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Review #1, by Amber Sweet Noble Heart

9th July 2012:
Lol love the ending its hilarius to bad that its not longer. You should make a sequel(that is,if you haven't already)

Author's Response: Thanks, it was hilarious to write as well. Sometimes the characters go off the rails and it's fun when you can let them!

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Review #2, by TheProphecy Sweet Noble Heart

9th January 2011:
Lol.this was really good. And kinda funny, I think you did really well with like the personalities of the marauders and stuff. You also did really well with the fake Lily... I had no idea until James told Sirius that which one was which...well done. :)

Author's Response: thanks! so happy you got it

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Review #3, by lunarocks14 Sweet Noble Heart

28th January 2010:
Lol, happy ending, you made me laugh so much! :) this is beautiful thank you

Author's Response: I love happy endings. Thank you!

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Review #4, by lunarocks14 Demon

28th January 2010:
Wow, he kissed a demon. Lovely. xD well she fooled me... and of course I could tell Remus was good :D

Author's Response: Remus is always good. he's my HEEERo!

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Review #5, by lunarocks14 Lion's Den

28th January 2010:
Ah no poor Remus! But I thought she was the real Lily she acts like the real Lily :) this book is obsessive :D in a good way though

Author's Response: Thank you! I am so glad you enjoy it!

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Review #6, by lunarocks14 Mountains

28th January 2010:
Um. wow. Awesomesauce :D very cool story here :)

Author's Response: Awesomesauce! Woot me! Thank you for your comments!

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Review #7, by lunarocks14 Savage Screams

28th January 2010:
Yay they're fucked. Oh this is bad. Oh dear :/ hope they get out soon :)

Author's Response: They are indeed. Ah trouble is good.

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Review #8, by lunarocks14 Gryffindor Friends

28th January 2010:
Um. evil bed? Right. James can't die now! He has to die later!

Author's Response: Yes, James has to die later, ha ha ha

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Review #9, by lunarocks14 Cause for Concern

28th January 2010:
Um. wow? He lost his soul? WOW this is a good storyline :D loving it

Author's Response: I want my soul in my body and that's that.

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Review #10, by Namechange Gryffindor Friends

14th December 2008:
Hehe, yeah I'm reviewing this chapter after reading the whole story, but I remembered the Latin phrase on the mirror-- the appearances of things are deceptive-- and I just realized how that applies to mirrors and the Arasi. Interesting thing there, and I thought I'd just share with you how I noticed it. ;)

Author's Response: I am so glad that you know your latin. It's a beautiful, meaningful language! Very well done to you darling, and thanks so much for your kind feedback! You should look up the Arasi. Scary stuff.

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Review #11, by Namechange Sweet Noble Heart

14th December 2008:
Wowww, a great story to begin with and a great ending. An interesting idea too; i have no idea how that entire adventure unfolded in your head but it was great! :)

Author's Response: I get these (admittedly) bizarro ideas in my head, so true. I'm glad you kept with it and enjoyed it. I hope you do some writing too!

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Review #12, by sweetnothings Sweet Noble Heart

15th November 2008:
wow, this was soo original. im gonna go out on a limb here and say remus is your favourite character?

Author's Response: How did you guess!? I love that guy! If you want to read my take on a better deal for Remus and Tonks, check out "Of Courage and Love" where I rewrote the ending of DH. LOL, I know, pretty gutsy!

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Review #13, by simultaneously __ Mountains

13th June 2008:
ohhh is sirius okay??? i need to knowww!

anyway, another wonderful chapter. i can't wait until the next one is out. your story is really original and it really draws me in. i'm seriously hooked so i'm gonna need an update soon, m'kay? xDD keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I'm pretty sure I already responded to this review, but something strange has happened to the reply! Anyhow, thanks!

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Review #14, by simultaneously __ Savage Screams

13th June 2008:
beautiful. (: poor remus, though. i can already see that this little love triangle thing between him, lily, and james is going to be very interesting. and, by the way, i love what you've done with sirius. (:

Author's Response: I'm pretty sure I already responded to this review, but something strange has happened to the reply! Anyhow, thanks!

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Review #15, by simultaneously __ Gryffindor Friends

13th June 2008:
heh. i didn't take lily to be one of those girls.. haha. anyway, good work with this chapter. you've definitely got me hooked. now i must skip off to your next chapter and put off everything i have to do today. xDD keep it up!

Author's Response: I'm pretty sure I already responded to this review, but something strange has happened to the reply! Anyhow, thanks!

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Review #16, by simultaneously __ Cause for Concern

13th June 2008:
ohhh. i'm so excited to read this story now. you wrote this very well and i absolutely loved it. i can't wait to see what you're going to do with it! -runs off to read the next chapter-

Author's Response: I'm pretty sure I already responded to this review, but something strange has happened to the reply! Anyhow, thanks!

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Review #17, by FullMoon Savage Screams

27th April 2008:
FINISH IT! OMG THIS IS SO GOOD!!! Normally I am completly against a Remus/Lily thing but this is really well written!

Author's Response: Thanks sweet. I'll finish it, just for you, tonight!

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Review #18, by Hermione Clone Savage Screams

23rd November 2007:
Very interesting story! I wonder what's going on; why and where are they, and what connection does it have with James' illness? I loved the Room of Requirement, and how Remus is feeling about Lily. Please, update soon!

Author's Response: I really must continue this story and rescue the poor buggers. What happened was, book 7 came out, and I got too depressed to write. I think I should just get over it now, hmm? Thanks again, love!

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Review #19, by playwizards123 Savage Screams

7th October 2007:
you need to upload the next chaper mate :)


Author's Response: You are absolutely right dude. I'm on it!

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Review #20, by Jesse_hpluver Savage Screams

5th August 2007:
awesome story. can't wait till u update...u left it at a suspensful ending!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Working on it!

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Review #21, by Rosalie Cullen (not logged in) Savage Screams

1st July 2007:
"Merlin's middle leg..."

I just got that. *sheepish smile* Wow, I'm slow. lol. I only got about 4 or 5 hours of sleep, so I am really out of it and slow today. My mom asked me to open the door for her, so I proceded to walk straight into it. It was a glass door, but still... :) I am that slow today. Is the Merlin comment supposed to be a cuss? Gotta love Sirius, perverted comments, foul language, and all. Oi!! I just realized something! Certain traits are highlighted and made prominent by this strange place beyond the glass. The traits are not normally dominant. With James, it was his aggression (and his upbrining as a pureblood). Remus, his feelings for Lily. I am not sure about Lily and Sirius yet. I need more info. Sorry to bother you with a second review. Have a nice summer! ;) *sings the Llama Song*


Author's Response: I love your theory on the prominent traits... I am going to write that in, so props to you because it was better than my stupid ideas! And I love your reviews. Any time!

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Review #22, by inabena57 Savage Screams

18th June 2007:
i love sirius' .colorful lanuage. it makes everything soo much funnier even though it's supposed to be serious. ;)
hmm remus having...umm reveries about lily hmm ok well he is a seventeen year old boy... i don't want to know what goes on in their minds! lol ;)
great chappy

Author's Response: Thanks! Colourful language is why I call my stories mature... I think teenagers are pretty good at swearing, well in my social circle anyways. Thanks for reading!

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Review #23, by secret_witch Savage Screams

17th June 2007:
Excellent chapter...I especially loved Sirius' quote at the end...priceless! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #24, by ladyspirit Savage Screams

13th June 2007:
i love it! update soon! excellent! i wanna know what happens! 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I will update soon! Things are gonna happen that you will likely not expect! 0_0 *gasp*

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Review #25, by Regina Noctis Savage Screams

12th June 2007:
Yes, they are, aren't they?? o.O

You sure know how to slather on the angst, don't you, Lupa? XP Not like I'm complaining or anything. . . can you pass the jar labeled Angst Extreme over to my side of the table?

Just a thought. . . are the really explicit thoughts *cough* Remus is having anything related to their new environment?? And are we going to see that Occamy anytime in the future? And what the heck is an Occamy???

OK, gotta go now. . . thanks for the update! What do you think of the Deathly Challenge, huh?

Cheers, Regina

Author's Response: Ooh, ah! *do the ANGST dance!* Yes, I am highly skilled at killing, maiming, tormenting and terrifying my characters. Here, you can have this: *passes over Angst Extreme, a squeeze tube of black, dismal, tar-like substance* Apply lightly for drama, and liberally for melodrama!
As for your guess about Remus, erm, you'll see (*tiny, distant DING sound*) The Occamy is in fantastic beasts and the HPL Bestiary. Look it up!
As for Deathly Challenge, I will email you tonight. I have a late shift which means I can start to work it out.

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