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Review #1, by RandomRyter ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

12th April 2009:
Nice one-shot, I haven't seen many "Molly Weasley" PoV's, but it was good. I liked how you got in Ron/Hermione, Fred/Hermione, Harry/Hermione, and some Krum/Hermione. Loved it!

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Review #2, by girly1393 ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

5th April 2009:
I think this is great. Brilliant job, so funny and an interesting viewpoint. Bravo!

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Review #3, by srstar8 ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

7th December 2008:
Great story idea! Simply fantastic! I have a thing for Fred/Hermoine ships too for no good reason too, so that was cool!

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Review #4, by FreddieKat ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

24th March 2008:
i liked the story =]
very nice =D
i absolutely LOVE the Fremione ships XD

and why do you capitalize your V's in love?
just wondering


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Review #5, by caer24 ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

12th February 2008:
Reading your stories makes me wonder of other missing moments. I'm really enjoying reading these. Great job!!

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Review #6, by luvinpadfoot ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

25th January 2008:
This story is really funny! Keep writing! 10/10

Author's Response:
I like this story too. It helps that it's based on the most amusing section of a brilliant book - but thank's for the review and the 10/10 - woohoo!

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Review #7, by hpfreak456 ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

6th January 2008:
that was really not a fred/hermione story

Author's Response: Technally no... It is, however, the bud of attraction that will grow.

When read with my other stories you see an under current that will swell and bloom in a Fremione story of missing moment epic proportions!

The story is planned out I just need to write it after I finish From Summer to Battle.

I swear it's the next 'epic' I'm doing!

Don't lose heart...

Thanks for the review.

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Review #8, by Girldetective85 ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

2nd October 2007:
This was a really cute and funny story! I love Fred and George's letter to their mother the best, and especially about their own Triwizard Tournament. I nearly spit out my coffee a couple times while reading, which is a sure sign that it's a good story! Very well done :)

Author's Response:
I'm glad you enjoyed this. I did too. Fred is ace... the sequal is a chapter in From Summer to Battle: a Story of LoVe.

Thanks for the review

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Review #9, by kelbek ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

25th September 2007:
I did like this - one of the few stories on this site to make me laugh out loud! Especially Gred and Feorge's letter! I like the idea of "Fremione" too. Have you written any of those? If not, I hope you do.

Author's Response:
Well thanks for that. Gred and Feorge's letter is a funny on. But it was hard to write cos I love Fred so much; I didn't want to give too much away.

I have my Fremione story on the bubble on word - it's guna be good. However, cannon kind of throw me off course a bit. Never mind.

You'll see what I mean when it's posted. So watch this space.

Thanks for reviewing

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Review #10, by ShadowKisses ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

11th September 2007:
I loved it! It made me laugh out loud at times. Wonderful, heartwarming and original. I love the way you characterize Fred though. I love Fred to bits. ^_^ 10/10 and going on my favourite's list!

Author's Response:
I'm glad you loved this one because I do to and I'm really proud of it.

I love Fred to bits too so I can't help but write him. Characterizations is always an area I'm affaird of so thanks for loving my Fred.

I do a happy dance everytime some favorites my stories. Which is good cos I'm trying to lose some weight.

Cheers for reviewing too...

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Review #11, by netballpro13 ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

10th September 2007:
OMG that was 'bloody brilliant' I loved it. It felt so real and was a pleasure to read. I could imagine J.K herself writing this; definite quality.

Author's Response:
JK herself writing this. Now that is a giant Potterverse complement!

Glad you liked it. I enjoyed it as well. The Yule Brawl always makes me laugh and when I became a shipper it made me think as well.

Watch out the sequal to this is going to be in From Summer to Battle.

Thanks for reviewing

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Review #12, by ravenclaw_girl308 ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

4th September 2007:
I love it! the way (even in writing) Ron trys to hide that he likes Hermione and it still shows it (really obviously) I love how molly kept refering to ron as Ronnie and her general concern for their relationship(their being ron and Hermione)
And as to the fact Hermione "seems to interact with and react more to Fred then George" as you put it, I think this is mainly because Fred is really the louder more outspoken of the twins and tends to be the first to speak of the two (though I can see Fremione, though i don't like them together very much, I'm a huge R/Hr shipper)

all in all I think it's very good and I think you should keep writing!

Author's Response:
I agree I am a huge R/Hr shipper (Horcruxs was the sub-plot) but Fremoine is my second fav ship.

Glad you liked it I do too... I had to get my head around that whole Yule Ball situation. Like why he kept on asking her who her date was... and why they pretended like nothing happened afterwards etc!

Also we can't escape a truth that Molly doesn't appear to like Hermione at task 3... so theirs where the idea came from.

If you ship R/Hr check out my other stuff... Cos I only write R/Hr missing moments!

I'm V happy you think I should keep writing cos I think so too.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #13, by dark-lord--happy-pants ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

20th August 2007:
very, very, VERY good!
i am a BIG Hr/R shipper myself (okay;i admit it; i'm obsessed) but i also like a good Fremione (or George-Hermione, whatever u fancy) story.
i enjoyed this story and i've read a few of your other stories and they r very good also. your an amazing writer. i'm gonna go find that Fremione story u wrote (i read about it in another story) but just know: very good writing! keep it up!

Author's Response:
Confession time: My Fredmione story is in the planning stages and can't be started until From Summer to Battle: a Story of LoVe is finished...

Please bear with me it'll be worth the wait!

Thanks for you encouragement; I love this ship and this story so glad you like my writing woohoo

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Review #14, by Zacharias_Smith ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

14th August 2007:
This was a really good story overall. I liked the interesting perspective that you took and the use of letters.
I think the thing that stood out to me most in this story - a bit randomly - was the brilliant use of expressions and metaphors..hold on let me get an example.

eating his brunch like a man under the Imperius Curse

about this than befriend and party with Sirius Black.

In fact I'm surprised Hagrid didn't turn up and capture Ron's green eyed monsters to keep for his class and his collection of dangerous animals.

...and so on, lol. Absolute genius there.

There were also some very sweet things in this, like how Ginny talked about Hermione, how she really seems to idolize her. I always think their friendship's a bit like that.

The characterizations (through letters) of Ron and Fred were particularly spot-on. Exactly how I'd imagine them writing letters to Molly!

And I loved Molly's feelings towards Hermione - very realistic.

Only criticisms I would have would be...well, I found that I thought this was going somewhere else. Like I expected a little bit more from the ending. I think this was because I thought that Molly was looking back at the letters at a much later date than when she actually was and thought that she might be thinking about this either at a wedding or after deaths or something. I don't know if this is just me however. =/ Probably! But that's not to say that the ending wasn't good or anything.
The main thing to criticize, I suppose, is some messiness in terms of structure. I didn't quite catch her line of thought from reading through the letters. It would have been nice to see her thoughts develop a bit more - maybe it would have been better if she was reading the letters gradually, as she received them, so we could see her thoughts develop? As it was, I felt a bit unsure of what she was actually thinking about the whole situation at times.

Anyway, this was a great story and really enjoyable to read. ^_^

Author's Response:
The 'sequal' to this story is one of my fav chapters in From Summer to Battle. After events at the wedding. It'll be up at some point.

The whole Molly/Hermione thing will be explored!

I will work on her line of thought. I'm usually better at that kind of thing but for me this how thing has been about the R/Hr letters.

I love the descriptions in this too. Glad you like how I charactized them all because you do know that kind of thing.

Cheers for the long review your ones REALLY help me.

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Review #15, by muggleotter ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

10th August 2007:
that was really good! i loved all the letters i wonder what they actually would have wrote though you did a great job at getting the characters right. huggs!

Author's Response:
I wondered what all of them wrote home too which is why I wrote the fic.

Yay you think I got the characters right!


Cheers for the review

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Review #16, by lovelyMarauders ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

19th July 2007:
I loved this point of view of the ball. Its something I definitely haven't seen before. Very nice job.
Everybody was spot-on in character and I really loved the part with the twins. :)
Very creative.
This is another charming one-shot that you have managed to produce and it turned out to be another very enjoyable read.
It was a cute fluffy way to view the Yule Ball.
Nice Work.

Author's Response:
Well you know me lovelyMarauders I'm all about the creative fluff missing moment...

I love the twins Fred rocks my world so I had to have write a letter... Watch out cos I've resently worked on this loads...

Glad you liked it; reviews make me happy.

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Review #17, by Moni Jane ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

12th July 2007:
Loved this! Seems right on what could have been in Goblet. I love the Fred/Hermione scene in there too. That was great! Love Fred and George. :) May good writings continue to you. ~Moni Jane

Author's Response:
Thank you for loving it. I do too. I've seen bits and peices around this scene but none from the Weasley childrens POV.

I'm a bit of a Fred/Hermione fan so I couldn't NOT put it in...

I hope good plot bunnies happen to be too

Thanks for the review

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Review #18, by singingsoul ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

29th June 2007:
Another fantastic one-shot.

Great introduction, excellent use of letters to portay the different character's views and excellent portayal of Molly Weasley who was very convincingly worried throughout the stories.

I really have nothing bad to say about this, and nothing that will help make it better because I can't see how it could be better.

9/10 - Singingsoul

Author's Response:
I'm glad you like it - does happy dance. I love this story SO much. The letters and Molly were fun to write.

Thanks for a great review...

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Review #19, by Might Have Ben Hur ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

18th June 2007:
Sorry it's taken me longer to review for this. I had to chase down my kitty (yes, I consider that a reasonable excuse). Everybody was so in character! Great job on that. I love the mention of "scarlet woman" as it's one of my favorite lines in the book. Though I must tell you, I cringed at every "Vicky." ;-)

Author's Response:
Sorry... about the Vicky thing after your great characteralization Victor I too hate the whole Vicky thing too... But in book 4 it cannon!

chasing a kitty is a reason not an excuse...


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Review #20, by Unicorn Girl ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

16th June 2007:
aw!!! this is such a cool sum of the ball. And I loved Fred's letter. Merlin, I love the twins :D


Author's Response:
I felt like we missed so much out of the ball in GoF that this would be a good way to sum in up in a R/Hr focused way!!!
I love Fred and would prob marry him if my husband would let me... (LOL)...

Freds Letter was really fun to write... actually all of them were fun in there different ways...

Thanks for the review...

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Review #21, by Snitchsista ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

14th June 2007:
Woh and this one as well! Amazing work. How on earth did you come up with the whole 'Missing Moments' idea?

x :)

Author's Response:
Missing moments is one of my fav fanfiction genres because well it's so fun... I've read like loads of them...

This one was just an idea I had from reading GoF I realised that there were so many Weasley's there and they'd all give they're different account of the night...

So for the POV of everyone I used Percy...

For Hermione's POV I used Ginny because I imagined her P O'ed

And for Ron's POV I used Fred - Because well I love Fred...

If you like missing moments read Escaping Umbridge and Hermione's Gift on this site...

Thanks for the review...

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Review #22, by KK ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

30th May 2007:
i enjoyed that!

Author's Response: Snap I enjoyed that too...

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Review #23, by ralj1640 ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

29th May 2007:
Great job I never thought about them writing home though I know that they woulg great job:)

Author's Response: coming from you that means a lot... and it only occured to me that they'd write home less then a month... thanks for the review

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Review #24, by theblack_knight ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

21st May 2007:
Kool// really true potrayal of a mothers emotion

Author's Response: Thank you... I think it's cool too although I could be biased... I tried very hard to get into her mind set... But it's really JKR we have to thank for her!

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Review #25, by Lovehpforever ‘Harry Potter’s Secret Heartache’ by Rita Skeeter

19th May 2007:
I like this. Very interesting and different. Haha, Molly is funny, I haven't read a story in her's POV before... it was really good. 10/10 (btw, Ginny's letters made me laugh a few times)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review... Molly is an interesting person to work with and Ginny's letters made me laugh as well... thanks for the review!

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