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Review #1, by alicia and anne Like A Frog In A Blender

17th August 2010:
This was really funny! I quite enjoyed this and I can't believe Sirius ate so much without exploding! :-D I enjoy hyper Sirius. This was so much fun to read. Well done


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Review #2, by NevunaRomione Like A Frog In A Blender

20th December 2007:
*jaw drops* First fan fic? First? Seriously? Wow.

So, when you're not being insane on PW as Sam and Hayden, you're writing the insanity in your stories? Good to know. Insanity is a good thing, of course.

One thing: It hurts my head to have to read things that are typed like 'FlAsHbAcK'.

Other than that...awesome-ness. Yeah, I know 'awesome-ness' probably isn't a word. So ha xD And yes, I'm aware that that made absolutely no sense.

Author's Response: Hey hey!
*blushes* thank you so much for your comments, if you can picture Hayden's usually enormous smile, that's what I look like at the moment.

Insanity rocks of course :] Sorry about your head *offers painkillers*.
Awesome-ness and yay-ness should both be written into the dictionary, they're two of my favourite words, I just don't use them that often. Thanks again for your amazing review, it made my day :) *huggles*

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Review #3, by me Like A Frog In A Blender

15th December 2007:
nice it was extremely funny.

Author's Response: thankyou me. I'm glad you liked it :D

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Review #4, by Clowee_tee Like A Frog In A Blender

25th November 2007:
That was so funny, i love how you used all the different points of view :)

Author's Response: *smiles* thanks Chloe XD Also for saying why you liked it :D I really appreciate the feedback!

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Review #5, by wazlibsgrl Like A Frog In A Blender

8th September 2007:
wow that was so chaotic and great. I loved how at the begining you were describing all the chaos around James and still captured his depressed mood at the same time. I also loved you very casual writing style. Great story! Especially for your first ever fanfic!


Author's Response: thanks! chaotic was exactly what i was going for *huggles* and i'm glad you thought i got James right. As for all the comments- i'm flattered :] have a cookie! hehe, giving out cyber confectionary is fun! thankyou so much again! bye!

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Review #6, by dracoslover1 Like A Frog In A Blender

4th August 2007:
This is a funny little story. I liked the ending. It was a cute twist into what the Maruaders are like.

Author's Response: i see that the link finally worked, i spent about 20 minutes re-editing that :) thans for the review and i'm glad that you liked it! *waves while grinning her head off*

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Review #7, by mmcgonagall06 Like A Frog In A Blender

22nd July 2007:
That was cute!

Author's Response: thanks! as my friend would say: cute is what i aim for.

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Review #8, by SereneChaos Like A Frog In A Blender

17th July 2007:
Haha, that was great...i especially liked the part where James was flying around like Peter Pan...and the beginning where he's listing off exact amounts of food that Sirius ate...haha

Author's Response: aww, thanks serene! i'll buy you a butterbeer to say thanks!

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Review #9, by Vera_Black_Potter Like A Frog In A Blender

17th July 2007:
LOL, I loved it!!

Sorry for the short review... but I don't know what to say. :D



Author's Response: thats ok vera. thanks so much for the review and the 10/10!! even if i did have to beg in the scroll bar!

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Review #10, by LucyintheSkywithDiamonds Like A Frog In A Blender

16th July 2007:
it was cute...odd, but cute. I like that Slughorn had to get plastic surgery. And that he called McGonagall McG. this one-shot made me smile.

Author's Response: aww, thanks for your kind words, and i'm glad it made you smile :) i'm smiling now to!

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Review #11, by Silver Rain Like A Frog In A Blender

8th July 2007:

Author's Response: i'm guessing you like it then!
glad it made you laugh!

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Review #12, by Twinkleflower Like A Frog In A Blender

2nd July 2007:
I like the randomness of your story and they are they are the most fun type to read. With that said I would like to give you some helpful tips. I thought your characters were a bit OOC. I don't think Sirius would eat 15 bowls of cereal and all that sugar, even if he did, surly he would have been sick. I don't think Peter is that much of a jerk, sure we as the readers hate him, but I always pictured him as the shy, quiet one. Don't worry about that too much as the marauders are the hardest characters to write. I thought Lily described the chaos in the classroom perfectly. I liked the use of the flash back thought writing it like this: "FlAsHbAcK" makes it hard to read. I love how you described James as feeling like the frog in the blender. I liked the bit when you wrote: "Cost? 140 galleons for the powdered unicorn hair and the look on McG's face- priceless." Though I think you over used it a bit. A suggestion of mine is: "The total cost of the prank was 200 galleons but the look on McG's face was priceless." That way, it just flows a bit better. I hope that help and I hope to read more great fics like this. Overall I give your fic 8/10.

Author's Response: wow. thanks for the long review, i will take your advice (especially about the galleon thing) and will edit it soon! thanks for the CC and the 8/10! i really appreciate it!

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Review #13, by daqu Like A Frog In A Blender

29th June 2007:
okay--i made the banner. here's the url:

Author's Response: Omg!!!!! i love it! thankyou! i really appreciate it and in return i will make a very nice long review for your next chapter of `Whisper`.

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Review #14, by daqu Like A Frog In A Blender

28th June 2007:
wow. this story was hilarious! it made me think of a lily/james story i've wanted to write for forever, so now i think i'm going to start on it. so thank you so much! but, yeah. i loved how you did such a good job of portraying the general craziness and chaos of the whole thing. you pulled that off a lot better than i ever could. and i'd be happy to make you a banner for this story if you still want one. just let me know!

Author's Response: yay! that review really made me smile and i'd absolutley LOVE a banner! Thankyou soo much for all your lovely comments and tell me when you do write your lily/james foc 'coz i'd totally read and review it!

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Review #15, by hp4eva786 Like A Frog In A Blender

11th June 2007:
that was really good. especially with sirius' breakfast. too bad its a one-shot. would have liked more . oh well
10/10 from me -zadi

Author's Response: ahh, thankyou for the support! i am thinking of re-writing it so hopefully i'll be able to add some more stuff in! thankx so much! if u have any ideas on how i cud make it longer plz tell me!!!!

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Review #16, by sayhitokath Like A Frog In A Blender

10th June 2007:
very gdgd. really sweet dat lily said yes!
lol luv ya.x

Author's Response: thnx huni! i reli appreciate it! plz get a story up here so i can return the favor

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Review #17, by holly bergman Like A Frog In A Blender

3rd June 2007:


Very funny! I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: thnx!!!!! i'm really glad that u enjoyed it, especially coz i didnt no what i was writing half the time! thnx again!

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Review #18, by dancing_through_life011494 Like A Frog In A Blender

23rd May 2007:
omg i love it. where'd you come up with that sort of plot???

Author's Response: aww, thanks! i'm really glad that you loved it! and wow! i'm amazed that my plot turned out like that 'coz half the time i didn't even know what i was writing, but thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #19, by shadowsofmoon Like A Frog In A Blender

22nd May 2007:
Um.. I am a little confused. So did James ask Lily out after he kissed her or were those two different incidents? The story is cute but kinda sudden..It would be really great if you revised it once... don't know if I feel this just cuz i don't read a lot of one shots... But I must tell you.. great prank!!! Good job!!

Author's Response: yay! another revieew! i'm sorry i didn't descirbe/ explain it very well. James asked lily out before potions but ran away before she culd answer him asuming she would say no. then at the end of class lily kissd him! i'm sorry, i didnt plan it verywell but thanks for the advice- i'll revise it when i can! :)

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Review #20, by Jynx_Finnigan_ Like A Frog In A Blender

19th May 2007:
Haha Fantabulous!
Very good!
Frank has a toad just like Neville does?
Brilliant Polt, Loving the Name :D!
Captured James Big-headed-ness perfectly!

Author's Response: Thankyou!!! I love the word fantabulous! it rox! is it a mix of fabulous and fantastic? I feel honoured to have it as a description for my work!! Thankyou!!!

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Review #21, by al3x Like A Frog In A Blender

16th May 2007:
Right..i loved it ^_^ It was kinda confusing though =S I think it could have all been explained a bit better...but the plot was brilliant!!! And James' character was perfect for him lol =] he made me laugh constantly especially when he sed..." 1) Old Sluggy was hanging upside down from the spiders’ web (Sirius had now moved to the chandelier), taunting the giant spider that lived there and B) ".The 1 and then b just made me giggle n_n..Hmm well, yur first story? I shall be on the look out for more =D


Author's Response: Thankyou soooo much for being my first ever reviewer!!! it means a lot to me *sniff* sorry, i'm nt very good at detail but i'll definatley try to improve! Any ideas for my next story? Thanks again!!!! oh, and here's a cyber hug! :)

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