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Review #1, by SparklyNargle Arranged Marriage Tutorial

23rd August 2012:
This really helps me with my planned story.
: )

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Review #2, by Yemi Hikari Arranged Marriage Tutorial

27th September 2010:
I'll start off with the fact that this is a well written story. I'll go on to say, I am rather glad that this rule is in place. Over on another site, I've seen way to many fanfics that are around arranged marriages and they are forced, and I want to slam my head against a desk about how innaccurate they are for one thing.

While in the past of Great Britain and other such countires, there was such a thing as a forced marriage, now adays, the child has say so. And then there is the Japanese culture, where the suitor can be rejected just like this, which is an old standing, yet some writers treat it like it is exactly the same thing as the old Western customs.

So, completly understandable that it is a sensitive topic.

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Review #3, by nitenel Arranged Marriage Tutorial

19th September 2010:
Who wrote this story? It's quite good.

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Review #4, by Update Arranged Marriage Tutorial

2nd July 2009:
While I completely and totally respect the staff's right to limit the content in this archive, I do think that in historical fiction, i.e. the pre Hogwarts or founders eras, the rules might be loosened a little. My reasoning for this is that arranged marriages were an integral part of society at that point, and it was very rare indeed for the woman to be asked her consent in upper-class matches. Therefore, many stories set in that era might partially or largely center around the subject of arranged marriages. I understand that this is a sensitive issue and I appreciate that you are dealing with it to the best of your abilities.

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Review #5, by hokiechick Arranged Marriage Tutorial

2nd June 2009:
I will be writing a story where an arranged marriage will be alluded to between Draco and Asteria, but they both make the decision to follow their parents' wishes and marry. Its not a predominant part of the story.

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Review #6, by HannahGranger Arranged Marriage Tutorial

1st May 2009:
I was just wondering...can you have a story where the parents are trying to force their child to marry, but in the end the child doesn't marry?

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Review #7, by WriterPlatinum Arranged Marriage Tutorial

3rd March 2009:
A very good story, I must say. The description is excellent, and the way you give the reader the sense of how Narcissa had come to marrying Lucius is brilliant.

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Review #8, by angelchaser13 Arranged Marriage Tutorial

8th January 2009:
My one character, Faye Black, is sixteen and being considered for marriage... Her family wants her to marry a man who is nearly 20 years older than she is, and she doesn't want that all right?

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Review #9, by magicinthemoonlight29 Arranged Marriage Tutorial

21st March 2008:
That was a nice story. I am very glad I stumbled onto this tutorial because I didn't know that arranged marriage was considered a sensitive topic/issue/theme, and a spin-off I am hoping to write definitely centers around that. Thanks!

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Review #10, by angelginny101 Arranged Marriage Tutorial

17th February 2008:
thanks, i guess i understand.
great story

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Review #11, by Mrs Becky Lupin Arranged Marriage Tutorial

18th August 2007:
Okay, I think I understand about arranged marraiges now (although I am so used to spelling arranged as orainged. A lot like orange, isn't it?).

There is one coming up in a sequel I am writing, and is a main part, although it is taken as more of a humor type thing. Does that mean the sequel has to be 15+ and have a warning of "sensitive topic/issue/theme"?


Becky Lupin

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Review #12, by Kyrandia Arranged Marriage Tutorial

2nd June 2007:
this story is so good

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Review #13, by Timechild Arranged Marriage Tutorial

10th May 2007:
Nice Tutorial, and also not a bad story either...

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