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Review #1, by aea7777 I'm sorry

29th December 2011:
I really like it! well done.

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Review #2, by ronandmione4ever I'm sorry

23rd August 2007:
I cried... i listened to the song in time with the fic and yes.. i cried. i've given you a 10 anyway but the best ending would have been if he'd have come thorugh the door at the end and said something like, "what if we will" and then it ends... that would have made me smile at the same time as cry.. but i loved it all the same! xxx.

Author's Response: Awwhh thanks ^^

I'm sorry i made you cry =[

Thanks for reading and reviewing, it's really great if you xxx

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Review #3, by Zokara I'm sorry

16th June 2007:
Oh my gosh. *tears fall into my lap* That was so sad! I can't believe that Hermione would end it with Ron!!! The really miserable thing is, there is a good chance that this will actually happen... NO! RON MUST MARRY HERMIONE! HE MUST!!! Um, yeah, sorry about that. I'm a bit obsessed about everyone getting together with the right people... very well written, this fanfic was. Loved it. 10/10. Should I stop writing now? Hm. I probably should. I really need to stop writing such long reviews... don't you think? Yeah, I'll stop writing in... 3... great story, by the way... 2... oh, and please read my two fanfics: A fifth year of friends and Lily in love part 1: A fifth year of distrust... 1 (I'll stop now. Cheerio!)

Author's Response: haha, i'm glad that you enjoyed it and of course i'll read your fanfics =]]

thanks for reading =]]

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Review #4, by FallingDawn I'm sorry

23rd May 2007:
Aweee, that was adorable. I absolutely love this, so sad, but so good. An excellent songfiction.

The spacing between paragraphs is a bit out of control, but that happens on a few of my stories unintentionally.


Author's Response: yehh, mine tend to do that, without me meaning to. I am glad that you liked it. x

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Review #5, by maea_weasley I'm sorry

18th May 2007:
i love the's brill!!!my fave too!i love ron and hermione together but sometimes it seems that they just won't work out in the long run.ron has a lot of issues and if he doesn't sort himself out then they might never happen.i've just written my first fic ever and it's a song fic too!it's to kylie minogue's your eyes but it hasn't been validated yet.keep up the god work!

Author's Response: thanks so much for reading and reviewing


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