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Review #1, by PatronusGirl101 Saving

12th February 2012:
That was awesome!! Im so glad it had a happy ending...

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Review #2, by marauderqueen Saving

19th August 2009:
Aw sweet. Poor Remus. I've always liked to think of Sirius as his kind of 'savior' I spose.
A nice story, well-written.

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Review #3, by lothlorien Saving

26th November 2007:
hello, me again. i hate to be annoying (well actually that's a lie-being annoying is a good way to have fun) but when are you going to post the first chapter of the sequel? please do it soon. i can't wait to see what happens now. please...

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Review #4, by lothlorien Saving

27th May 2007:
oh my god! this is beautiful! i can't wait to see the next chapter. what's the second part of the trilogy called? is it coming out soon?

Author's Response: Beautiful? THANK YOU SO MUCH! Thast is just the epitome of compliments! The second part should be started before the end of the month and it is called...(drum roll please) Wishing. (can you see the title theme yet? lol) You are the best reader ever x

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Review #5, by lothlorien Flying

24th May 2007:
yea this chapter definitely made up for everything. it's perfect. so is he going to tell him? just like that? after knowing him for a few days? please continue soon. please...

Author's Response: Glad to hear you're happy with this one =D

Will he'll have to wait and see!

And it's been a month so that's like 30 days...and they know each other so well, so natural, is what I'm trying to get at but you are right in the sense that if I was writing this in novella or novel I would have this more stretched out...but I like writing short-story better as the action can happen in every chapter!

I'm glad that I have someone to answer these questions for you have no idea how much they help =D!

Thanks !

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Review #6, by Chicky Flying

24th May 2007:
Please make Remus tell Sirius! I think they would be good together :)

Author's Response: So do I! Pity there can never be any suggestion of it in JKR's books =(

Keep reading and you'll find out if he does! Glad you're still enjoying it =D

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Review #7, by lothlorien Missing

23rd May 2007:
i don't get it. he's been watching him for like forever and yet he didn't discover what he is? and shouldn't he know when it was the time of the month for remus to leave? the chapter is even shorter than the second one. but i suppose you are right. at least you're posting them quickly. do keep up please. i'm looking forward to reading the next chapter.
have fun, lothlorien

Author's Response: Well I think it would be the one thing Remus would be so careful about, so no one who didn't need to would ever know. Wouldn't he?

I really am sorry about the length of that one but i hope the next one makes up for it! It should be ready anytime soon.

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Review #8, by lothlorien Reaching.

21st May 2007:
beautiful. but way too short. try and make the next chapters longer. other than that great job. they seem to be geting along pretty good. how are james and peter going to react on such a change in the group? i wonder...please conrinue soon. and really try and make the next chapters longer ok?

Author's Response: Sorry about the shortness the next one is...the same size I think *looks guilty* but in my defence I was going to go back and make it longer but that would involve sending it to the back of the validation queue and I thought you might want to read the next bit sooner than read more later. if I'm wrong don't hesitate to say! Next part is up for validation (as you may have guessed) so hope you keep enjoying even if the next chapter is short, the one after it is longer *brownie's honour*!

Thank you for the beautiful comment =)

(Oh and just in case you're interested I've already started writing the sequel so there won't be any enormous gaps between update X)

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Review #9, by Chicky Reaching.

21st May 2007:
Cool story, please update soon i want to know what happens! (sorry i can be very impatient sometimes!) :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the comment! And the next part is in for V. so you should see it and it's successors soon!

(DOn't worry patient isn't my virtue either =D)

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Review #10, by lothlorien Freefalling

20th May 2007:
ok i decided to review again in order to give you an actual review. so here it is: i love the way you describe remus and sirius. but i have a few questions. remus is a gryfondor right? so how come he never spoke to sirius yet? and wouldn't coming to school late make him more visible to everyone? did remus notice sirius in the same way he was noticed? ok enough questions for now. please continue soon.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing twice! Questions are entirely appreciated so here are some hopefully, satisfactory answers -

How come Remus has never spoken to Sirius? - well, the way I'm writing him, I think he hasn't really 'spoken' to anyone. He is very introvert and lost within himself. Obviously he's probably said something like 'pass the salt,' or something like that but other than that there has been no way for them to connect and therefore they haven't.

Why would coming to school late make him more invisible to everyone? - Well, in the first few days of school, everyone sort of slips into a routine. They form their first cliques. If you miss that then, what have you got? You're sort of out of the tide already. That's how I saw it at my own school.

Did Remus notice Sirius in the same way he was noticed? - You'll just have to read on and find out :p

Thanks a million for your reviews and please keep reading!!

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Review #11, by lothlorien Freefalling

20th May 2007:
this story is PERFECT! please please please please...please please(you get the picture) continue soon. amazing how you got me hooked on your story with just 1009 words. i salute you. so again i say please please please continue soon.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for such an amazing response - I'm so glad you're enjoying the story so much!

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