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Review #1, by Darla It's more like a Dream

27th March 2012:
I really liked this story but I felt like the ending was a bit abrupt and a little forced. An epilogue would've been nice, welcome even, but it was your choice to end it there. I really wanted to know what became of Beth and John and if Hermione ever went back to normal or got all of her memories back at least. Also I was wondering why she was even kidnapped in the first place because you were a little vague about that. Sorry I don't mean to sound so critical. There were elements that I liked such as Bellatrix's end and Fred and George's appearances but the effort could've been spent on developing the story a little more. I'm sure you'll get better as you go along and I'm excited to see what else you come up with. Good luck.

Author's Response: Yeah, I have to agree that I did end it abruptly. The truth is that I abandoned this story for several years before picking it back up again and didn't have the patience to do it justice :/ which I should have...
Anyway, I guess I can just tell you that Beth and John got married and that Hermione did get all of her memories back after a while. Erm, it's been so long since I wrote this that I don't really remember what Draco's motivation for kidnapping her - other than wanting to torture her, I suppose.
It's okay that you're being critical. I really appreciate constructive criticism, actually :) It's very helpful!
Thank you for the review! :D

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Review #2, by HxR4ever Don't Lie to a Leglimens.

25th January 2012:
Love it!!! That proves that even though hermione can't remember nothin she can still outsmart the little death eater. =D

Author's Response: heheheh I love Hermione :)
Thank you for the review! :D

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Review #3, by Avanell 2 It's more like a Dream

20th August 2011:
Very sweet ending to this story :)

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #4, by Ron_The_King It's more like a Dream

19th August 2011:
"I told you, didn't I?" she hesitated, her stomach twisting with nerves, "I told you that I loved you."

thats got to be my favorite line of the story.. I love it :)
great job

Author's Response: hahaha awh thanks! that's definitely one of my favorites too! :)

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Review #5, by tearsofhope Insightful

18th August 2011:
Grr. I just spent an hour reading your story cuz I thought it was complete! Now I have to wait for a last chapter? Shame on you. But it's a really good story, it actually has a plot other than romance, unlike most fics. I wasn't sure if I would like it cuz I'm much more of a Harry/Hermione fan, but I was pleased to discover that it actually deals with some interesting issues. Unfortunately, I've forgotten what Inferi are...something evil, I guess. My only constructive criticism is to maybe run the whole thing through spellcheck, there are a few mistakes, and to go back to 11 and erase the part where you say this is the last chapter! :) Again, it's a nice story. I've been reading fanfiction for a year now, I think, and I really want to post something of my own. Just waiting for the right idea, I guess. But thanks for reminding me it doesn't have to be a romance.

Author's Response: I really like your review, so my response is lengthy hahah. That and there's a lot in your review to hit on :)
About inferi...
"They are corpses, Dead bodies that have been bewitched to do a Dark wizard's bidding. Inferi have not been seen for a long time, however, not since Voldemort was last powerful. He killed enough people to make an army of them, of course." -Albus Dumbledore
So they're kind of like zombies, but they have no free will because their purpose is merely to serve the wizard that reanimated them...
I had forgotten that I had added an extra chapter when I was putting chapter 11 into the queue.. not sure how... O_o ... but the last chapter is in the queue now, they say it's a five day wait, but knowing HPFF it'll probably be seven days before it's validated :/
Also, I am a fan of romance, but I REALLY appreciate a romance if it has at least one other element. So when I started this four years ago I wanted to write a R/Hr fic, but I really wanted to throw in my additional ideas as well and this was the result of that. I'm pretty happy with it and I'm soo incredibly glad everyone else is happy with it too :D Especially glad that it even appeals to you since you're more of an H/Hr shipper ;)
Yeah, I'm kind of embarrassed that I didn't think to run it through spellcheck when I was doing my editing process... I'm going to get on that asap. :D
Welll, my advice on writing fanfiction is that when you get an idea write down little notes about it and let it sit in your mind for a little while before writing it. I know that sounds kind of strange and that you'll want to write it down right away, but in all honesty, the longer it sits in your mind the more refined of an idea it becomes. It's what I did with this and my other story I have on here and I know that neither of them would be half as good if I hadn't let them sit in my mind for a while ;)
Anyway thank you so much for the wonderful review! :D

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Review #6, by Avanell 2 Insightful

18th August 2011:
Nice update...glad Beth is engaged :)

Author's Response: I know right!
Thanks again for reviewing :D

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Review #7, by Ron_The_King Awakening

11th August 2011:
cool. I have a few suggestions
1. Change the rating of this story. Its not at all mature. In fact it could easily be fitted in 12+ or 15+ to be safe
2. Do add some good scenes of Ron and Hermione. They deserve it after such a long time
3. Do follow the 2nd suggestion ;)

I love this story

Author's Response: I would change it back to 12+ or 15+ (probably 15+) but I'm terribly afraid that the staff here at hpff would have a cow.. because they made me change it a while back to mature :/ I might, however, change the rating after I'm sure I've completed it... Mwahahaha!
Hmmm. If I do that then I'll probably only add a second chapter... or lengthen my current chapter 12... which I already have written - it could use some lengthening anyway and I was planning on doing that at least a little at some point today or tomorrow before putting it into the queue..
Anddd speaking of more Ron/Hermione scenes, I was planning on adding a snippet of their wedding as a one-shot, but I've been doing some thinking and I might, instead, add a bit about John and Beth's wedding.. As an epilogue I suppose. No worries though, it would be a bit more centered on Ron and Hermione than John and Beth.. Considering this story describes their feelings more than anyone elses...
...I have some thinking to do today and tomorrow lol
Anyway, I'm glad you love my story! Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #8, by Avanell 2 Awakening

11th August 2011:
Great new/revised update!

Author's Response: Thanks a million - again! :)

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Review #9, by potterlover19355 I fell on a statue..

27th July 2011:
I love this book SO SO SO much. :) it was the first fan fic I read on this site (back when it was "finished") and I'm glad you're adding to it. Keep it up. : )

Author's Response: Wow your review just completely made my day! I'm so so glad you feel that way about my fic! :)

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Review #10, by Ron_The_King I fell on a statue..

26th July 2011:
Oh Wow. this locket thing is new, isnt it? I can't wait to see what happens between them ;)

Author's Response: I actually briefly mention it earlier in the story, but I didn't expect many to remember it haha. ;)
I'm really glad that you like it! :)

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Review #11, by Xander The Start

12th July 2011:
im extremely delighted that you have decided the edit the story.. :)
now the review
Bella, potter is not yours :P .. and Ron show some emotions, you have found Hermione after 4 years.. Ginny show some guilt 'cause you found Ron's feelings lame.. Draco you better be scared to death because you aint going nowhere else.. and Beth you are a true, brave and loyal friend.. John keep Beth safe :)
and finally JustBrilliant update soon :D :P

Author's Response: Hahaha I love your review so I'm leaving a lengthy response :)
Bellatrix just wants her revenge! Mwahaha!
Ron's a big confused mixed-up ball of emotions - anger, longing, hopelessness, but he also has relief and some hope. So he's really just too mixed up to know how to act ;)
Ginny feels terribly terrible.. As she should... Not that I don't like Ginny as a character, but up until this chapter she's a bit of a turd..
I LOVE laughing at Draco when he's vulnerable in this fic.. He's more terrified than I think I've described, but he IS trying to hide it from Bellatrix..
Beth's one of my favorite OC's I've ever come up with. If she went to Hogwarts she'd be in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. Not sure which.
John is a minorish OC, but I love how he has that 'if-it's-important-to-Beth-it's-important-to-me' attitude. :)
Finally, I am currently working on the next chapter. I have a very rough draft of it already written, but I need to lengthen it and edit it a bit first. Ya know, so it's nice and pretty and a satisfying read. :)
Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #12, by Jay Weasley The Draught Of Living Death

2nd July 2011:
you should make the next chapter er sorry finish editing the next chapter this is a good story

Author's Response: I'm actually currently working on the next chapter, but the queue is closed until the tenth so I won't be able to submit it until then. :/
Thanks though, I'm really glad you like it! :)

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Review #13, by Brandi18 The Draught Of Living Death

12th January 2011:
Really good story. I look forward to reading more in the future.

Author's Response: I'm really glad you think so! Thank you for the review! :)

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Review #14, by militarykid The Draught Of Living Death

12th January 2008:
wonderful story so far. please update soon i want to see what will happen! keep going! please!

Author's Response: :/ I'm sorry I left you hanging for so long.

I don't know if you read my original last chapter or not before I took it off - which I still have and will be putting back into the story after I lengthen it a bit - but I hope that you get to read the ending to the story soon anyway!

Thanks for the lovely review!! *hugs*

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Review #15, by -in old style! The Draught Of Living Death

4th November 2007:
i really like it! its soo cool
(yeah, i was desperate when i saw that fred died! literally desperate. although slightly and ashamedly relieved cause for a few scary and horrific seconds- or lines - i thought it was ron o_O.)
anyways, update soon! xD

Author's Response: Sorry my response to this is so late.. I guess I kind of forgot about hpff for three years :/

Anyway yeah, I was confused about who had died when I first read it too - except I thought it was Percy that had died - so I had to read it over a few times to be sure!

Thanks for the review!

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Review #16, by -in old style! Don't Lie to a Leglimens.

4th November 2007:
well, i dont know about whether that part was creepy to write, but it certainly is to read at 1h58Am! lol

very good story though! XD

Author's Response: Yeah hahaha, it was creepy.. I had to turn on all the lights between the living room and my bedroom after I was done writing!

Thanks for the review, I'm sorry I didn't respond to it sooner!

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Review #17, by Janhavi The Draught Of Living Death

2nd August 2007:
Good! I am waiting for the next.

Author's Response: Thank you! The next chapter should be up sometime around the 15th, sorry that it's a long wait!

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Review #18, by Janhavi The Malfoy Manor

2nd August 2007:
Its a well written chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you, again!

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Review #19, by Janhavi Realizations and Explanations

2nd August 2007:
great story so far! I really like it! I dont know how you will manage to make this realistic though... :)

Author's Response: Lol, I know, I'm having a time with making this story seem real.
Thanks! Glad you like it!

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Review #20, by EternalGold394 The Draught Of Living Death

28th July 2007:
Don't we all miss Fred? Nice bit with him and George though in this chapter, I could just see them acting like that. Wonderful as always, this story is very realistic. 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you, thank you, thank you, as always!!! *hugs*

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Review #21, by ginny_weasley_54 The Draught Of Living Death

27th July 2007:
i love.

Author's Response: Aww, thankies!!

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Review #22, by ginny_weasley_54 The Malfoy Manor

1st July 2007:
wow. i really like it.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!! =D

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Review #23, by EternalGold394 A Diamond Ring and a Violet Bus

30th June 2007:
this story is so GREAT
now would you please UPDATE!

ha ha ha- i rhymed! 10/10

Author's Response: I'll update as soon as I can.. though they're saying it's a 7 day wait now and I still have to finish chapter eight.. =[
but hopefully I can write chapters nine and ten during that time, =]
so please bare with me!
Thank you so much!!

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Review #24, by GriffinClaw The Malfoy Manor

30th June 2007:
Ha, I love the bit with the twins, very cute. Very good chapter, keep it coming. I'm not really sure why so many reviewers are saying this is hard to understand or that you need to explain more, because you explain everything very well. Maybe I just read too far into things and that's why it makes more sense to me... lol anyway back to reality! Poor Hermione, she just can't shake them! Update soon!

Author's Response: Oh really? I was worried that the part with the twins was a little cheesy.. So I'm VERY glad to hear that!
I'm also VERY happy that you understand it.. I was horribly worried when people were saying they couldn't follow.. then again, I know that there is some explanation that will come up in later chapters, I just have to write them! lol..
Well, I've started writing chapter eight.. though they're saying it's a 7 day wait for validation.. Ugh, =[
So all I can say is that it should be up within the next week or two, sorry it can't be sooner..
Thanks for the review, I really appreciated it!

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Review #25, by aimee The Malfoy Manor

30th June 2007:
Well it was ok but you need to explain how it happend to hermione more. this is mean to be like the 7th book? well explain more. its was good tho

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm getting into explaining more in later chapters, don't worry ;)
Oh no, this is after hogwarts, actually.. =/
Thanks for the review though!

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