

31st August 2007:
Ohh.. That is so sweet!!! I'm crying. 13/10. Love it!

Author's Response: awww, don't cry! thanks much!

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Review #21, by Mira_Marauder Pancakes

31st August 2007:
Me likie!!! 10/10 Magenta??? No Lavender. me likie that much. :p

Author's Response: heh. thanks.

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Review #22, by Janhavi Just Like Her Parents

31st August 2007:
It is a really interesting story! Keep going, this chapter developed really well.

Author's Response: working hard on the next chapter!!

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Review #23, by mioneronweasly Just Like Her Parents

31st August 2007:
that was really good...pleasee update soon pleasee it is such a good story and an amazing plot!!! i lovee itt

Author's Response: ohhh thanks! this makes me smileee!

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Review #24, by kyrandia Just Like Her Parents

30th August 2007:
i love this story please update again real soon

Author's Response: updating soon. promise.

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Review #25, by kyrandia Just Like Her Parents

30th August 2007:
this is good but u shouldnt switch from non slanted to slanted half way thru the story

Author's Response: okay... I didn't realize it was like that.

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