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Reading Reviews for Move On Together
12 Reviews Found

Review #1, by SpringTime The Story

12th October 2008:
Aw, so sad. Poor Harry and Ginny. It is a sweet story, there are parts where you use dialogue where it might be more beneficial to use narration. Other than that good job.

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Review #2, by Hermione Clone The Story

17th February 2008:
This was wonderful! Sad, but wonderful. I couldn't believe that Harry and Ginny were killed, but I'm glad Ron and Hermione were able to be there for each other.
When Ron was crying, I had to force myself not to let my eyes go further down the page. Whenever I do that, I always end up seeing the most important thing. (Like in DH, when Harry "dies", I accidentally skipped right to the part where Dumbledore told Harry he didn't think he was really dead!)
Great job!

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Review #3, by ginny_potter22 The Story

5th February 2008:
Oh my gosh!
You reviewed and read my story so I thought I would yours.
That is so sad! AND I didnt expect that I was so shocked but I love the story! Its so coool!

Great job.

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Review #4, by casa_bella The Story

22nd January 2008:
aw! this is really sweet, you've written it really well, congrats!

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Review #5, by quidditch77 The Story

13th August 2007:
Wow. I really like this. And even though I am such a huge R/Hr shipper, I kind of wish that they would just stay apart if that meant Harry and Ginny staying alive in this story. But I guess within the circumstances it's a semi-happy ending. I loved the last line. Poor Ginny and Harry though :(
Great job, I can't wait to read more stories by you.

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Review #6, by theblack_knight The Story

27th June 2007:
oh no! not death! very touchy. adorable

Author's Response: thanx for reveiwing!

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Review #7, by chick_fic_luver_erin The Story

31st May 2007:
i like it. nice job.

Author's Response: thanx!

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Review #8, by crazee4life The Story

22nd May 2007:
That was sooo sad. But AWESOME story!

Author's Response: Thanks for the nice reveiw! Thanks to everyone for r & r-ing!

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Review #9, by pens82 The Story

20th May 2007:

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Review #10, by evil_step_sister The Story

18th May 2007:
omg i love it
so emotional
i nearly cried

Author's Response: its nice to hear someone loves my story, thanx for reveiwing!

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Review #11, by harryhermron The Story

18th May 2007:
it is ok

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Review #12, by RonxHermione The Story

18th May 2007:
awww so cute!thnx so much 4 writing this!i love r/hr!

my rating=10/10

Author's Response: RonxHermione thanx so much for the reveiw. Glad you liked it! I love r/hr too!

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